Inflatable Evil Venus Fly Trap Decoration For Halloween Review

Trying to figure out which type of inflatable Halloween decoration to get for your ? If you are then you will want to make sure you know about the inflatable evil Venus fly trap decoration. This is a decoration that you are going to like because it does have a great look to it, but with the Venus fly trap you will think more about the plant than anything else and that is going to make it easier for you to feel good about the decoration and even with the evil look know that it is not going to look terrible because of the cartoonish look of the plant not going to be really scary for a lot of people.

What We Like About The Venus Fly Trap Inflatable Decoration

The red and green color is something that you are going to love because this is a decoration that will allow you to have the red color of the Venus fly trap head to be showed off, but the green stem is going to make it easier for you to have a great look for the fly trap and know that it is a plant. What else is nice is the great smile the fly trap has that has the evil, but cute look at the same exact time.

The Venus fly trap is one that you will find is going to stand around the seven foot mark. This is going to make it easier for you to have a great time because you can easily look out on the fly trap and know that it is going to be visible enough for you to get a chance to show it off. The downside is the fly trap can make it difficult to get the kids to really be able to see the fly trap because its size may intimidate some of the kids around your town.

Lighting that is present in the fly trap is something that I really like to see as well.. With a lot of the fly traps and other Halloween inflatables the lighting on the inside can be very hard to see. With this type of lighting it is going to make it easier for you to see the light on the inside and this will allow you to see the inflatable like you want to, rather than having to be concerned about the inflatable not looking like you want it to or even be worried about it not even being seen.

What We Did Not Like About The Venus Fly Trap  

The character as much as we love the way it looks it does tend to have a cartoonish type of look to it as well. Now this makes it nice and horrible at the same time .So we really love the fact this is an inflatable that we do love, but at the same time we hate the fact that this is going to have the look that is going to be more of a cartoon type of character that we are really not going to like that well because it is going to not have the same type of scary look that you would expect to have.

Our Final Thoughts

We have to say that we really love this decoration. The decoration is not the typical type of Halloween decoration that you are used to seeing, but it is definitely a decoration that we are going to like because it has a great look to it and has managed to have the best company around in our opinion for inflatables to make it. The decoration is made by the Gemmy company and it is definitely a company that stands behind its products. With that being said, we would have to say this is definitely a decoration that you are going to love and enjoy having on display in your yard.

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