My name is Kim and am I a shopaholic and bargain shopper. However, as a mother of three beautiful children, I know that shopping can be a bad thing, especially when I get guided wrong on the products I have been buying. A good example of this is a two hundred dollar coffee maker that lasted a year before it had to be replaced. I can tell you I was really upset about the coffee maker dying and had to do quite a bit of crying to get a new one. Ever since I had that happen, when my budget was really tight, I decided I had to do something to help others avoid the same mistake.

I decided to start looking at the different products I was considering to buy, like a coffee maker, and launch into a review of them and whittle down the list to the top five. Then take and delve further into these topics to guarantee I was making the most informed decision I could. This takes a lot of time and effort, but it is worth it and has helped me make some great choice. To that end, I decided I would do the same thing for other people, but instead publish them on my website here so everyone can take advantage of the research that I have done on each one of these products. I hope you enjoy the research I have done and thank you for visiting my little place on the web.