Discover The Best Star Wars Lego Sets

I have kids and they are the love of my life. However, they have bugged me quite a bit to do a blog post about what they think are the coolest and best Star Wars Lego sets. Yes, they are Star Wars heads, but I have to say I cannot blame them about wanting the Lego sets. The Lego sets that are available for Star Wars will make you feel like you are in the movie at times, but also they are very well detailed for them being smaller sets and replicas of the originals that were used on the Star Wars sets. What is even better is these sets have the original items from the Ewok Village to some of the newer sets that are involving the Star Wars Rebels show. With that being said, here is the rankings that my kids came up with and wanted me to talk about. Remember it is a kids list, so it could end up being the bigger pieces because kids always dream big.

The Five Star Wars Lego Sets My Kids Picked Out

How My Kids Narrowed Down Their Choice

This is actually funny because they were bugging me to do the post and I told them they would have go and look at the catalog and on Amazon to narrow down the ones they thought were the five best. I never seen them take off so quickly to look at a book or even to look on Amazon for Lego toys. They were so excited that this was going to be something that they would want to do. So I had to do the post, but they took time and literally studied the catalog for 2 days before coming down with the list. The ones they picked out are great and some of the best ones that I really liked as well.

1. LEGO Millennium Falcon 75105

The Millennium Falcon is a classic that has been involved in almost every single movie that goes along with Star Wars. With this model it is perfectly designed and is going to make you think that you could start to fly around the galaxy in the Falcon. This is so well done that it is going to allow you to recreate your favorite scenes from the Force Awakens or Return of the Jedi. A big difference is this is based more off of the newer movies, but that does not mean you cannot think about the older movies as well. The characters that are included are Rey, Finn, Han Solo, Chewbacca, Tasu Leech and a Kanjiklub Gang Member, plus a BB-8 Astromech Droid.

2. LEGO Naboo Starfighter 75092

Naboo is a planet that is located in the Outer Rim. It is generally known for being to a peaceful people, but if needed it will protect itself and that is exactly what this Lego toy is going to allow you to do. This is a toy from Lego that is actually going to make it easier for you to have a good time because it is going to shoot out from a spring loaded cannon that you can use. The Naboo Starfighter is seen mainly in the first movie from the newer versions. This would be The Phantom Menace, which would be a very popular movie, but for some people who grew up seeing the original releases is not the best movies they have ever seen. However, as far as a Lego set for Star Wars this is a must have. The characters that are included Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi and a Naboo Pilot, plus R2-D2, 2 Battle Droids and Battle Droid Commander.

3. LEGO Imperial Shuttle Tydirium

Anyone who has watched Return of the Jedi is sure to recognize this shuttle. It is one of the main shuttles that is used in the movie, but it is also a part of the movies in the future as well. With this Lego Star Wars set it will make it easier for you to recreate some of the classic Star War movie scenes. This is going to be a Lego set that your kids may find challenging at times. However, it is important for you to make sure you take this into account because this is a Lego with moving parts. I know this is not a major issue for a lot of parents, but if your kids do not put this together properly it could easily become a major issue for you because it could easily break. As you can see in the picture here the Lego set is pretty much the same color as well and that can make it quite a challenge to put together as well. The set does include five figures, Han Solo in Endor outfit, Princess Leia in Endor outfit, Chewbacca and 2 Endor Rebel Troopers.

4. LEGO Star Wars Ewok Village

The Ewoks are obviously one of the most famous people outside of Luke and Han to come out of Star Wars. What would be better for the kids to grow up and fall in love with the Ewoks that so many of us did when we were younger and watching the Ewoks. I know that I fell in love with them and tried to get the Ewoks as often as I could when they were available with the high quality Hasboro type of toys. Now is the chance that your kids can start to learn about the Ewoks and find a lot of the same love that we had for them as kids. This village is one that the kids will love, but they will also notice these are going to be quite a challenge to put together. So make sure you are ready to answer questions as the village can be difficult to complete at times. The characters that are included with this set includes R2-D2, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo,Chewbacca,C-3PO,2 Rebel soldiers,5 Ewoks,2 Scout Troopers and 2 Stormtroopers.

5. LEGO Star Wars Sandcrawler

This is another one of the main icons that are available from the older Star Wars movies. This is a toy that your kids will love, but hate at the same time. They will hate it because you are going to end up having a major construction project on their hands, but at the same time they will love this Lego because it is large and they most likely will be the only one to get it. As a parent it is important to note the age limit on this one states it is mainly for the kids that are 14 and up. So you may have to help your kids if they are under this age because I can tell you that when it says the age it can be a challenge for adults at times, let alone the kids that are trying to put the Lego set together. The Sandcrawler is easily one of the best Legos that we have found, though, and one my kids enjoy looking at. The figures that are included with this set includes Luke Skywalker, Uncle Owen, C-3PO and 4 Jawas, plus R2-D2, R2 unit,R1-series Droid,Gonk Droid,R5-D4,Treadwell Droid.