Find The Reapers Rider Carriage For Halloween

Finding a great decoration for Halloween is a lot easier than what it used to be. Now that you have the Internet you are not limited to what your store has available for sale. However, what else this presents is a new challenge because you have to make sure you know about the different decorations that are on the market and with literally thousands of different combinations. In this article we are going to cover one of the that we have ranked in our five best and this one is the Reapers Rider Carriage that is 13 feet long! With that being the case here is our of the inflatable decoration.

What We Like About The Reapers Carriage For Halloween

The first thing that we love about the Reapers Carriage is the fact that it is large. We have a big yard and the size of this carriage is going to make it easier for us to decorate the yard for Halloween. The carriage is going to come in at just over 13 feet long. The carriage also has a height that is a little bit over 6 foot tall. All of this comes with the fact the carriage is going to be a little bit over 4 foot wide as well. So these dimensions alone allow you to know this is a large decoration that will take up quite a bit of space in the yard.

Lighting for the reaper carriage is another aspect that we enjoy. While the carriage is not going to have all the lighting that you would want to have, it does have a light that you can see from the inside. However, if you want to get some extra lighting or if you want to avoid having the inside light being used, which can be very difficult to see at times you will like the fact you can use a yard flood light to illuminate the entire carriage. So this definitely will make it easier for you to have a great looking carriage and decoration for the yard.

The representation the carriage has for the Halloween holiday is something else that we like about the carriage as well. With the carriage and the reaper you will notice they are representing death. However, if you look at the history of Halloween it is meant for the All Hallows Eve. This is the day before the Catholic Church celebration of All Souls Day. So this is meant to represent the dead that are around, but at the same time it is meant to prepare everyone for the next day that celebrates all the souls coming up to heaven.

What Features Would We Like To See More With The Reaper Carriage Decoration

Now while this decoration is rather large we do have to say that we would like it even more if it had more in the way of lighting on the inside of the decoration. This way you would not have to get any extra lighting on the decoration nor would you have to worry about the decoration looking bad when you are using it. So this is one complaint that we have about the reaper carriage inflatable decoration.

The other aspect that we would like to see changed with the decoration is the lack of animation or voice control. When we have this up we are going to have it up on Halloween night obviously, but it does not make any noise at all outside of the being inflated. So it would be great to have a motion activated voice associated with the reaper who could say some of the common Halloween phrases or reaper type of phrases.

Our Final Thoughts On The Reaper Carriage Halloween Inflatable Yard Decoration

When you are looking for some great decorations for your yard, you need to realize their are quite a few that you can use. This is when you should know the Reaper Carriage Halloween Inflatable Decoration is one that you are going to really like. The decoration is rather large, but it is also going to make it easier for you to have a nice big decoration that you can use inside of your yard. Overall, this is a decoration that you are going to like as well because it does represent Halloween and the Grim Reaper as well. So we really like this decoration for a larger yard, but if you have a smaller yard then you may not like this decoration as much as what you would think.


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