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5 Best Outdoor Sets For Summer

Outdoor furnitureSummertime is finally only a few short days away with the unofficial start of summer coming up this weekend on Memorial Day. However, what you may not have ready is the you are going to need to sit outside and enjoy the meal that you are making. Since this is the case, you may be in the market for a new set and I can tell you that this is a challenge because when we started to do our research for this article we did a simple search and literally were surprised by finding hundreds of different pages, not just items, but pages that were advertising the products that you can buy. So we knew that we had our work cut out for us and that is what we did. We went out and weighed in on a lot of the products we could find online and then set the information out in our ranking system and started the process of elimination. When we did that we finally narrowed down the list to what I feel are the 5 best outdoor patio furniture sets for summer use.

5. Hanover Traditions 5-Piece Swivel Rocker Outdoor Dining Set

This is a set that I really like because it is a 5 piece set, which is good for the size of my family. However, I have found that this is a set that is fairly durable as well and seems to be made of good materials. The table itself is made from alumni cast fame and that is exactly what you are going to get with the chairs as well. The table does have a lattice weave cast on the top that is going to be nice as well and allow the water to get through the table and the table is a 48 inches in diameter which is going to make it easier for you to have enough space to sit around. With the chairs they do turn around completely and this is a nice feature if you want to get out of the chair without moving the table. When you look at the cushions here you will notice they are going to resist the UV fading and staining, but you will notice that the furniture cushions are not really listed as being water resistant.

4. Costway 5 PCS Bistro Set Garden Set of Chairs and Table Outdoor Patio Furniture

When you look at this furniture set you will notice that it is going to be different than the one that is listed above it as you will find the furniture set and that is the ffact the table is going to be square here.So this will allow you to have a great table, that is going to be somewhat more like what you may be used to since most dining room tables are a rectangle and not a circle. However, the materials have a steel frame that you are going to like because that means it is going to be sturdy and will last you for a longer period of time. The table top is going to be a solid glass top, which is nice because it does make it easier to clean up and if it does get messy all you have to do is take some Windex or glass cleaner of your choice to the table and spray it down and wipe it off. The chairs do have a fabric material that is going to be easier for you to maintain, but the fabric is not mentioned at all if it is resistant to any of the UV staining or even the formation of mildew that can happen on the fabric if it is exposed to the water.

3. Keter Corfu 4-Piece All-Weather Resin Outdoor Patio Seating Furniture Set

This is a great set that is going to give you more of the ratan type of style that you may like to have on your patio. The problem that you may have is the fact this is a ratan type of furniture that you will have to take care of and this can mean the care can be more than what you were expecting. The best news, though, is the fact this is a resin material that if you properly care for it will be resistant to most of the climate changes and problems that you can find in the middle of summer. Now, one aspect that I did not really care for with this furniture set is the fact that it is not really going to be fitting for the needs that I have as the table is more of like the coffee table style that you would have inside of your home, but it is more functional for being outdoors and this is definitely something that you may like, but for my needs since I want to eat outside and enjoy the sounds of nature that lives around me.

2. Best Choice Products 6-Piece Outdoor Folding Patio 

This is easily one of the best sets that we have found on the market right now and the price is reasonable compared to a lot of the sets that we have seen. This is a set that will have a square table that you will enjoy, the tabletop is glass so this makes it easier for you to clean up and keep clean. However, what else you will like is the fact that this is a table that can make it easier for you to have your own shade even if you do not have any trees around to provide you the shade you will find the umbrella to be a great option for you to have. The chairs that are with this set have a fabric seat to them that is going to be nice and comfortable. The good news is the chairs are collapsible and this makes it easier for you to store the chairs quickly and easily. Now on a major downside that I have found with this set is the chairs do have a lower weight limit than what I would expect as the seats are only rated up to 250 pounds on the limit.

1. Better Homes and Gardens Carter Hills Outdoor Conversation Set

This is a set that is meant more for the family gatherings to sit around outside. The set is one that I have rated as the number one set because it does have some great cushions and definitely is a nice set that is durable quality. In fact, the table is made from a solid steel frame, which helps out in keeping the table in good condition for a long period of time. What else is nice is the table top is slate which is going to give you a look of elegance as well. Now one aspect that I do like about this set is the fact that it has a sofa and a couple of seats so you will have to have someone sitting right next to each other on the sofa. The seats themselves are only going to have a weight limit up to 225 pounds, which is a little bit on the very light side for my family. However, I do have to say the cushions are nice, but will need to be put up when you have any threat of raid and do not want to have any cushions getting wet.

How To Decide Which Furniture Set To Buy? 

This is where the challenge comes in for you, we have laid out the 5 best sets for you to pick from. However, what you will need to make sure you know about now is you pick the right set for you to select from. I know for me personally, I like the sets that do not have the wicker furniture as I live in an area that the weather can go from sunny to stormy in about ten minutes. So I like the furniture sets that have plenty of seats, but also are a little bit durable when it comes to the weather. With that being said, it is now your choice to find the set of you will want to use from the selection of the 5 best outdoor patio furniture sets for summer we have listed.