Discover 8 Foot Tall Illuminated Halloween Inflatable Ghost and Spider Arch

Halloween decorations are all meant to be scary and they are going to be something that you are going to love to have in your yard for the kids to see during the month of October. However, you will notice that it is going to be difficult at times for you to find the best decoration possible for the yard and at times nearly impossible to find a great archway that is Halloween themed as well. Since this is the case we have found the 8 foot tall illuminated Halloween Ghost and Spider archway that you are going to love to see and enjoy. With that being said, here is the of this archway and then you can know for certain if this is the best archway for you to use for your or not.

What We Like About The Ghost And Spider Inflatable Archway

The size of this archway is rather large. Now you may not think about this, but when you are using an archway you want to make sure that everyone can get in and out of the archway. So what is nice is this is a blowup arch that will let you have Shaq walk under the archway and not touch his head. However, it is also wide enough that you will be able to fit several people though the archway at a single time as it is 88 inches wide.

This is an inflatable that is going to light up. This is going to make it easier for everyone to see under the arch and get around the arch easily. However, it also makes it easier for you to get the kids to feel comfortable to get in the archway to get the candy, instead of going through the yard all the time to get the candy they need to get.

When you look at the material you will notice this is an inflatable that is made from 100% polyester. This is going to allow you to easily get the blowup cleaned up before you store it for the year. However, what else is nice is the fact this is going to be easier for you to store it and keep it without having to be concerned about it being ruined while you are using it for the decoration in your yard and getting dirty at times.

What We Did Not Care For With The Archway

Now this is a complaint that we have with this archway and that is the streamers that hang down are purple and they do look great. However, at the same time when you have a lot of kids that are going through the archway at a single period of time you will notice that it is going to be very easy for them to get these snagged on their hair or costumes. Face it the kids are going to wear costumes and most of the time they are not used to the extra stuff the costumes have on them and this means they get tangled on the parts hanging down at times. So this is the one complaint that I do have about the archway and even then it is a minor complaint.

Our Final Thoughts On The 8 Foot Tall Inflatable Halloween Spider And Ghost Archway Decoration

Okay, we have to admit it is not always a good thing to have an archway in your . However, we have found that during Halloween you are going to simply find an archway to be one of those things you are simply going to love to have inside of your yard. What we really like is the fact this archway is large enough that you can put it over your sidewalk and know the people can take the sidewalk up and still walk under the archway. Either way we love the fact this is a large archway, but also love that it is going to allow you to have all of your areas that you want to have kids funneled into for Halloween shown off with the beautiful lighting the arch offers.

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