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Working out is hard enough, but when you have someone come in talking louder than your music it is very easy for you to lose your rhythm that you had. This is when you often look at some of the different noise cancelling headphones or ear buds that are on the market. By looking at this it is rather easy for you to get your workout groove on, but also know it will not be interrupted by the louder people who are coming into the gym to workout. Here is our of the , which made the list of our five best noise cancelling headphones in the second spot.

Features Of The

The ear buds make use of the CVC noise cancellation software that is up to 6.0 now. This is going to help isolate all the noises that would be coming from the outside and cancelling them out. So you will not have to worry about not being able to hear when you are working out or have to worry about the loud person next to you that sounds like they are having a heart attack on the treadmill.

Uses the latest Bluetooth technology which is going to make it easier for you to get the ear buds paired with your phone. So you will not have to be concerned about your phone or other device not connecting with the ear buds. Not to mention since this is using the 4.1 technology you will know it is going to be paired with your device and not the guys down the row for your workout space.

When you are using a lot of the Bluetooth enabled devices you may find they start to fade in and out if you get to far away from them. This is a major issue if you are walking across the room to get some more weights and leave your phone or other music device on the machine so no one takes it and your music cuts out. Alolli realize this was a problem so they took and put a small ceramic antenna in the ear buds to allow for better sound quality with fewer problems of them cutting out on you.

Does The Design Interfere With Workouts?

This is the beautiful feature about the Alolli, is they are designed to slip over your ears and provide you with the great sound quality you would want to have, but also not get in the way when you are working out. The one aspect that these could get in the way of is if you are laying down to the bench or an incline bench because the ear buds do have a connecting neckband that is meant to keep them together. While this usually will not get in the way, it may lay uncomfortable when you are trying to work out.

How Good Is The Sound Quality?

The sound quality with these headphones tends to be very good. They cover a wide range of the sounds that you would expect to hear, but even better you have the sounds that get to a very deep bass. So this definitely will make this a good set of ear buds for you to use and know that you are going to get the sound quality you would like to have. However, you will also notice you are going to get the type of sounds that you would expect with a wider range of base sounds to help you out.

What Kind Of Battery Life Is Seen With These Ear Buds? 

The ear buds battery life is really going to depend on how often you use them. However, their have been reports of the battery lasting for up to 7 hours with constant use. So this will definitely work for most of the workouts that you would be doing that would take an hour or so. At the same time, if you are not using these daily one person reported that with an hour per day for five days straight the battery life was still showing as being completely full.

Who Would Like The Alolli Ear Buds The Most? 

These would work great for people who like to use the ear buds more than they do the headphones. While the headphones will definitely work great, they do not do the same for working out at times as an ear bud that fits in the ear and does not bounce around. However, these are going to be something that you will want to use as well if you are working out and want to have Bluetooth connection with your device that is laying away from you

Who Would Not Like These Ear Buds?

These ear buds are not for everyone though. As we mentioned the people who are working out a lot on the bench or incline bench may not like these because they are going to find the neck band can get in the way at times. However, if you are not using the bench this may not be an issue. Also if you have an older device that does not have the Bluetooth connection then you definitely will not like these because they will not connect to your device.

Our Final Thoughts On The Alolli Bluetooth Wireless Ear Buds

Finding a great set of ear buds to work out with is a good thing. However, with all the ear buds on the market it can be nearly impossible to find the right ones. With that being the case you should know about the Alolli Ear Buds. These operate on the Bluetooth wireless feature, which we like. What else we really like about these is the fact they are going to provide you with the neck band to make it easier for them to stay around your neck if they should happen to come out when you are working out. Overall, these are a great set of ear buds and since they do cancel out the majority of the background noise it is going to be easier for you to have a workout that is useful and not be concerned about the loud noises that come from the group of teens in the gym.

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