Best Elliptical Machine For Home Use

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Best Elliptical Machine For Home Use

Exercise is something that people do all the time, but for some people they tend to cause more harm to their body than what they think. The reason the exercises is causing more harm is the exercises can cause an impact on their knees. By looking at the elliptical machines, though, people will have a chance to find the best workout and know they are not going to have a negative impact on their knees.

How I Narrowed Down The List

Woman thinking

Now this is the part that took me some time to do. I have to admit, I was quite shocked at the number of elliptical machines on the market, but also the cost of these machines. So I knew it was going to take a lot of work for me to narrow down my list. To this end, I spent several hours each day for the past week looking at the elliptical machines on the market. When I did this, I started to see the larger picture and figured out which of these machines would work best for an overall workout.

 Comparison Table

the modelsweight limitfriction adjustermusic deviceworkout programsrange of motiondimensionscomputerpulse gripsamazon rating
gazelle edge250 lbsyesnonolarge24.5″ w x 43″lyesno4.1
400 lbsecb resistanceyesyes20 to 22 inch stride27″w x 83″ lyesyes4.4
schwinn 430300 lbsyesyesyes20″ precision path28″w x 68″ lyesyes4.0
nautilus e616300 lbsyesyesyes20: precision path28.2″ w x 70.1″ lyesyes4.6
palm springs 2 in 1250 lbsyesnono13″24″ w x 34″lyesno4.0

All Five Of Them Side By Side


This is one of the best machines on the market, to this end, I think I will share with you some of the pros of the machine.

Tracking Workout Data – A key thing when you are using an elliptical is to have your workouts tracked. With this machine, it will take and track your workouts to guarantee you get the best workout. 

Pulse Grip For Heart Rate – Keeping track of your heart rate helps you keep the workout going good. With the pulse grips, you get the best results from your heart rate. 

Adjustable Stride Length – Walking a normal stride is a good thing, but you will find that sometimes the stride can be a little bit longer than what you want. This is when you need to make sure you have a machine like this one, that has an adjustable stride length. 

LCD Console That Helps Workouts – When you are working out, you typically want to see some type of results. This is when you need to realize you can use the LCD display, which makes it easier for you to walk and know what kind of results you are getting. 

Built In Fan – Working out you can get hot. In fact, you can often start to drip sweat on everything as you are working out. This is when you need to realize this built in fan will make it easy for you to have a good workout and stay cool. 

Programmed Workouts – Working out with a programmed workout is a good thing. With the programmed workouts, you will find 6 that are already programmed, 2 customized programs, and 2 cardio workouts. 

Quiet Drive System – Working out on an elliptical can be noisy, but you will find this machine has a specific technology that is meant to help reduce the noise that you hear while working out. 

ECB Resistance Is Present – Keeping your shape often means using something to workout. With this machine, it is going to allow you to have the ECB resistance that you can adjust. 

Unfortunately you will find some of the machines have some cons and this holds true with this machine as well.

Weight – With this machine, you will find it is quite heavy. In fact, you will notice it is so heavy that you need to make sure it is in the position you want it when you have it set up. 

Long Assembly Manual  – If you are like me, you do not like having to read a long manual to put together a machine, but with this machine it is going to have a long manual for you to follow. 

Large Number Of Bolts – Bolts are something that are needed, but you will find the machine comes with over 200 bolts and this makes it very difficult and time consuming to put together. 

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Schwinn 430 Overview

Schwinn is often seen with regular bikes, but they do make exercise equipment as well and here is the pros of this Schwinn model.

Number Of Display Options – Display options are a great thing to have, but it can lead to information overload at times. However, you will find this machine has plenty of features to make it easy to track your workout. 

Contains Schwinn Connect Goal – This is a neat little feature and one that will definitely help you keep on track with the workouts. This way you can stay on your workout goal and be able to lose weight or get in shape. 

Has 22 Different Programs To Use – When you are working out, you will find it is nice to have a workout plan to follow. When you have these programs, you can workout and have confidence the workout is well balanced. 

20 Adjustable Levels Of Resistance – These machines have a variety of resistance levels. With this machine, it has 20 distinct levels of resistance to help guarantee you find the best workout around. 

Weighted Flywheel – A weighted flywheel is something that you will like seeing because this helps provide the proper balance to your machine, but it also provides you with the quiet workout that you want to have. 

Speakers Built In For MP3  – Listening to music often gets people pumped up for their workout, but with a lot of machines they cannot do this. However, this machine has built in speakers that are more than adequate for the music they want to listen to. 

On Board Fan To Keep You Cool – Staying cool is important when you are doing a long workout. However, with some machines, they do not have a fan and this means people get way to hot while working out. 

Easy To Assemble – Unlike some of the other machines that we have talked about here, you will find this machine is very easy to assemble and this means you can start to workout a lot sooner. 

Here you will find some of the drawbacks of this machine, which will make it easier for you to see if these will impact your decision or not.

On Board Fan Is Not Directional – While the machine does have a fan, you will quickly notice that it cannot be moved very well, which makes it very hard to stay cool while exercising. 

It Can Wobble During Use – When you are working out you want to have a stable platform. With this machine, you will notice it has been reported the machine can start to wobble. 

Does Not Track Distance – Distance is important when you are working out. However, what you need to realize is this machine does not track how long your distance traveled is. So you need to make sure you look at this as a factor when you are working out. 

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Nautilus E616 Overview

Nautilus is a name that a lot of people recognize right away for weight lifting equipment, but it does make some elliptical machines as well, which is what this is. Here you will find the pros of the Nautilus.

29 Different Programs – Working out with a program in mind is important. However, you will find this machine offers 29 different programs for you to workout with. 

Adjustable Resistance Levels – Looking at the machines it is important to consider how many different levels of resistance are available, with the more resistance being better, but this machine has 25 different levels, which is a good number. 

Grip Heart Rate – This is a great way to check your heart rate. When you have the grips you just have to hold onto the handle to get the information you need to know how fast your heart is beating. 

Chambered Speakers For Better Sound – Listening to music is something I like doing while working out, but with some of the machines they do not have the proper speakers for you to use. However, this machine makes it easier for you to listen to the music because it has speakers that are meant to provide you with top quality sounds. 

Easy Connection To MyFitnessPal – This is a great tool that you can use to help you set up a workout. However, with this feature it is going to be easier for you to workout and have your plan set in place. 

Cushioning On The Footpads – When you are using the elliptical machines, you need to know the foot pads can be painful after a short time frame, but with this machine it has cushions on the foot pads to guarantee you are comfortable. 

Very Stable Platform – When you are working out, you do not want to fall off of the machine, which is easy to do on these machines. With this machine, you will have a very stable platform to use. 

3 Speed Fan – As was mentioned on some of the other products, you want to stay cool during a workout. So you need to realize this fan is going to be a blessing as it can be adjusted to blow on you while you are working out. 

I had to dig really hard to find any type of negatives on the Nautilus machine, but here are some of the ones that I have found and they are very minor problems.

Difficulty Getting The Heart Rate Connected – Checking the heart rate is something that a lot of people think is good. However, in one, yes one and only one, negative review, which was a 3 star is the fact the person had trouble in getting the heart rate monitor to connect. 

Difficulty Connecting Bluetooth – In the same review that complained about the heart rate connectivity issue, the person complained about not getting the blue tooth to connect. Now, complaints like this from two different people would be noteworthy, but this is the same person complaining on the issue so you may have to discount this negative because it could be operator error. 

MyFitnessPal Supported For iTunes – At the time I was looking up information, one of the major complaints was the lack of support for the Google Play MyFitnessPal program and it would only support iTunes. This has been brought to the attention of the manufacturer, but no reply has been seen yet. 

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Palm Springs 2 in 1 Overview

This is a product that we view as the fourth best one on our list. Here you will find some of the pros for this machine that helped land it on our list at number 4.

Has A Four Function Computer – An on board computer is important, but for some people it is hard to overcome the difficulty of understanding what each function does. With this machine, it has a basic computer that tracks 4 different functions.

Adjustable Seat – This is a great feature because this unit does transition into an exercise bike as well. With this machine, the adjustable seat makes it easier for you to work out. 

Strides Both Forward And Backwards – Walking with a stride that goes both backwards and forwards, it will give you the best natural workout. 

Easy To Adjust Resistance Dial – Unlike most of the other machines that use electronics or magnets for resistance, this machine takes and uses a resistance dial to adjust the tension. 

Works Well For Smaller People – A major issue that shorter people have to overcome is the fact the machines do not adjust for their size. With this machine, it is going to adjust to their height. 

Easy To Follow Directions – When you are putting together a machine, you want to have directions that are easy to follow. With this machine, it has some very simple and straightforward instructions for you to follow. 

Good For Daily Use – Using a machine each day is key to getting in shape. With this machine, it is able to withstand the work of being used on a daily basis. 

Comes With The Necessary Tools – The tools that are required to assemble the machine are included with it. 

The machine like this one does have some drawbacks, but those are not that large in number, but here are the ones that I found.

Friction Belt Is A Nylon Strap – With a friction belt the change is going to be for the resistance. This machine, has a friction belt, but it is made from nylon which can wear out over time. 

Has A Loud Noise Over Time – A common complaint with the machine is that as it gets older it starts to get louder and sloppier in how it functions. 

Diagrams Lack Detail – With the instruction manual, it is important to follow all the details to ensure they are put together properly. However, with this machine the instruction manual is completely lacking in details. 

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Gazelle Edge Overview

Learning the pros of any product is a good idea, but with the Gazelle, it is very important to know about these pros.

High Performance Glide Pattern – With this machine, you will find the item has a high performance glide pattern that will help you improve your cardiovascular health. 

Straightforward Program – With any machine it is important that it is easy to use. With this machine, it has an easy to use feature that means you do not have to be computer savvy to start to use the machine. 

Unsurpassed Walking Motion – Walking is something that you will want to have, but it has to have a natural pattern. This is what you find when you are using this machine. 

Extra Wide Platforms For Feet – Wide feet is something that you may have, but may not have. If you do have wide feet, though, you know just how hard it is to get your feet on the platforms. With this feature it makes it easier for you to keep your feet on the platform and work out even if you have large feet. 

Foam Handlebars – Gripping onto bare metal can be very hard when you are doing a long workout and often leaves blisters. With this feature you can have a protection that keeps your hands safe from the metal. 

Computer Provides Immediate Feedback – When you are working out, you will find that instant feedback is very important for your workout. With this machine, you get that feedback and are able to make the right changes to your workout to get the optimal workout. 

Folds Away For Storage – With a lot of these machines, they have to stay intact and unfolded all the time. However, this machine has a feature that allows you to fold it up and store it, which means it only has to be out when you want to get in shape. 

Smooth, Quiet Performance – When you are looking for a machine that does not create so much noise you cannot listen to the television you need to consider this machine. It allows you to have a great time in getting in shape, but also allows you to sit and watch the games. 

Even with a basic model for an elliptical machine, it can have some drawbacks and that is what is covered here.

Difficulty Wearing Sneakers On The Machine – This could be a major issue for a lot of people because without shoes it can lead to blisters or injury to the feet while you are working out and your foot slips. So you need to keep this in mind while working out with this machine. 

Difficulty Getting A Steady Rhythm – When you are trying to get a strong workout going, you need to make sure the workout is done right and in a steady path. However, you will quickly find that working out here you have trouble in getting the stready flow down because your feet can slide all over the place. 

Difficulty Moving The Machine While Collapsed – Yes, it is a nice feature to have the machine collapsed down to move it. However, you will notice the machine has the arms that are going to swing wildly and have a chance to slap you while you are trying to move the machine. So this is a feature that is nice, but at the same time dangerous. 

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Choosing Between Features That Are Present

Each of these elliptical machines is going to offer some type of feature that really makes them stand out. However, what you need to realize is each of these features are going to make a difference in the type of work that you want to do. I know for me the main feature that helps me make up my mind is to look at the actual workouts the machine can do. When I look at these machines, I am able to get the right workout that is meant for what I need to have done. For example, some days I want to hit my cardio up, but other days I want to rely more on a fat burning workout. With that being said, I am always going to favor an elliptical machine that has the ability to give me an exercise that I can do.

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