Under Two Hundred Bucks

Playing basketball is definitely something you can find as great exercise, but if you live in an area that does not have a garage you may need to get some of the portable basketball systems to play. The problem is each of these systems is going to be very expensive and sometimes well out of the budget that you have in mind for the basketball hoop you want to get. This is when you should know you can easily find a great if you have a budget that is going to be around the two hundred dollar mark. Well, even at that price range you will notice there are a lot of hoops available. In this case, we have rated what we feel is the under two hundred bucks. The one that we have settled on is the Lifetime 90023 .

Why We Settled On The Lifetime 90023 Portable Basketball System

Okay, well I have to say that we have really found this system is a good one to use because the Lifetime brand is one that we have found to be one of the best on the market. Now, you may argue and we can see your point that Spalding is a good brand as well. While we did consider Spalding, we were looking for systems under a certain price point and of decent quality as well. That is what really set us on the Lifetime system here. What else we like is the way this system looks and how it is going to function for your home basketball system.

Something else that really drove us towards the Lifetime was the fact this is a system that has a smaller board, but it is going to work for what you need to have. This is going to make it easier for you to have a system that will last you for a long period of time. Without this, you could find some of the systems are not going to work for your needs in the long term because the systems start to fail you.

Features Of The Affordable Basketball System

  • This is a system that will have a 44-inch backboard that is made of the acrylic fusion materials. This is going to provide the basketball backboard with a real glass type of look and it will make it easier for you to have a great looking system that your friends and family will be proud to play on.
  • A quick height adjustment is going to be something else that you are going to want to know about as well. While you may have never considered this before, you should think about the height adjustment and how this can be done. This is a system that is going to have a smaller adjustment range as it goes from 8-foot to 10-foot. What else you will notice is this is a system that is going to require you to use a broomstick to safely adjust the hoop up and down.
  • The rim of the system is a Slam-It rim that is going to come in at 18 inches. This will make it easier for you to have a product that is able to withstand the slams your kids are usually going to be working on, but also makes it easier for the kids to avoid hurting their hands if they are dunking the ball on a regular basis. So this is a great feature you and your kids are really going to love because it will definitely help them in avoiding any type of injury to their hands while they are dunking the ball.
  • As a parent, it typically means you will be assembling the system for your kids unless you get the expert assembly included. However, what you will like is this is a product that is going to have a three pole system in it and this will make it easier for you to get the system your kids are going to like because the poles are going to give the backboard more stability.

What I Like About The Affordable Basketball System

Now, one of the things that I really like about this system is the fact that it is a three-pole system that is coated to make it weather resistant. While this may not seem like it is that big of a deal, it really is actually. This is going to make it easier for you to get the system and put it together in your driveway. I will tell you that you will need to have a good ratchet set to make sure you are getting the system put together. What is even worse is you need to have some larger sockets at times because some of the bolts towards the backboard are going to be larger.

The backboard is something else that I really like with this system. While I may not like the fact that it could easily give you the color of it being scuffed up at times, this is a system that will provide you with a great look that is nice all the times. So you will be able to use this system and then you do not have to be concerned about the board not really looking like it is not real glass.

I also like the base of this system as well. It is not as large as what I usually like to see, but it is large enough that it makes it easier for me to get the system set up and working for my needs. The base is 31 gallons in size and this makes it easier for you to get the system that will work and stay upright all the time.

What I Did Not Like About The Portable Basketball System

The construction process is the big thing that I did not care for. While it may seem like it is going to be very easy for you to handle and put together, it actually is quite a pain. Yes, the instructions are nice, but what they do not really tell you is that it will most likely take two adults to put the system together and even then it can be a challenge because of how difficult it can be to move the poles around to the area you need to have them moved to.

My Final Thoughts On The Lifetime 90023 Portable Basketball System

Well, I have to say I like the fact this is a great basketball system that comes from a reputable company. The downside is it really is a pain in the butt to get it put together and this can easily become a major issue for some people who are trying to put it together on their own. Since this is the case, you will find that outside of the construction process I really like this system for the way it can be used to get the kids some exercise. No matter what we have picked out what we feel as the for you to buy.