Can dogs eat tomatoes? The short answer is yes and no, but not in a big way.
Tomatoes are good for your dogs because they are full of a lot of vitamin C and
an abundance of other antioxidants. Your dog will benefit from eating a variety
of fruits and vegetables every day. Snacking on the fleshy portions of a ripe,
fresh tomato will not hurt your dog. But do not, of course, feed your dog
tomatoes that have been cut up or ones with green, unripe fruit.

Dogs can have a negative reaction to even the best-tasting foods, such as
tomatoes. If you notice that your dog has a bad reaction to eating tomatoes,
remove them immediately and consult your vet. There may be a serious allergy
causing the negative reaction, so removing the tomato (and the greens around it)
is not enough; your dog may need to be rushed to the emergency room. You can try
giving your dog an oral corticosteroid to help alleviate the symptoms.

Can dogs eat tomatoes bad and still be healthy? Some of the potential risks
of tomatoes stem from their bitter taste. The larger the tomato plant leaves
are, the more of the bitter taste that a dog can tolerate. If you notice that
your pet has a problem with the taste of tomatoes after eating them, make sure
that the tomatoes you are giving him are of a low-taste variety, such as a
purple grape, a smaller variety with fewer seeds in the pod, or one without the

There are also some health benefits of the tomato, including providing some
anti-oxidants and helping to strengthen the muscles and bones. However, these
health benefits are only worth ingesting if they come from ripe, red, mature
tomatoes. If they come from green or yellow varieties, the antioxidant value is
diminished and the amount of vitamins and minerals may be lowered as well. It is
best to buy a brand of tomato treat with a brand of fruit in order to get the
best possible amount of antioxidants and health benefits.

Since there are so many dietary and health benefits of tomatoes, the low
amount of vitamin c is a surprising fact. While the recommended daily allowance
of vitamin C is five hundred milligrams, only forty percent of this dosage is
actually absorbed by the body. This means that the other eighty percent is
excreted from the body, making tomatoes a poor source of vitamin C. Fortunately,
there are other fruits that are as good at providing the vitamin C that the
tomatoes are lacking. Therefore, you can give your pet a large variety of fruits
and vegetables, which are much higher in vitamin C than the tomatoes are.

Finally, although it may be true that organic tomatoes are the healthiest
foods you can feed your family pets, they do have their limitations. Organic
tomatoes cannot withstand very large amounts of pesticides, which is why many
pet owners have switched to using organic vegetables instead. However, if you
are concerned about the health of your pets and want them to live a long, happy,
healthy life, then you might want to consider trying out a few organic .
Just make sure you use sprouted organic tomatoes and other vegetables, which are
higher in vitamin C than the soil in which they grow. You can feed your pet’s
nothing but organic tomatoes and veggies for years and never have to worry about
any health issues because they will get all of the nutrients they need without
ever becoming too hungry or too lethargic.

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