Read The Comparison Between The TR1200 and T50

Buying a new treadmill is exciting, but it is also a hard choice to make. You literally have hundreds of companies clamoring to get your money and unless you want to spend a couple of grand on a treadmill that you see on you most likely will not get the one that you want to have. Since this is the case, you tend to settle for the cheapest one the stores offer and that may not be the best option either. With this being said, we have already rated what we think of the five best for walking, but now we are going to compare the top two that made the list. The LifeSpan TR1200 and the Body Solid T50. You will learn what makes these similar, but also what makes them different to give you a little bit of insight on which one you should be buying.

How Are The TR1200 and T50 The Same

These are a couple of that are going to give you a belt to walk on with a digital display. However, each of these is going to come with an adjustable type of speed which will make it easier for you to get the walking done that you need, but also to hit a certain rhythm that will make it easier for you to get the workout done.

The treadmills are both going to have a tendency to get the right readouts of what information you need to have. This is going to include the speed which you are traveling, but also the amount of calories you have burned and the normal workout information you would be getting from the treadmills that you are going to have and want if you are a numbers person.

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How They Are Different

This is the big difference and one of the first ones that you are going to notice is the TR1200 is the desktop treadmill. What this means is this is a treadmill that is going to have a little desktop on the front of it. This way you are going to be able to get your workout in by walking on the treadmill, but not have to worry about falling behind in your work because you are going to have the desk right in front of you to work from while you are working out. The T50 does not have this option and that means you could end up falling behind some in your work while you are getting your workout in.

With the Body Solid you will notice that it allows for the speed adjustments to go up to 5 MPH, but the LifeSpan is going up to only 4 miles per hour. What else is nice about the Body Solid is the speed can go all the way down to a slow pace of .1 mile per hour if you need it to and know you are going to have a chance to get in shape still, but if you are rehabbing an injury that affects your walking you can do that as well on the Body Solid.

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So Which One Should You Buy? 

The answer really depends on which one do you want to get. If you want to get work done and not fall behind on any projects then we would have to say you will like the LifeSpan treadmill quite a bit more than some of the other treadmills we have reviewed. At the same time, though, if you want to get a straight workout at a brisker pace then you will want to get the Body Solid. Overall, if you are not looking to do office work while working out we would have to say the Body Solid comes from a great manufacturer, but also seems to be a little bit more versatile in relation to the overall cost of a treadmill and it goes faster. So  we would have to say the Body Solid would be our choice if we were getting a new treadmill without having to work while exercising.

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