Comparing Two Of The Best Dog Cages In The Market

Owning a dog is easily one of the most exciting things that you can have. However, what you need to realize is sometimes a dog will suffer from different types of anxiety and one of those may even be separation anxiety in which they are going to get anxious if you are out of the . This often leads to the dogs starting to tear your apart while you are gone and this in turn means you will end up having a that is destroyed, like the videos you see on the Internet. However, to avoid this you can get your dog a crate that will keep them contained when you are not home and this in turn will make it easier for you to guarantee your home stays in a single piece, but also helps ensure your dog is going to be safe while you are gone. The problem that often comes up is trying to find the best dog crate to use because their are literally hundreds of different crates on the model, but they all have the same principle idea in place. To help you decide, we have decided to compare a couple of our favorite dog crates the Carlson Secure and Compact model and the Merax Folding Dog Cage. Hopefully you enjoy reading everything that we have to say about these two models as they are both great crates that you can use for your dog.

Spotlight On The Carlson Dog Crate

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Features Of The Carlson Dog Crate

  • Constructed of all steel, which is going to provide your dog with a place that is safe and secure.
  • Has both a front and a side door, making it easier than what you imagine to get your dog in the crate anywhere in your home.
  • Double bolt locking system is going to make it a snap to get your dog in the crate and have them properly secured in the crate.
  • Transporting the crate around the house is a cinch as it will collapse down and can easily be moved around the home once the crate is collapsed down.
  • Comes with a composite pan for the bottom of the cage that is going to make it easier for you to keep your dogs in a place that is safe and if you put a bed in the cage comfortable as well.

Spotlight On The Merax Double Door Cage

Features Of The Merax Double Cage

  • Uses solid steel wire, with an Electro-coat finish.
  • Has a composite plastic tray that can be slide out of the cage to clean up easily. So this could be something that can make it a little bit harder for your dog to get used to.
  • Double door design is going to make it easier for you to position your dogs cage anywhere in the home.
  • Once this cage is folded down into its compact size, it is going to be easy for you to move from room to room as it comes with a carry handle that you can use.

How They’re The Same

As you can tell, these are a dog cage and this is going to make a huge difference in how the cage looks over time. However,w hat you need to realize is these cages are going to have some items that are similar and this is going to make a difference in how well the cages act. With that being said, we are going to cover some of the aspects that is going to make these two cages the same.

  • Both of these are meant for larger dogs.
  • They both use some form of steel in their construction, one with steel wire the other with solid steel.
  • Both come with a composite bottom that will help keep your dog comfortable.

How They’re Different

You will quickly notice that their are some differences between these cages as well. Even with them doing their same job they are going to have some difference as well. This will help you in getting to know more about the cage and knowing if it is going to suit your needs or not. Here are some of the ways these are different.

  • Quality of the steel is a major difference that you will notice between these two cages.
  • Carry handle is something else that you are going to enjoy as well.

Videos Of These Two Dog Cages

Unfortunately, with all of our work we could not find a quality video of the Merax dog crate. So I do apologize.

Which Should You Get The Carlson Or The Merax

This is a good question and one that you are going to need to decide on. I know that for me, I have found the Carlson to have a more positive spin compared to some of the other models that I have found. However, at the same time, I know the other crate may have some of the added bonuses if you are on a strict budge. The main benefit that I do enjoy with the Carlson is the fact that it has a double locking system. In my experience with larger dogs and to a certain extent smaller dogs is the dog locks work wonders at helping to keep the dogs in. For example, the dogs may get one of the locks undone, but the chances of them getting all of the locks undone at once is slim. So this is a great feature. If you have a super calm dog and are not to worried about them challenging the doors or crate, though, you may want to consider the Merax. For me, though, I will keep on getting a cage that I feel is stronger and made from higher quality materials, to help contain my dogs.