Comparing Two Of The Best External Hard Drives In The Market

When you are looking at external hard drives, you may think they are all about the same, which is true to a point. However, you will also notice their are several different brands and even different models of external hard drives they can select from. I know this can be confusing for some people, but it is something that they need to be aware of because this will make a difference in how enjoyable the games are they are playing. Since this is the case, people really need to consider several different models of external hard drives for XBox One and this will make it easier for people to know if they are getting the right model for their needs or not. In this article we are going to compare the U32 Shadow to the Seagate Expansion external hard drives, both of which can be made to fit into the XBox One and can help you in getting to enjoy the fact that you have extra memory space for your games and not have to be concerned about losing all of the games that you have worked so hard to get built up.

Spotlight On The U32 Shadow

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Features Of The U32 Shadow

  • Has an extremely high memory capacity, which is going to make it easier for you to store all of your game information and depending on the size of the memory card you buy can even double to multiply your factor by ten times.
  • Uses a USB cord to power the external hard drive, which is going to mean you do not have to use an extra cord to get the unit powered up in the wall.
  • Aluminum housing is going to make it easier for the heat to dissipate to the different regions to keep the external hard drive cooler and protected at the same time.

Spotlight On The Seagate External Hard Drive

Features Of The Seagate External Hard Drive

  • Easy and simple to use with a plugin and hook up style that will allow the external hard drive to be easily formatted to any of the gaming systems that you are planning on using it on.
  • Utilizes the USB 3.0 system, which is one of the faster systems when it comes to file transfers.
  • Can be used with either the USB 3.0 system or the USB 2.0 system, allowing for great functionality.

How They’re The Same

The similarities between these two units is pretty easy to tell because they are both external hard drives, but they are also going to be able to get these used on the XBox One. However, that is not the only similarity as both of these are going to connect to the XBox One using the USB cable, but also going to allow you to store quite a few of your games that you normally would not have been able to store and continue to play on the XBox because it was running out of storage space. Either way, they are both a great solution for all the memory demands that are commonly placed on the modern gaming systems.

How They’re Different

Obviously you will note their are several key differences in these two external hard drives. However, the key differences are the important ones and those are the ones that we will be covering here.

  • The U32 uses the USB cord for the power source and this often means that it is going to be what is connected to the XBox One for power. The Seagate has an independent power source, so if the USB cord falls out, yes you will lose some gameplay or storage options. However, you will not have the hard drive turn off on you automatically.
  • Size is another major consideration that you will see as being different. The Seagate is more of the traditional external hard drive size and this can be bulky if you plan on taking the hard drive anywhere with you. However, the U32, has been made into the ultra compact and can fit in your back pocket if you want to take it over to your friends house.

Videos Of These Two External Hard Drives For XBox One

Which Should You Get The Seagate Or the U32

This is the million dollar question and one that you will want to get the answer to right away. I know that my heart and soul is screaming to go to the system that has the external power source, the Seagate for several reasons. The main reason is I have had issues in the past, think of charging cords on cell phones and tablets, that start to get looser over time. A simple bump of these cords is going to lead to them starting to lose their charge and this could make it impossible for you, if you are using one of these that has a hard wired cord, in my experience they tend to fit in quite a bit tighter and do not come out at the slightest touch. Either way, my choice is going for the Seagate, but the U32 is a great option if you plan on taking your external hard drive with you anywhere at all.