Vegan Cookbooks – Discover The Best Ones Around For Beginners 

Cooking a vegan style meal is not for everyone and some people are going to preach against it like vegans have the plague. However, no matter what kind of food people want to eat, they need to realize their is going to be some foods that will be vegan no matter what and other foods that are considered more of the mainstream diet. I for one do not favor a vegan diet as I enjoy my eggs, meats, and cheese to much. However, I do have plenty of friends who do enjoy the vegan diet and with that being the case, I have learned quite a bit from them and quickly realized just how much of a challenge it is to prepare the vegan food. Since this is the case, I decided to look into the different cookbooks that are on the market for vegans. With that being said, I went to everyone’s favorite book website Amazon and did some research into what are the top vegan cookbooks and decided to share the best five vegan cookbooks here.

How I Narrowed Down My List

This is the key point that a lot of people tend to overlook and that is how the list was narrowed down. I know for a lot of people they would only look at the star rating from the reviews on Amazon, but I went a step further. I read the reviews, looked at the stars, tried to view some of the , looked at multiple websites that had the book mentioned, and even checked to see how many the books were offering. Doing all of this made it a lot easier for me to start to narrow down my list to what I feel is the best five vegan cookbooks on the marketplace right now. Without any further ado, lets take a look at the contenders in the next section.

Vegan Cookbook Contenders 

Introducing But I Could Never Go Vegan! 

This is one of the first vegan cookbooks that we seen and decided that we had to delve a little bit deeper into. I know that for me I could not go vegan because I know my family would revolt, but the vegan diet as you will see in some of the upcoming pictures has some of the best looking food around compared to some of the meals that I have seen come from cookbooks. Now what I do notice is that this is a cookbook that is going to eliminate a lot of the excuses that you may make up about the vegan diet. However, it is also a cookbook that from the way I read the information on it is geared towards some of the beginners and this is something that is really nice. I mean seriously, who in their right mind when they first start learning how to prepare a new diet is going to know how to go out and know how to prepare a five star meal when they first start to cook for a new diet plan. I know that, even with all of my personal cooking experience for my family that their is no way I would know half of the cooking skills that I know now without learning from a book and helping my mom in the kitchen when I was younger. So that is a great feature for this book and one that I really like to see in almost all of the cookbooks that we are going to cover, because they realize that you are not an expert and teach you how to make some of the great foods that you want to.

Features Of The But I Could Never Go Vegan

  • This is a book that has an easy to follow lay out and will make it easier for you to know how the foods should be going to together and what kind of changes you should be making to get the foods prepared properly.
  • Avoids using a lot of the manufactured vegan foods, that is the main reason why so many people have a tendency to shy away from being part of the vegan food movement.
  • Photographs that are in this book are very easy to see how the food should look and makes it inspirational for anyone who is looking to prepare vegan food like a pro.

Pros For This Vegan Cookbook

  • The number of is over a hundred, which is a decent amount because that is over 3 months worth of food without having any type of repeats.
  • The author of the book realizes that a cookbook does not have to be just about recipes. In fact, their are a number of people who have reviewed this book and talked about it in the sense of the author establishing a cooking connection with them, which is making the book very entertaining.
  • Variety of recipes is something else that you are going to enjoy. It will cover everything from the basics of breakfast type of foods to soups for dinner, but what I found very interesting is the fact this is a book that managed to even convey some of the most important meals for people and that is desert.

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Cons Of The Cookbook

  • For some of the people who are starting to use this cookbook, they will find that the ingredients are unusual for some of the meals and very difficult to locate. So this could be a tipping point that can drive some people into turning away from the cookbook.
  • Prep time that the recipes have for most of the dishes is being reported as being extremely long. With a longer prep time, it means either getting everything ready before work or heading early to get the meal ready. Either way a long prep and cook time means a later meal time with the family.

Introducing The Essential Vegan Cookbook To Get Started

Starting off again with the basics is key to preparing any meal to a degree of success. I know that it is rather difficult to do at times, which is why I decided to put in another vegan cookbook that is going to focus on the beginners. This is one that is written, as the title says, for beginners, which is going to make it easier for the beginner to know how they are doing when they are preparing their food.

What is really nice about this recipe book is the fact that it is meant for beginners and even the description of the book itself states that it is going to be meant for the beginner and be able to help the beginner learn about the needed techniques to make the foods. This in itself makes this book a great one to consider because it is one that actually seems to care about the food and the individuals. What is even better from what I have read about this book, is it does not really push the vegan diet onto the mainstream culture. Instead, it is a book that is written to teach the techniques that are used, but also written from the perspective to give people options as far as recipes to let them have a plan based meal every once in a while for a change of pace. Either way, this is a vegan cookbook that definitely makes our list of the best 5 vegan cookbooks on the market.

Features Of The Essential Vegan Cookbook

  • Comes with 156 recipes, that is more than enough to provide you with a variety of meal options that is going to cover all the different types of food that you would want to eat, if you decide to choose a vegan lifestyle or just want to have a change of pace.
  • Meal plans are a great option to have and it will make it easier for you to keep up with your diet plan. This is a book that has a meal planner for up to 14 days, so you can go to the store and get everything you need right away, but also be able to answer the age old question of what is for dinner right away.
  • Identifying some of the reasons why you would want to pursue a vegan diet is something else that you may want to consider. For example, some people will think of it as a religious choice, but others diet. Either way, this book does a decent job of explaining those choices.

Pros Of This Cookbook

  • Has a variety of recipes that is going to make it a little bit easier for you to select the food that you want to make.
  • The recipes are broken down into the portion of the meal they are supposed to be served at and even makes it easier for you to find the foods that you want to prepare.
  • Quality of the recipes that are included in this book have been rated as being very high by most of the reviews on Amazon.

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Cons Of This Cookbook

  • A lot of people have complained about the overtones the book gives about why people would need to lead the vegan lifestyle, almost like it is trying to convert people to becoming full time vegans.
  • Variety of recipes away from soups and casseroles tends to be limited according to quite a few of the reviews.

Introducing Veganomicon: The Ultimate Vegan Cookbook

I know that we have been preaching about the basics and learning how to make the meals first before you decide to move ahead and start to prepare some of the other vegan meals. However, I quickly found this cookbook, Veganomicon, is one of the best on the market and easily one of the most comprehensive. I know that it does not start off at the basics or teach you about a lot of the basic principles behind the vegan cooking, but what it does do is provide you with some of the most comprehensive items that I have seen in a cookbook and that is in all of the cookbooks that I have read.

With that being said, you will find this cookbook is going to live up to its name as being the ultaimate vegan cookbook. In fact, this is a cookbook that is going to impress the most staunch defenders of the regular cooking. I know that sounds odd to say, since the book right above this one is claiming that it is going to sway the opinions of everyone, but I have to admit this is a cookbook that is stocked full of photos, tested recipes, and are going to be able to provide you with enough meal options that you can easily find the best way to prepare your dinner.

Features Of The Veganomicon Cookbook

  • Is packed with over 250 quality recipes that have been tried and tested in kitchens to ensure that everyone can prepare the food in their own .
  • Menus are included in this vegan cookbook, which is going to make it easier for you to establish a plan on how to prepare the meals, but also know what you need to pick up at the grocery store each week to get your food ready.
  • Has some awesome options that are available for people that are suffering from some of the dietary constraints that are present in the modern world from gluten free, to soy free foods.

Pros Of The Veganomicon 

  • While all of the cookbooks that we have talked about are meant for beginners this is a book that is going to take the guesswork out of the preparing of the food as it will make it easy for you to find the recipes and be able to follow them.
  • Has recipes that are going to expand over several different cultures, which is going to make it easier for you to prepare the foods that you want to.
  • Teaching is something else that you are going to enjoy with this cookbook. I know the other books that are presently being reviewed will teach you about some of the basics, this is a book that takes almost the entire first half of itself to teach you how to prepare the vegetables and grains properly to get them ready for being cooked.

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Cons Of Veganomicon

  • Utilizes a lot of hard to find and specialized ingredients that can easily tip your grocery bill to the breaking point, but without those ingredients the recipes may not turn out right.
  • Time frame it takes to prepare these meals that are included in the cookbook is another issue that a lot of people have complained about as one of the recipes according to the reviewer takes over 2 hours to get ready for and dirties scads of dishes.

Introducing One-Dish Vegan

I know this is not so much a beginners book as what I would like to have, but it is a vegan cookbook that I thought would fit in perfect here. It seems that so many of the people today, especially those of us in the United States, do not want to make a lot of cooking messes and that is why the One Dish Vegan cookbook is a great option for so many people to look at. I know for me, this is a challenge because I love to use my crock pot for dinners anymore, but cannot really find any recipes that are not the same all the time.

While this is a cookbook that is going to feature only one pot meals, you are going to enjoy the fact this is a meal that you only need one pot to prepare. Now this is for the cooking process and you can almost bet that the actual prep work will require a few more dishes, but it is going to be well worth the time and effort that you put forth because the cooking is going to make it easier for you to enjoy the food that you are getting ready to eat. Either way make sure you read our review on this cookbook as it promises that all of the cooking that you are going to do is a one dish meal.


Features Of The One-Dish Vegan

  • This is a cookbook that is going to take and cross over the two most popular cookbook categories around right now, the one pot meals and the vegan style of cooking.
  • Has pointers on the recipes that are going to help clue people in to which recipes they should be avoiding because of their food allergies. From something like a gluten allergy that can make people ill, to the life threatening illnesses that can be caused by being exposed to a nut allergy.
  • Robin Robertson, who is the author of the book, is a well noted chef and magazine writer for some of the most popular vegetarian magazines in the land. This is going to allow you to feel comfortable with her recipes.

Pros Of The One-Dish Vegan Cookbook

  • Unlike some of the other cookbooks that we have reviewed for the vegan diet, this is a cookbook that is being praised about the quick and easy prep and cook time of the meals. This in turn means you can live a vegan lifestyle and not be stuck trying to cook all of your food at the last minute.
  • Nutritionally balanced meals is something else you are going to enjoy when you start to use this cookbook. Normally if you are using a single pot meal, you will find it is going to have some problems in properly balancing out the nutrition that you want to have, but the writer of this cookbook has taken that into consideration and made all their meals balanced.
  • The food that is available to be made in this cookbook is going to shock quite a few people. The reason a lot of cookbooks are filled with hundreds of recipes is they are full of recipes that people only want to make once or twice. With this cookbook, it has so many recipes that they are going to be able to enjoy eating the food time and time again.

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Cons Of The One-Dish Vegan Cookbook

  • With this recipe book a common complaint is the complete lack of pictures. Without the pictures it is impossible for you to know what your food is supposed to look like when you are done preparing the food.
  • Another complaint that has been running through the reviews on this book is the food is fairly tasteless. Even with some of the experienced vegan eaters, one who has eaten a vegan diet for the past 10 years, complaining this could be an issue that you may want to think about being a major issue.

Lets See About Forks Over Knives

Now, some people are going to balk at this cookbook being included, but I have to admit even with the title and the catchy look of the pictures, I decided to get this cookbook included as well. This is a cookbook that has really started to make sense to me as the way the vegan food is supposed to look and taste. However, the title is very catch as well because it is going to make it easier for me to get the cookbook included.

When you start to look at this cookbook, you will find that the Forks Over Knives book is actually a start of a movie as well. However, it goes a step further to show the food that is available in the diet cookbooks is going to be a lot easier to find than what you expect. So you will be able to take and get the food that you want to eat. In fact, this book does not preach to you about the food that you cannot eat, instead it goes and teaches you how to enjoy the food that you want to eat. I know that is completely different than what you are used to seeing when you are dieting or starting a diet like the vegan diet, but it is a book that will help you in getting to enjoy your food as well.

Features Of The Forks Over Knives

  • The amount of recipes that are present in this cookbook is enormous. Since this is so large, you will not have to worry about repeating some of the dishes right away in your food.
  • Diversity of the recipes is something else you are going to enjoy with this cookbook as it explores most of the world and available items that are around you to help you prepare the food that you want to have.
  • Sophistication of the recipes and foods that are available to you is going to be something that you are going to enjoy because it is going to be easy for you to make a meal that is going to taste great for years to come.

Pros Of The Forks Over Knives

  • Vegetables are the primary ingredients that are being used in this cookbook. This varies from some of the cookbooks, even the vegan cookbooks because they do not always use the vegetables as the primary ingredient. With that being said, you will enjoy the fact this is a cookbook that uses the vegetables as the primary ingredients.
  • Fasting is one of those things that happens in the middle of Lent and some other periods of time for the Christian faiths. With that being the case, they will really enjoy the fact this is a cookbook that is going to provide guidelines for how to comply with the fasting requirements with the diet.
  • A lot of times, you will find some diets that will lower cholesterol remove quite a bit of the foods that you want to eat. However, what you need to realize is this is going to be a great way to lose weight and lower your cholesterol because the diets are more plant based and do not involve as much in the way of foods that can raise your cholesterol.

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Cons Of The Cookbook

  • Some of the recipes have a true lack of direction. With this lack of direction, it is often harder for you to know if you are making the food properly or not. So this is something else you will really struggle with with some of the recipes that are being talked about.
  • Quality of the food that is being prepared with the food is often an issue that you will need to overcome as multiple people from all over the place have complained about out how bland this food taste.

Deciding Factors In A Vegan Cookbook

Vegan Food Eating a vegan diet is not going to be easy as this is not the accepted diet for most of the people around the world, especially in America. However, if you do opt for a vegan diet, you will need to get a good and reliable cookbook or Pinterest. Both of these are going to help you in finding the right meals to prepare. Sometimes, though, Pinterest is not that reliable because you have to pay for he recipe, just like I have to with some of the Crochet patterns that I use. With that being said, the deciding factor I would have to use is the types of recipes that are present and the variety that is seen. This is going to make it easier for you to know if you can continue to make the food for a long period of time or if you will quickly grow tired of the food.