Discover Essential Oil Items For Kids

Kids are not commonly going to need to have essential oils for anything outside of the great smell. However, what you need to realize is the essential oils are something that you will like to have for your kids at times to help calm them down or in some cases to help with other issues. With that being the case, we have come up with our list of the five best essential oil type of diffusers that are meant for kids. You need to realize these are only the tools that you can use to get the oils to the kids and is not something that you should be using without learning about the essential oils and how they will impact your kids first.

How Did We Narrow Down Our List?

Well, it took a lot of work and trying to figure out what our own kids would like. Combining that information made it easier for us to work on the list and that has made it easier for us to narrow down the list. However, we also took and started to work on the list from the standpoint of what exactly could we put down on the list that would actually be affordable for parents, because the kids will usually outgrow whatever you get them faster than what you imagined.

Meet The Contenders

Accmor Penguin 150 ml Ultrasonic Cool Mist Vibrator

The Accomor Penguin is easily one of the best essential oil diffusers for the kids. The reason is it will allow you to have an animal more kids are able to identify with, but also this makes it easier for the kids to have an item they will be comfortable with as well. What else is nice is the model is a cool mist, which will not only allow the machine to last longer, but also helps to keep your kids from getting burned by the hot steam that could be produced by some of the oil diffusers on the market.

What else is nice is this is an item that has an LED light that will make it easier for you to have a night light that your kids are going to like as well. So this will make it easier for you to to get the kids to go to sleep at night, but also have a night light they will enjoy and is going to help them in more than one way because it helps with the diffusing as well.

Doggie Aroma Pets Aromatherapy 

This is a great item that your kids, especially your younger kids will like. The Doggie Aroma Pets Aromatherapy pillow is more of a plush pillow or toy that your kids can easily lay their heads down on. This way your kids will be able to go to sleep and this will make it easier for you to have your kids to go sleep. The best part is this is a pillow that is going to allow you to insert some essential oil pads into a secure area on the bottom to allow your kids to some relaxing time on their doggy before they go to sleep.

What is really nice about this pillow is the fact that it has a bunch of LED lights on the inside of it that you can turn on and off for your kids. This way they will have the comfort the lights are going to provide for your kids. Without this, it will be easier for your kids to go to sleep and know they are comfortable while sleeping at night.

Horsey Aroma Pet Aromatherapy

The Horsey Aroma Pet Aromatherapy item is very similar and actually almost the exact same as the Doggie one. However, the main difference is the fact this is going to be shaped like a horse instead of like the dog. So this is going to be something that you are really going to like with this toy or diffuser because it is a different shape and style compared to the dog ones that you are used to looking at. So you will want to make sure you make sure you consider this if you are looking for an item that is not a dog one.

What else you will like the pillow is the on off switch, that we did not get a chance to mention with the dog one is located inside of the leg. With this being located in the leg, it will be easier for you to get the lights turned off if your child does go to sleep and you do not want to have the lights on with the child sleeping at night.

Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet For Kids

Kids have a tendency to love the bright and colorful bracelets that you can find here. We know that our daughter really likes this bracelet because it looks like a regular bracelet and it will not really make it impossible for you to get the bracelet off at times. However, what she really likes is the fact the company has little tabs that you are able to slide into the bracelet to hold in place and allow you to get the oil scent that you need to have and keep it close to you.

What is really nice is the bracelet pellets that are going to be used inside of the bracelet and used to help keep your kids calm will last for close to twenty five days. With it lasting for such a long time you do not have to be as concerned about it not working for your kids, but also have to worry about it stopping for almost an entire month which will help you get the relief that you want to have for your kids without having to get them something that you are not sure about if it will work or getting something on a regular basis.

Slap Bracelet Essential Oil Diffuser

The Slap Bracelet used to be the biggest thing going when I was growing up, yes that does show my age some! However, I thought they went out of style and would not be brought back for quite some time. I guess I was really off base because I have found this bracelet to be a great addition and oddly that even with the kids today, at least according to my daughter, they are still a very popular item that you are going to want to get for your kids to wear because of the popularity and the chance to add on the essential oils you would like to have.

Now what we really like with the slap bracelet is the fact this makes it easier for you to get the bracelet and have it ready for you to use with your kids. That is because you will find the bracelet has the felt inserts that you just have to put a couple of drops of oil on. Then you just have to put the felt into the holder and your kids will have the perfect item they can use if they start to have any problems. What else is nice, is this is an item that you can easily use with the oils of your choice.

How Should You Decide Which Essential Oil Item For Kids To Pick?

That is definitely a major challenge and we have to say it was one of the harder choices that we had to make as well. The challenging part is figuring out which one of these items you need to use because it can be difficult to decide. So you should figure out if your kids would still use something like the Dog or the Horse. If not, then the vaporizer or cool mist item may be an option. If you have older girls, though, they have a tendency to love the bracelets and that is something that you really need to consider.