Avoid Headaches Find The Best Hotels For Families

New OrleansIf you have spent hours trolling through the forums on TripAdvisor or even searching Google, then you know that it is very difficult to find a great hotel for your family in . With this being the case, you should check out the five best hotels that we found for families. This will make it easier for you to book your trip and know your entire family will have a great trip and time in , the city of life.

How We Narrowed Down Our Selection Of Hotels

This list was actually quite a bit harder to narrow down than what we thought it would be. So that definitely was a challenge for us at first and that definitely made it fun for us in narrowing down our list. The main factors that we used to rate these hotels was to find the location, amenities on site, and even the different things that are going to make this enjoyable for the entire family.With that being the case here is the list that we have narrowed down for you to enjoy your family vacation to New Orleans.


1. Windsor Court Hotel

Windsor Court HotelNew Orleans is always busy and has something going on. Which makes a hotel that is on the main street not a good option for your family. With the Windsor Court Hotel it is going to be tucked a little bit off of the main street. However, it is not located so far away that you cannot get to the main street right away if you need to. get to it and do something that is involving the street.

The amenities that you have at the Windsor is something else you will enjoy as well. Now as the family you will enjoy the fact their is a pool that you can use on a regular basis, but you may find your older kids are going to enjoy the fitness room as well. For the entire family, though, the restaurant that is on site is going to have the best food possible for you to enjoy as a family.

2. Bourbon Orleans Hotel

Bourbon Orleans HotelStaying in the French Quarter can be exciting, but it can also be a great way to see some of the things that you see on the shows and experience the unique treasures that New Orleans has to offer. When you stay at the Bourbon Orleans Hotel, you get this chance. The hotel is located in the French Quarter, but not close enough that your kids will be kept up by all the festivities that happen on Bourbon Street.

The main amenity that you will find for your kids here is going to be a great pool. As you can tell from the picture up above, the pool is fantastic and will provide your kids with hours of enjoyment. It is important that you look at this because the atmosphere of the neighborhood is one that they are sure to enjoy, but coupled with this gorgeous pool and you know your kids will have a great trip.

3. Olivier House Hotel

Olivier House HotelThis is an older house that has been converted into a hotel. However, what you will enjoy is the fact that you cannot really tell that it was an old home as well. The downside is this is a grand place to stay at and the history is present, but they are slowly upgrading the hotel as the home was originally built in the 1800s. The history aspect, though, will make it easier for you to have a great time staying here with your entire family.

The amenity that you will find here is the pool. Since this is an older location and the place is still being upgraded you will find that the pool is the main feature. However, with the history of the home and the fact that it is located not far from the French Quarter Bourbon Street it will make it easier for you to have a great time in New Orleans.

4. Omni Royal Orleans

Omni Royal OrleansLocated in the historic French Quarter as well you will find the Omni Royal Orleans. It is another hotel that made our list of family friendly locations. The location is the best one possible, but it is going to make you feel at home because of how friendly everyone is that is around the area as well.

The main amenities that your family will want to take advantage of is the pool and the room service. A pool is typical of most hotels, but room service is a unique twist you will enjoy. So this will definitely be something that you and your kids are going to like because of the way the hotel is set up and running.

5. Hampton Inn New Orleans Garden District

Hampton Inn New Orleans Garden DistrictUnfortunately we we unable to get past the chain hotels as the Hampton Inn in the Garden District of New Orleans is one of the best hotels for families and it is located close to Tulane University as well. What is really nice is you will have the Hampton guarantee when you are staying here, which will make it quite a bit easier for you to know the stay is going to be great or you could have some great refund or compensation opportunities.

The main amenity you will find here is the pool. However, getting the chance to know that you are in the Garden District of New Orleans and away from more of the headache of the downtown region can be a good thing as well.

How To Decide On The Best Family Hotel In New Orleans

The best way to decide is figure out which part of New Orleans you want to stay in and then it will be easier to know where to look. However, their really is no bad part of town to stay in. With that being said you will find most of the hotels geared towards families are found in the French Quarter. The hotels generally will have a basic type of pool and fitness rooms. So the price and the location will quickly be a deciding factor here. Once you do decide on the hotel, make sure you book early to avoid missing out on your location, but also to make sure you have a spot to stay while you are visiting this beautiful gem of a city.