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Learning music at a young age is a great thing to do for a lot of kids, but in some cases finding the best instrument can be difficult to do. This is when the parents should know about the five best . By knowing about these best tubas it will be quite a bit easier for you, as the parent, to find the best one for your kids and know the sound quality will be present, but the bankruptcy from buying an instrument may not be the perfect one for the kids. I mean seriously when I was looking at for this article, I found some that were costing almost a hundred grand. Granted, I do not think those were listed as student tubas, but it was definitely an expensive venture to say the least if you do not research. With that being the case, here are our contenders for the five best student tubas.

Meet The Five Best Student Tuba Contenders

How We Narrowed Down Our List Of Student Tubas

We took and evaluated all the different tubas that are on the market. When we did this, we started to discover that a lot of them have the same types of features and are going to take a lot of the same type of work to learn on. However, we started to look at what people started to say about the weight, size, and the sound quality that people have suggested before. Since that is the case, we took the time to evaluate each of the tubas that are on the market and this is the list we have set forth.

Tempest Agility Winds Sonorous Powerful Rotary Tuba

The Tempest Agility Winds Sonorous Powerful Rotary Tuba is a tuba that we have rated extremely high in our list of student tubas. With that being said lets explore this tuba some so you can make an educated choice on the tuba you buy.

A key feature that we are going to bring up with the Tempest is the fact that compared to a lot of tubas that are meant for students this is going to weigh in at only 20 pounds. So this is going to make it easier for most of your kids to carry, but also avoid having any type of back issues from lugging around a tuba that is over 50 pounds.

Something else that is enjoyable with the Tempest student tuba is the fact that it has a very compact design. This design will make it easier for you to get all of your students to work on the tuba and make it easier for the kids to start to learn more about the tuba and how easy it can be to learn.

A drawback with this tuba that is meant for your students is the fact this is a tuba that is going to need to be checked out rather carefully because the tuba is still fairly new to the market. However, the brand itself is one that usually has quality instruments.

Dillon Music 995 BBB Tuba

This is a student tuba that comes from a company that we had not really heard about before. However, after doing some research we found this is a company that makes some great instruments that are full of quality pieces. So here is what we thought of the Dillon Music 995 Student Tuba.

Sound quality is one of the best things that you are going to enjoy with this tuba. While you may have never thought about this before, this is a tuba that has a larger bore in it. This larger bore will make it easier for your kids to have the great sound that they are going to like, but also that the band director is going to like for the kids to have as well.

Quality of the construction is something else that is great with the Dillon. So this is a great thing for you to think about because you know for a student they are going to drop it on accident or end up playing with the tuba like it is a toy.

A drawback with this tuba would be the weight. This is a tuba that weighs in over the fifty pound mark so it could easily be too heavy for some of the people who are trying to learn how to play the tuba.

Band Directors Choice Student Tuba

This is a tuba that comes from a band directors choice student tuba. Now, we have not heard much about this brand at all and that can be kind of scary at times because it is hard to tell the quality of the tuba. What else can be kind of sketchy is this is a tuba that does not have any on Amazon as of yet. So you need to make sure you are careful with that information when you are looking at the Band Directors Choice student tuba.

A good plus is this is a tuba that is going to come with the mouthpiece and the carrying case. Both of these are items that in some of the tubas that you can buy are going to cost extra. However, this is one that is going to include both of these items so that will make it easier for you to use the tuba because you can actually get it to where you need it to be at.

The hand lapping of the pistons is something else you will enjoy as well. With the hand lapping it will make it easier for you to use the pistons, but also keeps the noise down to levels that is not going to interfere with the sound of the music that you are producing with the tuba.

A drawback that we found is the fact this is a student tuba from a company that we do not know much about, but also has no . So that could be a good thing or a bad thing, good because the students are so wrapped up in playing, but also bad because maybe they are playing so poorly they broke their parents computer, probably not the case, but you know what we mean.

Ravel 4 Valve Student Tuba

The Ravel is a great tuba for the students to use to learn from. While this is not the expensive tubas that some people are used to buying, it is a tuba that is going to make it easier for the students to use and learn off of. So this is something that you are going to enjoy with the tuba. However, it is a very popular brand as well so it is going to be difficult to find it in stock at times as well. Since this is the case, you should make sure you buy it almost right away. I personally know that when we were doing research we would see it for sale on Amazon and then a couple of days later it would be sold out. So it is important to make your choice quickly.

A great thing that you will enjoy with the Ravel, if you find it available, is the fact that it comes with almost everything that your student tuba player is going to need. Yes, it is expensive, but it does come with the great options that you will not have to buy. Some of the items that are included with the Ravel 4 Valve student tuba is going to be listed here. Tuba strap for playing ease, polishing cloth, and pair of white marching gloves and Ravel lightweight case with wheels and back pack straps. As you can see this is quite a bit of items that you can use and have your student tuba player playing on when they are learning.

Weight is another thing that you and your kids are going to be able to enjoy as well. Normally people would not think about this, but when they are having to carry the tuba around for a long period of time it is going to wear them out. This is a tuba that is going to weigh 35 pounds and that is going to make it a lot easier for people to carry.

A drawback with this tuba is its popularity. Now the only reason this is a drawback is it means the tuba is going to sell out quickly. So you will find that it is going to be difficult at times to find the tuba on the shelf of the local store, but also available online as well. Either way, that should tell you something about how good the tuba is going to be for you to use for your kids.

Yamaha YBB 201WC3

Yamaha is easily a name you will recognize as they are huge in quite a few areas from motorcycles to musical instruments. This is the tuba that they have out for students and once you have looked at it, it is really easy to see why this tuba made out five best tubas for students list. With that being said, let us start to explore what makes the Yamaha such a great model in our opinion to be used by your student tuba player.

The first thing that we really like is the fact this is a tuba that has some hand lapped slides. These are going to allow the tuba’s slides to move freely, but also because of the way they are constructed they are going to be air tight as well. So this is two things that the tuba is going to have going for it and will make it easier for you to rest easier knowing the tuba will last.

A second thing that you will like is the fact this is a tuba that is constructed with the student band members in mind. The reason we say that is this is a tuba that is made from durable construction. Since the construction is so durable you do not have to be concerned about it falling apart with the usual abuse the kids are going to put the tuba through.

Now onto the drawback that we have found with this student tuba. That is the fact this is a tuba that can cost a fortune! I know, almost all musical instruments that are quality will cost quite a bit, but this one for a student may be a little much. The tuba is made from quality and that can make a difference, so if you do not plan on buying another one for your kids then this could be a great options for you to make.

How To Make The Choice For Student Tubas

The choice that you are going to make is one that can impact your kids chance of being a success in music. However, if you are careful it will be easier for you to have your kids fall in love with music because of what you have picked for them. With that being the case, we would really like to tell you that the best way to make a choice is to let your kids help you decide. Yes, they may want the most expensive model on the market, which in that case try to guide them away from that one if you need to. If they do see one that they like, though, and want to play you should try to get it for them if they are serious. Then they will be able to have a tuba that is going to work for them and be one they will not mind playing the tuba. Either way, though, this is an instrument that will cost quite a bit of money so make sure your kids are serious about playing the tuba before you make the purchase.

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