Discover A Harvest Decoration This Year

Decorating for the fall is something that I really like to do, but it is also something that I have a tendency to really like doing. I know that for a lot of people they do not even think about decorating for fall and when they do they want to find a great decoration to put up. Usually, we would do the same, but this year I decided to get ahead and started to look early for the fall decorations and that was what I really liked here. The decoration that I found and am going to cover this time is the harvest that you can enjoy and have inside of your .


What I Like About The Harvest

This is a wreath that is going to give you the feel for the fall smells and scents. Well, not the smells so much, but the look. The wreath is one that has a lot going for it and it is definitely a wreath that I really like because it is beautiful. The wreath has the rich colors of the fall with the gourds and even the pinecones. What else is great is the berries and the fall leaves that you can see here as well.

What is really great is the songbirds that are in the middle of the wreath. These 2 songbirds are going to make the wreath come to life and feel even more at work. So this is definitely something you are going to enjoy because they are the birds that will remind you of the migration of the birds, but also allow you to keep a couple of birds around all year round.

If you want to have some lights on the wreath you will like the fact this is a wreath that has some fiber optic lights that you can use. These lights are going to make it easier for you to see the decoration in the middle of the night and keep you having a great looking decoration you can use at night and know others will be able to see it.

What We Do Not Like In The Lighted Fall Harvest Wreath

Now, something that I do not really care for with this wreath is the fact that it does take batteries for the powering of the lights. Normally, I would not care about this, but my experience with anything that uses lights or batteries tends to die off quickly. So the fact this is a wreath that is going to take and use the batteries is going to be something I never really thought I would like. However, when the lights are on they do look beautiful.

Our Final Thoughts On The Lighted Fall Harvest Wreath

We really like the fact that we have a wreath to hang on the front door this fall for celebrating the harvest time. The problem is it is hard to find a wreath that you can use that is going to look great. I know that we have talked about the lighted fall harvest wreath in the picture here and I have to say, this is a wreath that I really like, but at the same time it is a wreath that is going to look great for the doorway as long as you have the triple A batteries to run the wreath.