Taking pictures on your vacations is the key to helping you remember the memories you made while on the trip. However, what you need to realize is you need to make sure you have a great camera to take the vacation pictures with. I know for a lot of people, they already have a camera in mind. With that being said, I know other people, especially a newlywed couple or a first time vacationer with kids is going to want to get a new camera that is fully primed and ready to be used. To that end, we have decided to review one of the cameras that we have rated as our top pick. So make sure you read the E510 review, which will provide you with comprehensive information on the camera, but also post pictures from Flickr, that were taken by the Evolt camera by Olympus.


Features Of The E510

  • Has a 10.1 megapixel feature for the pictures.
  • The live view of the camera is 2.5 inches, which helps ensure pictures are taken properly
  • Camera is very lightweight which makes it easier to take pictures
  • Uses mechanical stabilization for the pictures to be taken
  • Ergonomic design makes it easy to hold

Use The Olympus Camera

Using a camera is often seen as a point and shoot option. However, with this camera, you need to realize you have a wide range of options available to select from. You even have the option of using a video feature. Each of these features are something you will need to learn about, but they are going to be something you will really like to see. With the camera you will find the manual, which can be found online, is helpful if you are out in the woods. Here are some of the basic ways that you can use this camera, though, because it is going to allow you to have a great picture.

Focal points are the point that you are focusing your camera on. You may not have thought about this before, but with the digital cameras and even the more advanced film cameras, you will need to know you can adjust the focal points. When you use this feature you will find you can capture different aspects of the pictures that you were not necessarily looking at taking pictures of. For example, most of the cameras will focus on the center of the picture and this makes it difficult to capture the look that people want, but when you adjust the focal point it is easy for you to get the camera to take the picture you want to have.

The best part is the Olympus Evolt E-510 is going to have very simple to use options on the buttons and the selector switches are very easy to use as well. So you can easily change all of the options on the camera with just the flip of a switch. However, you do need to be warned that if you have larger fingers you will need to be careful of the switches because you can accidentally change the camera setting to one that you do not want to be using.

Lightweight Helps Avoid Dropping The Camera

Okay, I am sure you may have never thought about this before, but when you are taking pictures you do not want to have your camera drop down on you. I know from personal experience even the slightest movement will take the picture you had perfectly set up and the heavy weight of the camera makes you drop or flinch because you were standing still for so long while waiting to capture the perfect picture. The body only of the Evolt model is a touch over 16 ounces at 16.2. However, when everything else is added into the camera it is obvious the weight is going to go up quite a bit. However, the weight is not enough for you to be concerned about the camera making you drop your shot or needing to use a tripod for each of the pictures you plan on taking.

Uses TruePic III For Image Clarity

Getting a clear image is a great thing to have. However, I know that with some cameras it is hard to get the pictures you want to have. However, you will quickly find the Olympus brand of image clarity software is excellent at giving you the picture you want. With this system, it will provide the pictures because it is going to use all the pixel quality that you want to have. So you are not going to have to be concerned about the camera not getting the great picture because it will be using all of the pixels it has available to make the pictures look great. Something else that is enjoyable with the TruePic III is it works great at low light situations. This means you will still get a decent picture even when the lights are low, when before you would not be able to get anything that would be recognizable as a picture.

Mechanical Image Stabilization

Image stabilization is a great feature to have in a camera. However, most of the cameras that are in use today only have digital image stabilization. While this is a nice feature, it can allow for some shaking still and this means you will not get the same great looking image you want to have if you had a mechanical stabilizing factor. At this time, this technology is still fairly new and revolutionary, but it is something which you will want to have. With this stabilization it will take in multiple factors and help stabilize the images you are taking and this means you do not have a digital filler, but also have a great looking image right away.

Dust Removal Feature

Okay, I get it vacationing in a dusty place is a nice thing to do. I mean where else can you look at the desert and say, I want to see more dust when I get . I hope you were able to sense the sarcasm in those statements as the entire sentence was laced with sarcasm, I do not know of anyone who wants to take a vacation to a place that is full of dust and get back and see even more dust because that is all the pictures have on them. Well, Olympus realized this can be a problem and sometimes even with paranormal investigations they will claim to see an orb when it is really dust on the lens. Olympus has went out and addressed this issue by having a Supersonic Wave Filter installed on the camera. This means the camera will slightly vibrate to remove any of the dust and other particles that are on the lens. With this vibration happening and no dust being seen, it will allow you to get the image you want, without the memory of the dust you do not want.

Open To A Variety Of Lenses

A digital SLR camera is a good thing to have, but when you want to get different lenses for the camera you often find you are limited. I know when I bought my camera, I did not have any lens options and now I wish I did. That is what drew me to the Olympus model and had me rank it as our top model. This camera is going to have the best results for the lenses options that you want to have, but this is not just liked to the E-510 as all of the E series models have the same lenses options, which are universal with almost all the brands of Olympus model Four Thirds standard lenses and those of the lenses that are not falling under the Olympus name. So you are not going to be restricted to a certain type of lens to buy, unless you count the size as the restriction.


  • Can be used on Windows operated systems
  • Is used by a lot of the professional photographers
  • Does a wonderful job of capturing the colors that are needed in the pictures
  • Contains a lot of the options that a professional camera has available.


  • Can be overwhelming because of the options that are available
  • Makes it hard to stop taking pictures
  • Quality of the pictures can take up quite a bit of your available memory stick space

Price Options

I did a quick Internet search for the Olympus model camera because I think my readers deserve the best quality camera for the best price. Yes, I know that when I am working here I want you to buy a product from me and that is the case here. I did a quick Google search and all that I am finding is the body only of the camera in the searches I did. With that being said, when I did find the Olympus Evolt E-510 as a unit, it was significantly more than what Amazon is charging.


Well out conclusion is this is a great camera and one that you need to buy. The Olympus will take some of the best vacation pictures you have wanted, but it also will be a very durable camera for you to use around your . You will not have to spend hours on time trying to find a camera to take the pictures you want, instead you will have the camera already on hand and know it is going to capture all of those special moments. Either way the price may seem like it is high on this model of camera, but you have to look below at the pictures you get from this camera to have a true grasp and understanding of the quality of the camera.

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