Omni Royal Orleans – A Great New Orleans Hotel

Entrance of Omni Royal Orleans HotelWhen you are in New Orleans you are going to have a large number of hotels to pick from on where to stay at. However, when you are looking you need to make sure you pick the right one or your entire trip to New Orleans could be ruined. This is why we have already ranked the five best hotels for families in New Orleans, but now we are doing our individual of the Omni Royal Orleans. Then you can see if this is a hotel that will suit your families needs or not.

Features Of The Omni Royal Orleans Hotel

The Omni Royal is a location that has 345 guest rooms. What is really nice is all the guest rooms are smoke free. So this allows you to get the proper rooms you want to have, but also to know that your kids will not be bothered by the room next door smoking or someone down the hall smoking. However, it also means you will not have the residual smell of cigarette smoke in the room when you check in.

With this location you will notice that it is actually in the French Quarter. This famous region is one that a lot of people want to to because of what all they can see and do, but it is also a place people will fall in love with because of the entertainment that is present and the historical value of the French Quarter in New Orleans is amazing.

Combining a rooftop terrace, with an outdoor pool. They are in separate areas as far as I can tell. However, both of these are a great attraction you will be able to enjoy with the entire family. Then you can finally go out and know that you are able to see the cityscape from the protection of the terrace if you want to. However, if you have kids and they are getting hot from the day walking the city or taking the carriage rides around town you can sit back and watch them swim in the pool if the weather is nice enough.

A great feature that we really love about the hotel is that it allows pets! This is a great feature since so many hotels do not allow pets. You will need to contact them directly to see what kind of requirements they have on the pets, but it is one of the few places that we have seen in all of our travels that does allow you to have a pet with you.

Nearby Attractions To The Omni Royal Orleans

When you are at the Omni Royal you may not want to go to far because the city of New Orleans offers so much to do. However, we know that we love to get out and see the attractions a place has to offer. So we have decided to put together a quick list of the nearby attractions.

Jackson Square

French Market

National World War II Museum

All of these three top attractions are within a 15 minute walk of the hotel. So this allows you to get a chance to go out and explore some of the best attractions in New Orleans without having to rent a car or a taxi to get out to see them. Now you may be asking yourself if you would need a taxi from the airport, but the answer is it is possible, but it is not guaranteed because you may be able to catch a shuttle if you are lucky.

Our Final Thoughts On The Omni Royal Orleans

Finding the perfect hotel to stay at is a challenge. However, if you want to find a great one you will often pour over the that you can find online and spend hours, if not days looking at everything you can on the hotels. This is why we have decided to do a of the Omni Royal Orleans. Overall, we have to say this is a great hotel and it is one the entire family can enjoy. The one thing we did not really like is the fact the pool is an outdoor pool. If it had an indoor pool it would have been nearly the top hotel, but with my kids they love swimming and that means we have to get an indoor pool because that means weather, except for thunderstorms, is usually not going to be an issue.

Pool at Omni Royal Orleans Hotel In New OrleansTerrace at the Omni Royal Orleans Hotel in New Orleans