Traquair House

The spacious grounds of Traquair House allow you to feel as if you are on holiday in a glorious mansion. The grounds are open, including the brewery shop, the garden cafe and the gift shop however, you will need a day ticket or season pass to enter. Traquair House has long been the most ancient continuously inhabited house in Scotland from the time it was first taken by the Stuarts to their possession. The inside of Traquair house makes you feel like you have stepped into a time warp and that you are in a time when this was a thriving plantation. Traquair House offers visitors the best of Scottish hospitality.

The original building was built around 1107, although the building now is a fortified mansion house, this house is one of the oldest continuous residences in Scotland, and the history is preserved today thanks to the efforts of the Traquair House owner, Lady Catherine, who lives there with her husband and children.  The brewery still operates and you can buy the ales from the brewery shop. The brewery, which is also the oldest continuously operating business in Scotland, is also open to visitors.

This ancient brewery provides a glimpse into Scotland’s early days, and the house is open to visitors for exclusive guided tours during certain times of the year, with a maximum of 6 visitors in any one group. It is also possible to stay in the house in an antique furnished bedroom and areas can also be rented out for events and parties.

There is also a separate wing in which larger parties can stay, about 10 minutes walk from the main house.

For tourists seeking to learn more about Scotland’s history, or simply enjoy a pint, Traquair house is the perfect place to visit. The main attractions are the mansion house, the maze, the craft workshops and the distillery. 

Traquair house also has something to offer tourists seeking to learn more about Scotland’s history and culture, with its museum.  While the house is open to the public for tours, these must be booked in advance.

Traquair House is also to several art galleries and theatres, and the annual art festival takes place here each year along with a number of other events. This colourful historic building is a great place for tourists to take in some history while they are in Scotland. Its popularity has made it a popular destination for people planning a Scotland tour, making it possible to enjoy this area in almost all seasons. A short distance from the main part of Edinburgh, it is only just over an hour’s drive away from that city.

Maisie enjoys travelling and visiting new places, especially those with beautiful scenery and cultural sights.  Scotland and Ireland are both interesting and historic places to see, with amazing landscapes, wild rocks and long histories of battles and also old cities and towns with museums, statues and old buildings..