Of The YFL-221 Student Flute

Student flutes are going to be something that people are going to need to have for their kids, when they first start to learn how to play the flute. While these flutes are not always as expensive as the top of the line flutes, it can be rather expensive for some people to get at times. This is when people should make sure they know about the on the market to ensure they are able to get their students the right flute and know they will not be made fun of or be using a flute that is not going to provide the pitch perfect sound that people want to have. With that being said, we are going to cover, what is often seen as one of the best flutes for students, the YFL-221 student flute, which is often viewed as one of the best on the market. Without any further ado, here is the review that will make it easy for you to get the right flute for your kids.

Spotlight On The YFL-221 

You may be asking yourself why we decided to put the spotlight as the number one choice on the Yamaha student flutes. However, once you read about this flute more you will start to see this is going to be a flute that will make it easier for you to see why exactly this flute was selected. The main reason that we have decided to look at this flute is the fact that it has some of the best playing sounds for a student, but also is seen as an easy flute to play. So the students will have an easier time in getting to play the flute, which is going to make it easy for them to learn and avoid any of the frustrations that are common when a student is learning to play the flute.

Ease Of Use For The Student

You may be asking yourself what exactly I mean by easy to use for the student. However, what you need to realize is the flute is going to be a very difficult instrument for you to learn how to play. So you will be able to enjoy the fact that the designers of this flute have made it easier for your kids learn how to play the flute. When they have an easier time learning how to play an instrument, the more likely they are to actually learn how to play the instrument and fall in love with the instrument. With that being said, lets start telling you why this is easy for the students to learn on.

For a lot of students the difficulty in learning how to play the flute comes from the fact that they have trouble in getting their lips on the flute mouthpiece. However, what you will quickly find out is the Yamaha model addressed that issue by taking the beginners flute and taking the joint by the headpiece and making it into a special design meant just for students. So you can see this is a flute that will make it easier for the students to learn on and be able to play compared to the other flutes that are on the market.

Controlling the dynamics and the way the flute is going to be expressing itself is something else that is going to be easier for the students to learn with. Normally the students who are just starting out are only concerned about getting a flute like sound out of the flute. However, when you are using this flute the students are going to find it is going to be easier for the students to use and not really be concerned about all of the dynamics that are a major issue when they are using some of the other flutes, that will produce a sound, but possibly not the right sound.

Five Reasons The Yamaha Is The Best Flute Around

  1. Extremely strong design of the posts is a great feature. When people tend to see this feature, they will quickly notice that it is going to make the flute as a whole stronger, which means it will be harder for your kids to destroy the flute when they are carrying it around.
  2. The flute, in addition to the ergonomic keys, which makes it easier for the students to play also has an improved scale on it. With this improved scale, it is going to be easier for the students to enjoy making a high quality sound, instead of one that is going to sound a little bit off.
  3. Face it the students are going to need to make adjustments to their flute at some point in time. When they are making these adjustments, they need to realize the adjustment screw is going to need to be easy to get to. With the Yamaha YFL-221 it is very easy for the kids to get to, but also durable and will not break off easily.
  4. Uses a nickel silver material, which is going to be easier to clean than what you may think. Since it is made from this material, you will also find that it is going to be a lot more durable than what you would expect as well and this is going to help you in getting the right appearance for the flute all the time.
  5. Cork is the usual bumpers that are used for the flutes as a bumper, but for some students this does not allow for a tight fit against the body. This model actually uses Neoprene for the bumper which is going to allow for a closer fit and make it easier to play the flute.

Video Of The YFL-221

Faults With The Yamaha YFL-221

Unfortunately not everything is going to be singing or in this case, playing the praises of the Yamaha YFL-221. In fact, some of the results have not been positive at all and this really is making it impossible for people to get the quality sound they want or even the great look their kids need to have. With that being said, here are the top two faults we found with the flute.

  1. If you do not purchase from an authorized Yamaha dealer for the flutes, it can void out the warranty that you need to have for any repairs. Even when the flute comes with the warranty, it needs to be bought from an authorized dealer to ensure the warranty can and will be used properly.
  2. When the flute is completely open, some people have complained about it losing the quality of sound that they would have expected for the price they paid for the flute. So this is something else to keep in mind, but it is not often that your student would have the flute completely open while they are learning to play the flute.

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