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Air hockey is one of those games that you have in the game room for family game night. However, air hockey is also a game that provides a lot of fun and action for friends as well. With the difference air hockey tables on the market, which is the best one? Find out what we think in our review of the American Heritage Ellipse 6 Player Review.

Features Of The American Heritage Ellipse

  • Uses a lighted scoring system
  • Galaxy design is screen printed.
  • Comes with 4 pucks
  • Has 6 goalie blockers included
  • Leg levelers are adjustable.
  • Includes 2 wireless speakers

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Game Night Takes A Major Turn

Family game night is definitely one aspect of your family life that should never change. The more that you play games as a family and the tighter you become the more likely you are to stay in touch for years to come. However, with some of the board games that are available the kids and even yourself can become bored with them. Well, the air hockey will take the game night to a completely new level and add in quite a challenge and competition. What else is great is the Ellipse makes it easier for you to enjoy the game night as an entire family, even if your family is larger.

Assembly Is A Breeze

As you can imagine with an air hockey table that is as large as the American Heritage Ellipse it would be very difficult to to put together. However, the American Heritage company knows that this would be a common problem and worked hard to avoid the issues. With this product, once you have purchased it through our links here, it tends to ship with the cabinet section already assembled. This makes it easier for you to put together the rest of the table as it does require some assembly, but it is far from the requirement you get from the IKEA furniture that you picked up on sale last year and it is still sitting in the box, while a rocket scientist is figuring out how it goes together for you.

Ease Of Cleaning Up The Air Hockey Table

I am sure you could imagine the difficulty it cleaning an air hockey table can present. If you think about it, the tables tend to have Coke, Pepsi, beer, sweet bourbon tea, or something else sitting around them or on the edge. Well, it is a no brainer that these do get spilled from time to time and when they are spilled can leave behind a very sticky mess. Well, the company has taken that into consideration and has made it to the point that the American Heritage Ellipse table is easy to clean. When something does spill on the table you use a towel to wipe it up. It is very important to not use any household cleaners on the table surface as they can cause problems and damage the table, so I would recommend gentle washing. If the table gets dusty, well that cleanup is a lot easier than what you imagined. Typically you would just have to wipe it down as dust with a dry cloth that is soft.

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Made From Very Durable Materials

With a lot of the air hockey tables they can give you that cheap and cheesy type of look. Well, the American Heritage brand is one that you can stand behind as the company only uses durable and high quality products. In this instance the company uses MDF and laminates. All of these are meant to help keep the air hockey table in good condition for months or even years to come and are meant to be long lasting for the typical game play you may have.

Blower Size

The main point of an air hockey table is to have the table vibrating and moving with the pucks seemingly floating on air. Well, I can tell you that the blower here is no slouch and will require your standard three prong outlet. The requirements for the blower electric wise is 120VAC 60Hz and 1.2 amps. That will push out 3.12 cubic feet of air per minute.

American Heritage Ellipse Dimensions

As you can imagine an air hockey table is not a small item, nor is it light. Well, with that being the case you should know about the dimensions of the air hockey table that you are buying here.

84” wide x 54” deep x 32” tall, 154 pounds.

My Final Thoughts On The American Heritage Ellipse

American Heritage may be something that you could consider being more along the lines of Patriotism and flags, but in this case it is about improving family game night to an all new level. The product here is an air hockey table and it allows for more than just the typical two players, instead it allows for up to 6 players. That makes it quite a bit easier for the entire family to play at the same time, but also allows for friends to come over and play as well. Overall, I have to say the modern features here coupled with the great look make the American Heritage Ellipse a great option for your game room.

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