Discover The Pendant

Bringing your essential oils with you all the time is not commonly possible, but if you are smart then you know the essential oil neck pendant is a complete game changer for your aromatherapy. The common issue for quite a few people is when they are going out of the house they cannot bring their diffuser with them. To overcome, this issue, some people have found they can have an aromatherapy essential oil neck pendant or a locket to wear. Now it is important to note that these pendants are typically going to be made from stainless steel or another material that is common for non-gold jewelry and this can react at times to the skin of people. What we are going to cover in this article is the 2 piece locket or pendant by RoyAroma and cover more of why you would need to have this pendant to wear and bring your essential oils with you.

Why Use An Essential Oil Neck Pendant

We all know, especially if you are reading this, what a diffuser is used for. However, what you need to realize is when you leave your to your car or are going to a park you cannot bring your diffuser with you. The good news is that is about to change as you will have the option to bring your diffuser with you when you are out, but it will not be powered by anything outside of the regular power that is present in the air and the pads you are using. I guess what this boils down to is the diffuser will make it easier for you to bring your essential oils with you, even if you are not going to be anywhere near a power source to help bring about boiling water to diffuse your oils into the air. With that being said, it is time for us to start to go into our review on the RoyAroma pendant for essential oils.

Features Of The Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace 

  • This is one of the stainless steel diffuser necklaces you can buy and wear. You just have to make sure you know about the fact this is stainless steel or you could end up breaking out from the stainless steel because you are allergic to it.
  • With a magnetic clasp, you will notice it is going to be easier for you to get the diffuser closed and know it will stay secure without you having to be overly concerned about the pendant opening up on you when you are walking along, but also not have to be concerned about the oil pads you have getting out of the way for you.
  • Refill pads are important when you are using the  diffuser. That is because these pads are what you are going to be what is going to hold the oil scent you need to have to keep you calm or provide you with the pain relief you want to have.
  • Chains are very important when you look at a necklace and if you are like me the standard 18-inch necklace will not fit your neck. I do not know who those chains do fit because they are seemingly so small. So this is definitely a plus because this is a pendant necklace for oils that comes with a 23.5-inch chain.

What I Like About The RoyArmoa Aromatherapy Diffusers

Well, I have to say the one thing that I noticed and really liked right away about this diffuser is the fact it uses little pads. These pads are what you will put only a few drops of your favorite oil onto. When you put these onto your pads you will notice it is going to diffuse the smell for you through the pad and keep you going throughout the day. What else is nice is the pads add a little touch of color to the inside of the pendant so it looks like you are wearing a piece of jewelry and not a diffuser.

Something else that I really liked is the fact this has a rather long chain. This makes it quite a bit easier for me to have the necklace on and know I do not have to worry about going out and finding a new chain, which is actually quite a challenge. What else is nice about the longer chain is it makes it quite a bit easier for me to get the pendant down under my clothing, but it is also long enough for me to pull up to my nose if I need a strong hit of the essential oil.

As I mentioned before is the little pads the diffuser uses. Well, I have to admit, I really like this as well because it makes it easier for me to get the pads that you can reuse and know they are not going to be getting the scent back from the oils you have been working on because you have an option to wash the pads that are being used.

What I Did Not Care For

The stainless steel I have to admit is one aspect that I do not really care for. The reason why I do not really care for this is that I have a tendency to be allergic to the stainless steel and break out very easily. So I definitely do not want to have any of the stainless steel because it has a tendency to break me out very easily and leads to a rash and inability to use my diffuser.

My Final Thoughts

I have to say going to work each day without my essential oils does add a little bit of stress and anxiety to my life. However, I have found that bringing a diffuser with me and setting it up in the office is not always possible. Since this is the case, I have found the essential oil to be a great option. I know this really helps out with my aromatherapy, but also makes it easier for me to get my essential oils and bring them with me and have the relief I need to have.