Essential Oil Diffuser Pendant Necklace By Borealis

Bringing my essential oils with me is definitely a challenge when I go to the office, but I have found the essential oil diffuser pendant necklace to be a great option. The thing that you need to realize is you have a wide selection of essential oil diffuser pendants available to use on a regular basis. What really makes these stand out from all the rest of the necklaces on the market though? Well, it really depends on what you are looking for and what kind of essential oils you are planning on using. This is why I have decided to the diffuser being sold by Borealis here. Once you read this , it will make it easier for you to know why you should be using the pendants, how essential oils can help you, but also know more about the pendant that I am talking about here.

Why Bring An With You

A common question people tend to ask is why you would want to have jewelry for essential oils? Well, I have a good reply for that and it is going to come from the fact the oils are helpful for a variety of conditions. I know that this is not proven by science and I am not making any medical statements here, but I can tell you from my experience the oils I use tend to help out quite a bit with relief of breathing issues, anxiety, and other conditions that I have used oils for before. This has really made me think about what I could use to bring my oils with me, without having to set up a diffuser each place I go. Hence, why I have decided to look at the aromatherapy jewelry diffusers which are a great option and one you can bring with you no matter where you going.

Features Of The Essential Oil Diffuser By Borealis

  • The essential oil jewelry has a very nice and pleasant look to it, that is open, but at the same time will not look like it is open because of the way it looks. The openings are meant to allow the essential oils you have on the pad to diffuse into the air and keep the oils around you the entire time.
  • When you have essential oils on the pads, you may be concerned about the oils getting onto your clothing. When this happens you know it can easily lead to some stains at times. With this locket it is secure and that is going to allow you to have confidence that your clothes are safe from any type of oil leakage.
  • With the locket, you will notice it is going to only take 2 drops of your favorite essential oil on the pad By putting just a couple of drops of your favorite oil on the pad it will provide you with all the aromatherapy that you need to have while going through your day.

What I Like About The Pendant By Borealis

As you can tell by the picture above the pendant has a very beautiful flower type of look to it. While I may not have thought about this before, it seems to be an opening flower. This type of flower often reminds me of spring and how much nicer the things are in spring as everything is coming back to life. I know this sounds odd, but with the look, this pendant has it definitely reminds me of spring and just the look of this makes my day seem a little bit brighter.

This is a great diffuser, but it only comes with 2 felt pads. Now the best part is if you have the time and buy some felt you can cut out your own pads. However, if not you can buy some extra pads at the same time you are ordering the pendant you can get some extra pads. Then you do not have to worry about trying to wash the pads to get a new oil but also are able to use certain pads for specific oils you are going to be wearing.

Finally, I like the fact this is a piece of jewelry I can wear and not have a lot of people look at me like I am odd. That is because I used to bring some essential oils with me to help calm my nerves during the day. However, I would get some very odd looks when I would be opening up the essential oil bottle in the office. Not to mention the oil amount you have to use on the pads is minimal and the scent of the oil does not get out into the entire office.

What I Did Not Like With The  

The primary thing I do not really care for is the fact the necklace that comes with the piece is very short. In some cases, people have reported the chain to be as short as twelve inches.So you can imagine this will be a little bit difficult to wear at times for some people because even my daughter uses an eighteen-inch necklace and she is only in her teens. So the chain may end up being quite a bit shorter than what people expect.

With this piece of jewelry, it does not really state what materials it is made from. With most of these pieces, I have found they are going to be made from stainless steel. So not knowing about the material for the necklace and pendant can make me a little bit on the leery side of the piece because I am allergic to a lot of the materials people have used in making the stainless steel diffuser necklace.

My Final Thoughts On The

This is a great option if you want to have a beautiful piece of jewelry and use your essential oils at the same time. However, this is a piece that does not really tell you what it is made from and it only comes with two felt pads so you basically are forced to buy some extra pads if you want to have different oils available to use. Overall, though, the essential oil diffuser pendant by Borealis is a decent buy and if you get the extra pads well worth the cost.