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Artificial Christmas TreeBuying a live Christmas tree is definitely something a lot of people do, but sometimes you will want to get one of the you see in the store. So you should make sure you are aware of these trees and which ones are the best to guarantee you are not going to take advantage of by someone selling the trees or to make sure you do not go out and pick up the first tree you see and end up disappointed in the tree. With that being the case, I have decided to go out and since Christmas is a little over a month and a half away at the time of this publishing I decided to rank the best artificial Christmas trees that are available from Amazon.

How Did I Narrow Down My Christmas Trees List

Well, I have to say I really looked at the trees based off of what I like. The trees I like to have for is the larger around trees for more decorations, but also a taller tree. So I have decided to try to keep the trees between six foot and seven and a half feet. This way you will not really have to be concerned about your ceiling height because I did try to find a wide range of height as well. All of these combined are the factors that I consider when I am looking at the trees, but also the number of tips the trees have. With that being said, let us start going on and ranking what we feel are the five best trees to have inside of your home for decorations.

National Tree 6.5 Foot Feel Real Douglas Fir

National Tree Company is one of the higher end tree companies we have found and it is definitely a company that we really do like the trees from. These trees do have a tendency to have what the company calls a feel real to them. This is basically the tree is going to have the same type of feel you would come to expect with the needles on the points. Now, this does not mean it will poke you and stick in your fingers like those trees in the woods, but it will not have the same type of cheap plastic type of feel you would expect either.

What else is great about this tree is it is a Douglas Fir, which is a tree that I really like. This makes it easier to have a classic look as well and know the tree is not going to be the same look at the neighbors who may have a spruce or some other type of pine tree. So this definitely a great tree for that reason and you will notice the rest of the trees I am going to talk about are more along the lines of the spruce or basic pine tree.What else is nice is this is a tree that does have 650 light already included with it and on the tree.

Best Choice 7.5 Foot Hinged Artificial Lighted Spruce Christmas Tree

Best Choice is one of those brands that seems to dominate quite a bit when it comes to the home decor and other items that we need to have around the house. A simple look at our list here makes it very easy for you to see just how much they are dominating the scene as the Best Choice trees are going to have three out of the five trees in our list here. So this will definitely make it quite a bit easier for you to find a tree that is going to be affordable and a nice one for you to use.

With the spruce tree here, it is going to be one that is lighted and has the hinges. Please read our warning at the bottom about lights and hinges! What is great about this tree is the height that comes in at over seven foot tall, but it also has quite a few branch tips. These branch tips will make it easier for you to decorate the tree and at 1346 tips it does provide you quite a few points to hang your decorations on to get ready for the big day.

Happy Pony 7.5 Foot Artificial Pine Christmas Tree

Happy Pony is a brand of tree that I have not really heard much about. However, it does look like it is a decent tree from what we have seen so far. What is great about the tree is it ha been a great tree that has quite a bit of hinged branches that are going to make it easier for you to use. The other aspect that we have to call into question when compared to the other trees that we have talked about so far is the fact this is a tree that does not mention any type of lights on it.  So you would have to get a couple of extra pack of lights to decorate the tree and this can add to the overall price of the tree, but with the look of this tree and the 1346 points, it is still a nice looking tree.

Best Choice 7.5 Foot Hinged Artificial Lighted Pine Christmas Tree

This is a great tree that comes from Best Choice here. The tree is a basic lighted pine tree that you can get. However, it is also a hinged tree and that is going to make it quite a bit easier for you to get it set up. The key is to make sure all the wires are out of the way before you get the tree branches folded down. The tree here does have 550 lights, but it also has the same number of points as some of the other trees that we have mentioned that are coming in at this height because it has 1346 tips as well. So this is definitely a plus for this Christmas tree and the lighting does not hurt it easier, but be careful with the hinges is one thing that I cannot stress often enough.

Best Choice 6 Foot Artificial Pine Christmas Tree

The shortest of our selection also comes from Best Choice. This time it is a tree that is a regular pine tree and comes in at just the six-foot mark. This may seem like it is fairly tall, which to a certain extent it is. However, this is a tree that for the height is not that bad. What else is nice about this tree is the fact that it is a hinged tree, but it does not have the lights on it so you will have to add on your own lights. With the tree being a little bit on the shorter side compared to some of the other trees we have talked about I do have to say this is one that still has quite a few points on it as the tree will have over a thousand tips.

Pick The Best Artificial Christmas Tree

I have to be the bearer of bad news, but for most of us,  we are only able to pick one Christmas tree. I know this is hard because if you are like me you love having your up all the time. So for me, the decision is very hard to make, but I like the taller trees and the Douglas Fir we did mention in the top does have a taller option that can go up to twelve foot, but it is over a grand. I do have to mention as far as an affordable artificial Christmas Tree the Best Choice has been a good brand and it is fairly reliable. A word of warning on the hinged trees is to make sure you check the wire placement before folding down or you could have half your lights out. Overall, the choice is yours, but for me and my artificial Christmas tree I go for the bigger and taller trees with quite a few branch points.