Best Choice Products 6-Piece Outdoor Folding Patio 

Finding the best outdoor set can be a challenge because so many different sets are on the market. This is when you should know more about some of the sets that are on the market. I have already ranked the top 5 outdoor sets. Now, I am going into the individual reviews of some of the sets that you are going to find in our list. With that being the case we are going to talk about the Best Choice Products 6-piece outdoor folding set. In this, I will let you know what we like, did not like, and even tell you about the features that are present in the set. So you can make an educated choice on which set you should be getting in the form of the outdoor furniture that you are going to need to have to guarantee you have a great time with any of the parties you may end up hosting outside.

Features Of The Best Choice Products Outdoor Patio Set

  • Has four chairs that have a weight limit of 250 pounds and that is typically going to be strong enough for most adults. The chair’s frame is going to be powder coated steel, which will make it easier for you to have a chair that is going to last you for a longer period of time than what you were expecting.
  • The table is a great addition as it has a glass top that is going to be very easy for you to clean up and have a great surface for glasses and alike. So this is definitely a feature you will love because it does make it easier for you to have a great product that you can use for multiple purposes.
  • With this umbrella, it will have a hole that it fits down into in the middle of the table. This will then open up and cover up the entire table to provide a sun break and will help keep the sun off of you when you are trying to enjoy the afternoon outside, but want to avoid all the sunlight that could hurt your eyes or even make it unbearably hot in the sun.

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What I Like About The Set

The Table Top Is Glass

These sets are outside and I will give you one guess what that means. That is the fact that you will have birds and just like birds tend to do they will turn your table into the target practice each day. So the glass top is a great feature as it makes it easier for you to clean the table off and keep it clean. Not to mention, the glass top also makes it easier for you to have a table that you can use for multiple things from holding drinks to having laid out on it.

The Umbrella Is Going To Provide Quite A Bit Of Protection

The umbrella is an item that I really like with this set as it is going to give you quite a bit of protection from the sun. Now, it will give you some protection from the rain, but I can tell you if this is like most of the umbrellas I have used with a wide variety of sets the protection from the rain is limited. In fact, some of the umbrellas it is recommended that you take them down when you are going to get rain to help avoid pulling the table over with rain, but also to help prevent any type of mildew damage to the umbrella.

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The Chairs Are Powder Coated For Added Protection

When you look at some of the outdoor patio furniture you will notice the furniture has a paint coating over the steel. However, if you are like me, you will accidentally scratch the paint off and this means you have to either paint the product right away or you are going to have to take and get the furniture repainted on all of it. With this set it is powder coated, which is a nice feature because it helps to provide some of the protection that you will enjoy, even if the steel does get some scratches.

What I Dislike About This Set

Chairs Use A Fabric Sling Material

While I do not mind the fabric material that much, I do not like the fact that the fabric material will start to wear out faster than what you would see with a solid steel furniture. This means you will have to replace the furniture or the seats and the backs of the seat quite a bit more often than what you were expecting and this can be a real pain at times.

My Final Thoughts On The Best Choice Products 6-Piece Outdoor Folding Patio 

I have to admit, I like the versatility of this set compared to some of the other sets that we have looked at. The set is one that you are going to find rather easy to buy and use and it will let you have quite a bit of options on what you are going to do with the set. The only drawback that I found was the umbrella does not do that well in the rain, but the seats also have a fabric type of seat and back and that makes it something you will have to replace eventually. Overall, though, this is definitely a great set and one that you will want to strongly consider for your outdoor patio furniture needs.

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