Finding a great set is a challenge. I mean I literally looked for a set on Google and even by typing in the name of the set I pulled back more results than what I thought I would. However, what I did find is this was a great way for me to get the information that I needed to have because it helped me know more about what is around and on the market. This is when I finally decided that  I would do these articles here to showcase more about what is available. In this instance, we are going to talk about the . This way you can see if this is a great set or one that you will want to basically pass over because you are not going to really get your money’s worth.

Features Of The Hanover Traditions 5-Piece Swivel Rocker Outdoor Dining Set

  • This is an alumnicast frame for the chairs and the table. This is going to guarantee you to get the great look you want to have in the furinture, but also makes it easier for you to get the same great look for the furniture ten to twenty years down the road as this is meant for the set to never rust.
  • The table is going to have a lattice work type of top to it, but what is really nice is the table is going to have a diameter that is going to reach 48-inches across, which is a nice size table.
  • You will find the chairs are going to have the same type of lattice type of work, but they will allow you to have a better range of motion as they are a swivel type of chair. The downside is this means you will ahve to oil the swivel to keep it working, but it can also start to wear out over the years.
  • The cushions for the chairs are going to be foam padded, but they are contained inside of a 100% polyester fabric material that is going to make it easier for you to have a great cushion, but also the cushion is treated to resist the UV dying that can happen and it is also treated to help you out with the resistance of staining as well.

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What I Like About This Patio Set

Round Table Is Large

Generally, I will be the first to admit that I do not like the round tables for an outdoor patio set. I tend to find these kind of bulky and unsightly if you want my honest answer. However, this is one that I actually do not mind it looking like this as it is a larger round table. This allows you to put on it if you want to eat and not have to be concerned about it being placed on top of the other dishes that are on the table as well.

Cushions Have A Foam Filling

When I look at the cushions I know that they are going to be a very comfortable because of the cushions having a great foam filling. This filling is definitely something that I really like because it allows me to have a very comfortable seat outside, but it also makes it easier for me to sit down in the seat and actually feel like I have padding like a couch cushion, rather than sitting down and feeling like I am sitting on a metal surface.

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The Cushions Are Quick Drying

When I looked at the cushions I do like the fact they are foam filled and they are water resistant. However, I do not like the fact they are water proof nor do I like the fact that they are going to have some water on them. The good news is the fact these are a quick drying fabric and this makes it easier for me to go out after a quick rain or the morning dew and enjoy my .

What I Dislike About The Patio Set

Scrolled Seat Backs

Now, I know that a lot of people really love this feature because you do get a nice breeze in the back of the chair. However, it also means that when you get out of the chair you will have the pattern imprinted on your back as well and I have to admit I did not really care for the fact that I had the same pattern as the chair on my back.

My Final Thoughts On The Hanover Traditions 5-Piece Swivel Rocker Outdoor Dining Set

When I was looking at this set, I found that it is a nice looking set and it definitely has a great look to it as welll. However, what else I found is this is a set that is going to have some problems as well. The main issue that I did not care for with the set was the fact that you had to get the cushions in if it starts to rain as they are not fully waterproof and only water resistant. However, this is a minor issue as the cushions are comfortable when you do have them in the seats and the swivel feature is another great feature. I also like the fact the chairs and the table do have a great design on it and this allows it to have a better look that I did not really expect to see. Overall, I have to say the Hanover Traditions 5-Piece Swivel Rocker Outdoor Dining Set is one of those sets that does good and performs well, but can be pricey at times as well for what you get.

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