Costway Bistro Patio Set

Costway 5 PCS Bistro Set

Costway Bistro Patio SetWhen you look at outdoor furniture you know that it is going to be different than looking for a couch or chair for the inside of your . However, at the same time you will notice the price is not much different and that is because the patio furniture sets tend to be exposed to all types of weather and elements. That is why I decided to continue my series reviewing the different patio furniture sets that you can find and in this case we are talking about the Costway 5 Pcs Bistro set. Now, this is one set that I have to say is a middle of the road set, but it does have an affordable price, which is a great plus and one reason that it did make it to our list. Since it made our list of the five best tables that you can buy, it is now time for us to do our in depth of the patio bistro set.

Features Of The 

  • This is a set that has an elegant design that is light weight. This is going to make it easier for you to move around, but at the same time it could make it easier for your furniture to blow around if you are not careful and you have a massive wind storm come through. So that is a drawback with the lighter weight.
  • The chairs are able to hold up 352 pounds and I have to say this is a rather high capacity compared to most of the other outdoor furniture sets that we have looked at in the past. So this is definitely a major positive for this chair as it will help out quite a bit if you are heavier.
  • A glass table top that you are going to find here is going to make it easier for you to have a nice eating surface and a nice table that is very easy for you to clean and get ready for guest. You will want to make sure you have a good bottle of Windex and paper towels handy if you are going to have this near trees and not have any type of umbrella separate to protect it.

What I Like With This Patio Bistro Set

Table Is Glass Top

Now, I have to say I really like the glass top tables because it makes it easier for you to keep the table top clean. What else is nice is this means you can actually set on the table as well and not have to be worried about the table being ruined when the drinks start to sweat. At the same time, I like the fact that the glass tops make it very easy for you to clean the table and know that you are going to have it ready to be used in just a few short seconds.

Chairs Have A Large Weight Capacity

While it is not so much of a concern for me since my diet plan is working out great, I like the fact the chairs have a huge weight limit. This is definitely something you will like because it makes it easier for you to enjoy the patio furniture because you can sit down even if you are a little bit heavier than what the doctor wants you to be. The downside is the fabric on the seats can get worn out at times and this makes it harder for you to sit in the seats if they start to get worn out.

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What I Dislike With The Outdoor Furniture

Fabric On The Seats 

Just like I mentioned above, the seats are going to have a fabric base to them. Yes, the legs and that are made from metal the fabric that you see stretched out is going to be a fabric material and I hate to say it, in my experience the fabric, even if it is treated for the weather is going to wear out. So you need to be careful of this and make sure you are ready for getting a replacement to the fabric if it does tear up.

Seat Back Is Sloped

When you sit down in a seat you may not want to sit with your back sloped slightly back. However, what you need to realize is this set tends to have a seat back that slopes a little bit. This can make it a little bit uncomfortable for you if you are going to sit in these seats for a long period of time. Not to mention if you are going to eat outside you wil have to lean forward in your seat which can make it a little bit difficult and over time start to hurt because you do not have the back support you want to have.

 My Final Thoughs On The 

When you are looking at this outdoor furniture set you will notice that it is a basic set and it does have a nice table. The table is more of the four legged style with out much in the way of flash or great looks. However, this is a table that you will like for the fact that it is very easy for you to set up and use. Plus the weight is light enough that you can move it around easily. If you are loking for an affordable bistro patio set this could be a great option for you to look into. At the same time you should realize this is a set that is lower in price so you could have some problems in durability of the set if you do not provide the proper protection. Overall, I would say if you are looking for an affordable set that is versatile you may enjoy the Costway 5 pcs bistro set.

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