Keter Corfu Outdoor Patio Furniture Set

Keter Corfu 4-Piece All-Weather Resin Outdoor Patio Set

Keter Corfu Outdoor Patio Furniture SetOkay, when you are looking at one name that may not stand out if Keter Corfu, but once you learn about the Keter Corfu 4-Piece All-Weather Resin Outdoor patio set you will see that this is one of those special sets that you are going to fall in love with. Now, I am not saying that this is the best patio set on the market as I feel that honor goes to a different set, but it is one of the five best that I have found. With that being said, I thought it was only fair that I give this set a fair shake as well because it is going to make a difference in how you are going to view the piece, but also know if the piece is going to work for your needs or if you will want to consider a different piece of to use. So make sure you read this to see what we think about this set and see if it will be the set that will actually meet your needs or if you should look at a different set for the patio.

Features Of The Keter Corfu 4-Piece All-Weather Resin Outdoor Patio Set

  • The chairs and loveseat are designed with the ergonomics in mind. This will make it easier for you to sit in the sets for a long period of time and not feel like you are cramped our being pushed out of place because of the way the chairs are sitting because these were designed with ergonomics in mind.
  • Since these are a resin based product you will notice they are not going to require a lot of work to keep clean and updated, but also do not have to be concerned about the product rusting out on your porch. What else is nice is unlike some of the products this is one that will not decay either.
  • Has a coffee table, 2 different chairs and it also has a loveseat as well. All of these combined will provide you with quite a bit of space and the table will make it easier for you to get the seating that you want to have, but the table is a little bit on the shorter side which will talk about later on in the article.

What I Like About This Patio Set

Open Weave Design

Well, I have to say that I really like the way these seats are designed. They are going to have the open weave type of design, which is a great feature to see. This is going to allow you to have an elegant look that will make it look almost like it is a style that is going to be more of the look and feel that you would want to have in the furniture that you will be sitting on outside. Not to mention when you look at this design it will look like it is a very expensive set, when you will really know the price of the set was not as high as what people will think.

Does Not Fade With UV Light

Since these are going to be sitting out in the sun for most of the summer months you will find that it is very important for you to keep them protected as much as possible in most cases. That is because the UV light has a tendency to really play havoc with the cushions and the seats and causes them to fade quite a bit. However, what is great about this set is the fact that it has been made to resist the UV light and it will not get the fading or the bleached out look you may be used to seeing with some of the older sets.

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The Resin Is Waterproof

You may not have thought about this before, but when you are using these sets you may find that they can start to get some resin that can start to decay and get ruined when you are using the sets. However, that is mainly because of the water getting into the furniture and basically causing it to rot from the inside out. This set is waterproof, though, and that means it will not have the rot issues you would have experienced with some of the other sets that you would have been working with before.

What I Dislike With This Set

Table Is Very Short By Most Standards

When you look at this set you will think that it looks great and it really does. However, one aspect that I did not really care for with this set is the fact that it is only just over sixteen inches tall. That is a very short table in my experience and definitely a table that can have some problems in getting the drinks and other items out of the reach of little kids or even out of the dog’s tails that would be going back and forth when you are outside. So this is a major drawback I see with this furniture set.

My Final Thoughts On The Keter Corfu 4-Piece All-Weather Resin Outdoor Patio Set

I have to say, I really love this set and it is one of those sets that is nice and looks great, but it is also a set that could have some problems as well. This is when you should know that this is a great set that has plenty of seat space for you to enjoy, but it does have a table that is a little bit on the shorter side.I will say if you want to have a decent patio set, though, this is a good one to get and it is comfortable and has an elegant look. If you want a table that is going to be fairly functional, then this set may not be the one for you to buy. That being said if you want to get a decent set you may want to check out the Keter Corfu 4-piece all-weather resin outdoor patio set.

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