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Christmas only comes once a year, but for me, I love to decorate for the holiday and get ready for it almost two months in advance. This can easily lead to getting quite a few decorations and it is definitely something I love to get because I really enjoy seeing all the beautiful decorations out. Since this is the case, I am always on the lookout for new decorations to have up and out on the season. Now, you may be asking yourself am I talking about the bigger expensive decorations or the smaller ones? In this case, I am definitely talking about the smaller and inexpensive decorations you can pick up at the store, but in this case I started to look at Amazon and since the first of this month have compiled a list of the decorations that I really want to have up and around the house for a couple of months before Christmas.

How Did I Narrow Down My List? 

Fun is one of the first things that I had when I was working on this list. The fun part came from the fact that I was able to go out on Amazon and look at all the different types of decorations they have up. This allowed me to get the look of the products on the market now, but it is also going to give me the chance to see what is coming out in the future. So this definitely helped me out tremendously in getting to know more about the way the decorations, yes, even some of the Christmas lights for room decor was an option. What else really helped me out was these choices were at times going to fall under the room by room Christmas decoration that has some great ideas. The only thing that I went for in this list was what I liked and the ideas that I gathered from the list. All of these products are available on Amazon, with a link below to the product, but you might even find them at your local Walmart as well. A big help for this is the Pinterest Christmas home decor ideas as well.

Snowman Kitchen Appliance Handle Covers

Everyone has appliances in their kitchen, this I know for a fact because if not then we could not make homemade meals, snacks, or even keep the milk cold. Almost all of those appliances will have a handle of some type unless you have a very small camper type of that has a recessed handle for space. With this being said, I have to say that the handles are always looking kind of bland and not really looking like they should. I know this is very true of my refrigerator that is stainless steel with the black handles. The black handles just look kind of yucky. Thankfully, I have found these appliance cover decorations and they are extremely cute and have a snowman on them.

What is even better about the appliance handle cover decoration is the fact it will go over almost any handle you need to have protected. That is because they use velcro on the back side of them and will come together perfectly to keep everything from getting caught and unable to be protected. At the same time, though, you will love the fact this is going to make it easier for you to have the appliance handles covered and ready to be used, without these falling off.

  • Easy to use and attach to any of the appliance handles.
  • The covers are going to fit over almost any sized handle, please note if they are smaller handles they may not fit that well.
  • This specific cover that I am featuring will have 2 vertical snowman handle covers included and a single horizontal. This provides you with quite a bit of versatility to how you can put the covers on the appliances.
  • Has a tie on the top of the snowman’s head to prevent it from flopping all over the place by tying it in position.

Christmas Snowflake Light Decoration

Now, I have to say that I really liked the inside decorations I talked about in the first grouping. However, in this case, I am going to talk about one of the outside decorations I really like. This decoration is nothing more than the snowflake decoration that is a light decoration you can use outside. What is great about this decoration is the fact this is a decoration you can have staked into the ground and have it running at night and know your home will look great. Something else I really like about the decoration is the fact it will make it easier for you to have a nice looking decoration on the outside of your home.

You may be asking what I mean by a great looking decoration on the outside of your home, but that is coming from the fact that I really like how this is going to be projected onto the wall of your home. This is definitely something that I did not think I would like at first, but I can tell you this is a decoration to really look great and make it easier for you to have a great looking decoration in your home without doing a lot of work to string lights outside.

  • This decoration will give you some great looking snowflakes that will be falling down the outside of your home, but without having to deal with all the cold snow outside.
  • The light decoration in addition to causing the twirling effect of the snowflakes is the fact this is going to make it easier for you to see because it will have different types of lights, 3 watts, instead of the 1 watt typically used.
  • With the decoration here, since it is projection, will have a variety of quality and this makes it easier for you to control what you are looking at. The key thing you need to realize is the projection quality will vary depending on the distance you have the projector set up away from the wall you are planning to use.

Santa Suit Silverware Christmas Holder

Heading back into the house again, I found another Christmas decoration to use here. What is really great about this decoration is it is going to be more for the kitchen. What else is great is great is if you know someone who can knit or crochet and has quite a bit of talent in the field this can easily turn into one of the DIY Christmas crafts you can have completed by them. These are going to be an item that you will be able to put your silverware inside of and have them decorated for Christmas as well. What else I really like with the holders is they are made out of the Santa. Yes, I know he is our secret, but we all believe in the magic of Christmas no matter how old you are.

When you are looking at these decorations you may end up like I did and think they are fairly basic and plain. However, I had to take a closer look and when I did this I found out that it has a holder inside of the coat and pants for each piece of main silverware. This definitely makes it quite a bit easier for you to have quite a few pieces of your silverware decorated and even protected from being moved across the table while you are setting it for Christmas dinner. You can even find these go great with some of the DIY Christmas centerpieces you can findat craft markets or on Etsy.

  • The set you are getting here is going to have only 6 pieces – 3 pants 3 jackets. So you may need to have additional settings for all of your silverware you are working on.
  • Polyester is the material that was used to make the silverware holders. While this is a good material and generally can be wiped clean, I prefer the cotton or other materials I can toss into the washing machine to get it cleaned up.
  • With the set here it is going to work easier for you to get the matching decorations you want to have. For example, you can have the entire table set and even find napkin rings that will be a great match for this product as well.

Lighted Hanging Clips For Cards

Christmas cards are a great decoration and I have to say I usually will end up hanging the cards from a piece of yarn and either taking a hole punch to the corner or taping the cards. While this is a great way to get the cards up and have them out so everyone can see them, it is also a pain as well and can damage the cards I may have wanted to save as well. Thankfully, I have found this is a great option that you can use as well and it will allow you to showcase your cards, even the great looking clip art Christmas items.

The decoration that you have here is going to make it easier for you to showcase the cards because it allows you to have a light for your cards. This makes it quite a bit easier for you to have a great looking decoration for your cards. That is because the clothespins looking products are going to be attached to the top of your cards, by the same mechanism you would usually be attaching a piece of clothing to the clothesline. What makes this even better is the way the lights are going to be directed is going to allow the cards to be seen. Then you do not have to be concerned about the cards getting damaged, but also not have to worry about the cards not being seen because of the low light that is present in your home around the cards.

  • Has twenty pieces of free wire hooks that is going to make it easier for you to have a great string to run around the home, but also since the hooks are free wire it will be easier for you to move them around to the location you want to have it where you want it in your home.
  • The length of the light strand is going to measure up to twelve feet. In most homes, this is more than long enough to cover the main wall of the home where the cards will be put on display.
  • These lights are battery powered, which I cannot stand personally. However, for this product, it makes it quite a bit easier for you to have these positioned where you need to have them and know it will not have to be anywhere near a plug outlet.

Chair Christmas Cap

Looking for the best Christmas decoration to help make your table and chair look great? However, you are not really sure what to do to help get this room ready for Christmas? Well, I have to say I was in the same boat for a while and finally found out that I can easily take and transform this decoration idea into one of the room by room Christmas decoration ideas as well. The Christmas Cap is meant for the back of your chair and I have to say I really like this concept because it does add some great looking decorations to the chair that I usually would overlook.

With the cap, they will fit over most of the chairs. However, what you need to realize is the caps are not really justable which if you have some larger chairs can be very disappointing as well. The look of the chair caps is definitely something you will like because I like it. That is because this is a decoration that will provide quite a bit of charm you are going to like. When the hat is on the chair and properly stretched out it will make it easier for you to have a great look because it will make it easier for you to have a great hat look as well.

  • These are items that are made from cotton. This is going to make it easier for you to clean the chair cap and even when your kids decide to wipe their hands on it, have it cleaned up almost right away.
  • The chair decor you have here is going to be great and is easily something that will give you some great using natural items because it will make it easier for you to have a material that is going to look natural and perfect.
  • As we mentioned earlier this is a decoration that will work great for the look you want to have as well. That is because you will finally have an add-on to the chairs that will match the napkin rings and the silverware holders you can easily buy as well.

That’s My Favorite Christmas Decoration List

Well, I have to say this is the end of my list and it is a nice list I think. The only decoration that I really found for the outside is going to be the snowflake light. This makes it easier for you to get the right decorations for the outside, but also have a decoration that will be able to last for years. Not to mention since it is a snowflake it can be used most of the winter without really looking out of place. The rest of the decorations are meant for use inside of your home and be put anywhere. This makes it quite a bit easier for you to have the best in the home and I am thinking in the future even looking in the future at doing the master bedroom Christmas decor and Christmas bedroom sets as well. No matter what, the we have covered here are very good and excellent.