Cloth diapers are a great way to save money when you have a toddler, but also are a fantastic way for you to get the toddler potty trained early on. This often leads to the question of ? Well, that question is one that did have me puzzled at first as well because you obviously do not want to use something that is going to be harsh on your babies skin, but at the same time, you want to use something that is going to actually do the job and get your cloth diapers clean! With that being said, we decided it was time for us to look at what actually makes up the best detergent to use and this way you can find one that will actually suit your needs, instead of falling into the normal detergent class of Dreft, Gain, or Tide that you can use for your babies diapers. With that being said, here are the factors that I used when I was getting my own babies cloth diapers cleaned up and ready for them to wear the next day.

Presence Of Harsh Chemicals

I have to say, I know that chemicals are what is going to make the cloth diapers come out and actually look clean again, but I do not want to have a lot of harsh chemicals in the detergent. With that being said I really like the sensitive detergents because they tend to work out really well in getting the detergent without the presence of the chemicals. This means you can finally get your little ones cloths diapers cleaned up and not have to worry about the diapers being the cause of a rash or other problems for your little ones.

How Clean The Diapers Came

I hate having to put my little ones back in a diaper that is still kind of dingy looking. This may not seem like it would make sense, but I really hate having an item that I just cleaned up and having it come out of the washing machine looking like I just took it off of the child. So I really like to look at how clean the diapers come out of the washing machine. Then I am able to get know the diapers are clean and in some cases can see if the diaper is dirty or if it is just the look they had coming out from the washing machine that I did not care for. Your Online Baby Specialty Store

Water Requirements Of The Detergent

Detergent tends to work best in the type of water that it specifies that it should be working in. While you may think this will not matter you need to realize that the water is going to have an impact on how well the detergent will work. For example, if you have a cold water detergent it will work great in the water temperatures that would be colder. With the non-temperature specific detergents, you can wash the diapers and other clothes for that matter at any temperature and know they will be getting cleaned up. The temperature that I have a tendency to use quite a bit is the warm energy saving setting, but it is up to you as to which one of the settings you will use as it can make a difference in how well you are going to get your items clean.

Number Of Loads The Detergent Can Do

This is something that I have to look at when I am looking at the detergent and it is out of habit from being a penny pincher and that is to figure out how many loads the detergent can do before it runs out. Typically I would get the smaller bottle and go from their to help in getting the detergent and not pay a fortune for the detergent. At the same time, though, this made it quite a bit easier for me to find the right detergent and when the kids were getting older I did not have to worry about the detergent being left over when they were out of the diapers and I did not have to use the detergent anymore.

Pick What Works Best For You

I have to say this is one of those things that you are going to need to make a decision from based off of what you or your kids are used to using. Face it, a detergent is not one of those items that come out as one size or type fits all. You will have skin allergies and sensitivity issues to deal with, but also have some problems with the detergent not providing the clean look you want. With all of that in mind, I have to say for me I like the name brands that are meant for sensitive skin, but I have used Dreft before as well and it seems to work really well in getting the a diapers clean. That is why we have found the to be the one that meets all of the needs above, but also works for our family.

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