Best Diaper Bag For Cloth Diapers

Using cloth diapers is a great way to save quite a bit of money on diapers, but it can make it a challenge at times for you to find the right diaper bag at times. I know that with my kids they loved the diapers, but I went through several different before I finally settled on the one that worked perfectly for the cloth diapers. Since I had to go through so many different I thought I would share the one that I finally settled on, which is basically a normal diaper bag, but I use it for cloth diapers and I will tell you some of the tricks that I did to help set this diaper bag up.

Introducing The Laura Ashley Diaper Bag

The diaper bag that I found to work best for me was the Laura Ashley bag. This is one that has a very simple look to it, but also a simple layout as well. If you are a seasoned veteran as a parent you know why I like simple, if you are a new parent you will quickly find out why I say you need to have simple! The diaper bag also has multiple features that I do like and this made it easier for me to lay it out like I wanted to and to make it easier for me to know where everything was in the diaper bag, as long as I could keep my husband out of it. With that being said, I am going to do a little point featuring each of the features that I liked and how I set it up.

Two Exterior End Pockets

As with any diaper bag you will find that you will have the outside pockets that are going to hold the formula, bottles, or even the water that you need to have. That is what I used one end of the pockets for. The other end I actually took and stored empty baggies inside of it in case I had a diaper that I had to change and did not have anywhere to put it. Obviously, you do not want to throw these away and at the same time you do not want to put a dirty diaper in the bag. So I have the empty plastic baggies in the other end opposite of the bottle to have the bags ready to be used.

Eight Interior Elastic Pockets

You may start to ask why I would not be using these pockets for the bags, well the answer is easy how often do you remember to get the bags out of the diaper bag? The other thing that you will find is these bags can be difficult to get out right away when you need it the most. These interior pockets I tend to have set up in a specific manner. I have these lined with diapers and extra bibs if I need it in one pocket. The diapers each have their own individual pocket. Depending on the age of the child I would either bring extra diapers or have some extra or in these pouches. What else I would do is have the wipes stored here as well.

When you do have the dirty diaper you will notice that you do not want to shove it back where you are storing your bags. Well, I take and after I have pulled out the new diaper, I take and put the old or dirty diaper, which is in the bag, back into the slot that I just pulled the diaper out of. So this helps me in getting the diapers back home.

Wipe Clean Bag

I know that I have a love and hate relationship with this type of diaper bag. That is because it is going to allow you to clean it up when you are out and about because you can easily take the wipes you have with you and wipe the bag off. The downside is this does not always get rid of all the dirt and grime off of your diaper bag. The good news is the diaper bag is a nylon based material for the make of the bag, which means you can clean it up, but I would make sure you follow the washing instructions because you may have a stain or dirt on the diaper bag that actually requires you to go out and wash it.

Has A Zipper Enclosure

This should go without saying that you will want to have a zipper to close the bag. However, what I have seen in some of the they close up with a Velcro and that really blows my mind because it means it can easily open up. That is why I really like the fact this bag has a zipper to use. With the zipper it allows me to have the diaper bag tightly closed and this helps to seal in the smells of the diapers if I am out in the stores.

Picking The Best Diaper Bag Is A Chore

When you are looking for a great diaper bag you will notice it can be difficult to find the best one. That is why I decided to put this article out there for you to help you out. This is really going to help out when you are using cloth diapers as I know these diapers really help out. With that being said, I really like the Laura Ashley diaper bag as being the best diaper bag for cloth diapers.

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