Best Diaper Pail

Best Diaper PailUsing cloth diapers is a great way to save money when you have a newborn to toddler. However, this also means you can face the challenge of trying to find a way to store the diapers in between washings. I know this can sound like a major challenge for a lot of people, but you need to realize unless you have a small washing machine you can run almost all the time you may need to find the . That is why I have decided to do this article here and it will help out, but for the most part you will find the best solution for the storage problems you may have may be something that is as simple as using a plastic bag that you can easily open and close. Here is the factors I used to help me pick out the diaper pails that worked for me. Not to mention I will have a list of the products you can buy as well.

Ability To Lock In Smells

As much as I hate to say it, diapers are going to stink. When they stink you are going to know it and in some cases will actually get very nauseated. That is why one of the primary things that I look for in any of the diaper pails I buy is how well they are able to lock in the smells. I know this sounds a little bit odd, but I do not want to smell the diaper and often will just want to get the diaper locked in the pail and then get the diapers dumped out easily without having to touch them again!

Amount Of Diapers It Can Hold

While I want to wash all of these diapers as quickly as I can, I am on a septic system. This means I have to watch how much laundry I do at a time. Since this is the case, I tend to consider how many diapers the pail can hold before it will be considered full. Then I can estimate how many cloth diapers I can buy and know how long it will be before I have to do some laundry to get the diapers back into my rotation.

Type Of Liner The Diaper Pail Takes

When you look at some of the diaper products you will notice they are going to require some of the different products that will hold the diapers. For example, something like the diaper champ deluxe you will notice it takes a special type of bag. However, if you get a product that is a Diaper Genie you are going to notice it takes a plastic liner that comes out in a circular pattern. So, this is one thing that I really like because it allows me to know more about what type of bags or items I will have to keep on hand to get the diapers contained.

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Ease Of Getting The Diapers Out

As I mentioned above, I do not like to touch the diapers that have been put in the pails to get them out. So I really look at this aspect very closely as it makes a difference in how well I am going to be able to get the diapers out of the pail, but also how easy I can get them into the washing machine. I know that in some cases, I will have to get some out by hand because it never fails that one gets stuck, but if you can get them all out without having to touch the diapers you will be doing better than what you ever imagined at keeping not only your hands clean, but cutting down on the number of germs you are exposed to.

How You Clean The Pail 

I know that you will have to clean the diaper pail at some point in time. However, you need to make sure you know about the diaper pail and how easy it will be to clean out after you are done getting the diapers emptied. I would recommend cleaning the pail out each time you go ahead and wash the cloth diapers. This will make it easier for you to have a great pail that is cleaned out and going to be free from any type of bacterial problems you may have with the pail at times.

Why You Should Use A Diaper Pail For Cloth Diapers

Cloth diapers are definitely a great way to keep your child in a diaper without having to be concerned about the cost of disposable diapers all the time. The downside is since you have to keep these diapers you have to get them and keep them contained until you can wash them the next time you do laundry. That is why I have gone out and found what I feel is the top advice to get and what I like about the diaper pails. Now, you are empowered to find the and know you will have a great looking home that smells fresh, instead of like a diaper.

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