German Honey

German Food Box 

German HoneyWhen you are looking for some great food that comes from a foreign country, you may notice it is either rather difficult to find a specialty store, but also expensive as well. This is obviously something you want to avoid because you are going to want to enjoy the food instead of worrying about how many hours you have to work to pay for the food. One company has seen this need and started to address it with some of the food boxes they send out once a month. While this may not provide enough food for the entire month, it does give you the foreign food you may have been craving and what is even better is the food is varied on what you are going to get. With that being the case, we are going to review one company that we see advertised quite a bit on Facebook lately and that is the German food box.

What is German Food Box

This is exactly what it sounds like it would be. It is a food box that will be delivered to your , but the thing that you need to realize is the food will come once a month. The food you are going to get from the box is going to be German in origin and it will be made in Germany, which is a great thing because you get to taste a lot of the same food you would have when you are visiting Germany. Each month the food is going to be different, but it will be enough to provide you with a great taste of Germany that you would not have experienced before. What is really nice is the food is seasonal so during different times of the year you are going to get different types of food and this will make it easier for you to get some great food that is seasonal.

How Often Does The Food Box Get Delivered

When you are looking at this box you may start to ask yourself how often the box is going to come. Well, this is a subscription-based service which you will have to subscribe to and you can do by clicking on the buy now box below, but the box is delivered once a month and it is typically going to come towards the end of the month. Last time I checked the shipping date was around the 20th of the month. So it would take the time to arrive, but typically it is only a few days because this is food items.

Is The Food Any Good In The Box

The food you get in this box is actually very good. I have to admit, I have had German and Dutch food before, but it has always been made in America and based off of the old that were brought over by my family when the came to America. So the were about a hundred or two hundred years old. While these are definitely the ones I will treasure the most, but I will say the food you get here is definitely going to be some of the best you can find if you do not have the older recipes to follow.

What I Love About This Food Delivery

When I first looked at this, I thought it would be crummy food. However, I will tell you the food is really good here. So I love the fact that the food is high quality and it actually does taste good. Now, if this tells you anything my little one even likes the food from the box and he is very picky about what he is going to eat.

Looking at this box, you will probably be like me and enjoy the fact that you are going to get different food each month. Now, some months you could end up with an item that is similar to what you have been sent before, but it is typically different. Since the food is going to be different a little bit each time you will be able to enjoy the food and know it is going to provide me with something new to experience each month.

Finally, I love the fact that I do not have to leave my to get the food. I know that going to the local store is a pain and definitely somehting that I do not like doing all the time. However, the downside is I do have to wait for the delivery to come, but even then it is worth it for the quality of the food I get and the fact that I did not have to leave my couch to get the food brought to me!

What I Dislike About The Food Delivery Box

The downside is you do not have a choice on the food you are going to get. While I know that I do not mind the surprises of the food I get, their are times that I see what I got and remember from a kid and just start to groan because I remember the food! So, I do not mind the surprises, but sometimes since I grew up in a family that would use some of the traditional recipes I remember the food and know what it is going to taste like, which removes a lot of the surprise.

Our Final Thoughts On German Food Box

While you may think that we are not going to recommend this product because it can be fairly expensive for some people and you only get 6-8 food items per month, you would be wrong. If you like authentic German cuisine I have to say this is a great product to get and it definitely will give you plenty of food options to select from. Overall, I would have to say if you like German food and want to experience some authentic cuisine and recipes then the German Food Box will definitely be a great item for you to explore, but if you do not like German food then I would recommend passing on the German Food Box.