Epica 6 Tea Kettle

Find The Best Electric Tea Kettle For Under 50 Bucks

Epica 6 Tea KettleWhen you look at the you will notice the price can be anything from cheap to outrageously high. With that being the case we know that a lot of people are on a budget and do not want to spend a fortune on the even with the fact these are going to provide them with the chance to make some great tea all the time or even heat up water without using the stove. Since we know so many people are on a budget we have come up with and did some digging to find the best electric tea kettle for under fifty dollars. So read on to discover what we have found about the Epica 1.75 Quart Cordless Electric Tea Kettle. This is one kettle that we have reviewed the cordless addition of and have to say that we really did like the cordless version, but here we are talking about another one of the kettles that is slightly larger than the model that we have reviewed before.

Features Of The Epica 1.75 Quart Cordless Electric Tea Kettle

The 1500 Watts that are seen in the kettle is going to power up the kettle really quickly and get the water that you have to boil warmed up quickly. So this will make it easier for you to get all of your water done faster than what you would get it heated up if you were using the stove alone.

With this kettle it is going to have a feature that will keep the kettle from boiling dry and boiling over. On a lot of kettles this feature is present, but it only works on the boil dry. With this the auto shut off is going to make it easier for you to avoid the kettle boiling over, which is a real possibility if you are not careful, but also keep the kettle from getting dry when you are using it to heat up water.

Unlike some of the other kettles that require you to take the lid off of the kettle to see the water level. With this kettle it has a clear window that makes it easier to see your water level without even having to open the lid. This is a nice feature and by far makes it easier for you to judge how much water you have in the kettle to get your tea done quickly and easily.

Will This Kettle Keep The Water Warm After It Turns Off?

With a lot of the kettles they are going to be able to keep the water warm because of a couple of factors, but this is a kettle that does not do this. The kettle is nice and the water will stay warm, but the kettle is not going to have an electric keep warm feature that some of the kettles have like you may expect with some kettles.

What Is The Inside Of The Kettle Made From?

When you look at the kettle it is important to know what the inside of the kettle is made from. By knowing about this kettle and the fact it is stainless steel on the inside it will be easier for you to use the kettle and know it will work for your needs,but also helps to keep the water warmer and free from some of the toxic chemicals that are present in some plastic kettles.

Does The Kettle Come Cord Free?

Yes, this is a great feature of the kettle and that is the fact this is a kettle that is going to detach from the base. This in a sense will allow you to have the cord free pouring that you need to have. So this is definitely a great feature that you will love because you are not going to have to contend with the cord getting in the way of pouring out the water into your cup.

Who Would This Kettle Suit?

This is a kettle that would work great for people who want to have hot water quickly for the tea they want to have. However, since this kettle does hold almost 2 quarts of water it will work for people who want to have a kettle they can use in the office or even for a large family since that is quite a bit of water and makes it warm quickly.

Who Would Not Like This Kettle? 

The people who would not like this kettle would be the people who are not needing a lot of water warmed up or are planning on getting the water heated up and leave it sit for an hour or so. That is because the kettle is going to make a lot of water heated up at once, but the chances of the water being rather warm when you are getting ready to use it will be dramatically reduced because it does not have a heating feature.

Our Final Thoughts On The Epica 1.75 Quart Electric Tea Kettle

This is a kettle that you will definitely want to consider if you are looking at the best electric kettle for a great price. While we do have the Bella Ceramic rated as the top rated kettle, you need to realize that we wanted to give you another option. The kettle heats the water up quickly and it will keep the water warm for you. However, one thing the kettle is going to do is help you in getting the tea made that you want. The issue we have is the kettle does not have a keep warm feature, but for a kettle at this price it is kind of hard to complain about that.