Discover The 8 Foot Tall Dead Tree With , Ghost, and Owls

When you are looking at decorating your yard you may find it is more of a challenge than what you think when Halloween comes rolling around. However, if you have the proper decorations it is rather easy for you to get the decorations up in your yard that you want to have only if you find the right one. That presents the issue you need to overcome on which of the decorations is best for your yard and which one is one that you should avoid, especially with the inflatables. In this article we are going to talk about the 8 foot tall dead tree that is meant for a Halloween yard decoration.

Features Of The Dead Tree Halloween Inflatable

The inflatable is one that has a rather large size as you can tell because it is going to measure up at 8 foot tall. However, the length of the inflatable for your yard is going to be 43.3 inches long. As far as the width goes this inflatable is going to be 82.7 inches wide. So this is going to take up quite a bit of size on your yard so you should make sure you have this approved by your HOA if you are living in one, but also make sure your yard is big enough to handle this large of a decoration.

When you look at this inflatable you will also notice it is going to be self inflatable. The issue you may have is not having this inflate like you would expect for it to be done really quick. Now to help the inflatable out you will want to make sure you have someone help to hold up the corners as this will make it easier for you to get it inflated properly and up to the level that you want it to quickly and safely.

With the inflatable you will also find that at night it does have a light inside of it that are going to make it easier for you to see this at night. It will also make it easier for it to stand out in the yard and make it easier for you to impress the kids that are going to really get a kick out of the lights and know that this is going to be very nice to look at.

What Kind Of Durability Does The Inflatable Have?

When you get these inflatables nothing is worse than paying a fortune for them only to use them a month and have them torn up. With this inflatable it is made from a fairly durable and has been reported to last several seasons and that makes it easier for you to get the great look you want to have in regards to an inflatable that will last you for a while.

How Bright Is The Inflatable?

A commonly reported problem for this unit is the fact it does not have a very bright light. Not only is the light not as bright as what you would want it to be it only works in the tree by the owl which can make it difficult to find the other items that are included with the inflatable. So even with the beautiful inflatable you may have to get a small portable spotlight to showcase the inflatable like it needs to be shown off.

How Big Is The Fan On The Inflatable?

This is a question mark for a large inflatable and that is the fact this inflatable has a fan that in only 4 inches in diameter. Yes this will work and keep the inflatable up, but it may not last as long as what you would expect the fan to last. However, their have been people who are very crafty and go out and buy a larger fan that is meant for inflatables and replace the fan unit.

Who Would Do Well With This Inflatable

The people who will do well with this inflatable is going to be the ones who want to have a larger decoration in their yard that is inflatable. This decoration is rather large, so you need to keep that in mind. However, you will also find the decoration can take up quite a bit of space in the yard so you will want to make sure you have a place that it will fit properly.

Who Would Not Like This Decoration

This is not a decoration for people who want to have a very large decoration that has the entire object lit up. However, this is a decoration that will light up, but only the tree portion because of the way it is shaped and the size. Someone else that would not like the decoration would be the people who are wanting to get a decoration that is smaller in size and not going to fill in the entire yard if it is a smaller yard.

Our Final Thoughts On The 8 Foot Tall Dead Tree Halloween Yard Decoration

When you are looking for a large yard decoration this is a good one. Yes, the fan may seem a little underpowered for the size of the decoration, but that is part of the challenge with these larger decorations. The other aspect is the light may seem a little dim, but once again that is a challenge with the large decorations at this price. Overall, the value of the decoration and the look of it is decent and it will be a great decoration that you can use in your yard for years to come. Even if you do have to replace the fan motor, which you can get a larger 6 inch fan for around 30 bucks or so it will last you for years.

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