Discover The Best Halloween Inflatable Yard Decorations

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Read The Five Best Halloween Inflatable Yard Decorations

Halloween is a great time of the year to decorate your yard and outside. In fact, in some reports Halloween is the second most commonly decorated holiday in America after Christmas. So it is easy to see that each year when Halloween rolls around you start to see more decorations out in the store. However, we know these are going to be a great option to get during the summer months because they will help you out in getting the decorations in place and avoid having to spend a fortune at the store later on in the year on the decorations. With that being the case, we have decided it is time to rank the five best Halloween inflatable yard decorations.

How Did We Rate The Five Best Halloween Inflatable Yard Decorations

This is something that we did a lot of research on and looked at multiple inflatables. This was a challenge because so many of the decorations are all over the place and it can be hard to find a theme to them outside of vampires or . So we dug down hard to look for the different decorations that you may have never seen before, but also decorations that have a type of scary portion to them that you need to know about as well. All of these factors combined is what we used to help rank the five best Halloween Inflatable Yard Decorations for everyone to enjoy.

Meet The Contenders 

Features Of The 13 Foot Reapers Rider Carriage

The carriage is one that you are going to like because it will remind you of the older style type of hearses that would be pulled along by the horses. So this is definitely something that will remind you of Halloween. The key point you need to realize is this is not a carriage that is going to be 13 foot tall, although that would be cool, it is a carriage that measures 13 feet long. The actual height of the carriage is only 6.5 feet or so.

With this carriage you will like the fact that it is lighted, which makes it easier to see. Throw in the fact the face of the Grim Reaper who is driving the carriage is a photorealistic silk screen and it is easy to see why this is such a popular item for your yard at Halloween.

8 Foot Tall Dead Tree With , Ghost, and Owls

When you think of Halloween one thing that you always seem to think about is the dead trees and the creepy woods. What can be even scarier than an inflatable yard decoration that is a dead tree that is surrounded by the , ghost, and owls. All of these combined will make this one of the scariest trees you can have inside of your yard.

The height of the tree is a little bit under eight foot as it tops out at 82.7 inches, but the extra inch should not make that much of a difference. The decoration does have a light inside of it as well to make it easier to view at night, which is when you would want it to show up the most. Not to mention it is going to be a very visible decoration because of the way the tree is lit up.

5 Foot Tall Vampire Minion Bob

The Minions are still a wildly popular show, in fact our 3 year old I think loves Bob as much as Thomas. So this is definitely a decoration that is going to be seen as being very cute and useful at the same exact time. Not to mention for some reason everyone seems to think that vampires tend to come out quite a bit more around Halloween than any of the other times that are present in the world. So this definitely is a time that people will like this decoration.

With this decoration it is going to stand at right around five foot tall and that is going to be the height that would be perfect for your needs. However, you will also like the fact this is the light that is included in the Minion Bob Vampire decoration is the LED style, which makes it easier for you to save quite a bit of money on the electric bill.

7 Foot Tall Evil Halloween Venus Fly Trap

Rogue plants are nothing that you would want to deal with in real life, but they are very scary and sometimes you will find that when you are out walking on Halloween evening you will be seen by the plants that seemingly come to life. This is an evil venus fly trap here and it is one that is going to be very scary as it seems to move and have a life all of its own to chase you down.

The fly trap measures just a little bit over or under the seven foot mark depending on how you have it situated on your property. However, the red head is something that you will like because it does look evil and it is going to move around in the wind, which will give it the appearance that it is chasing you around the yard.

8 Foot Tall Illuminated Halloween Inflatable Ghost and Spider Arch

An arch over the driveway or the sidewalk is alway a classic if you have trick or treaters. However, sometimes building an arch out of wood and everything else can take quite a bit of time and work. This is when you need to know about this arch because it is a classic and definitely one that you can set up and have up as a decoration for a while. If you are going to use this near the sidewalk, then you need to make sure you have the tiedowns brightly illuminated so no one trips and gets hurt.

The arch is 96 inches tall, but it is also going to make it a great feature for your as it will allow you to have the streamers that are purple in color that will hang down. This can allow people to feel almost like royalty when they have to walk through the arch to reach the candy dish that you have sitting on the porch for them to grab.

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