Which Is Better Bella Ceramic Or Bonavita?

Tea Cup On TableWe have already done our full on the Bella Ceramic Electric Tea Kettle and the Bonavita BV382510V Electric tea kettle. However, in our list of the five best electric tea kettles for home use these were the top two kettles that we found. The problem is how do you know which one is the better of the two since they were so closely rated in our results. Well, we are about to answer that question for you as we are going to do our head to head comparison of these two models in one article, which will make it quite a bit easier for you to determine which one you should be getting.

Quick Take On The Bella Ceramic

The Bella Ceramic is one that is going to add some classic beauty to your , but also makes it easier for you to have an elegant looking tea kettle that is going to be different than the one sitting on the stove. However, the Bella is going to take and warm water up quickly and this is something that a lot of the kettles are going to claim they can do, but in reality it does take them a little bit of time. The Bella is available in a couple of different sizes.

The kettle itself does detach from the base so you do not have to be concerned about the cord getting in the way when you are getting the water ready to be poured into your cup or the French Press.

The on/off switch has a bright blue LED light that is going to be lit up when you are using the kettle. This way you will know for certain if the kettle is done or not and ready to be poured out.

Quick Take On The Bonavita

This is a Bonavita that takes the to the next level. They are going to provide you with the full control that you want on the temperature, from a readout to the point that you can actually watch the temperature go up. Throw in the fact that you can set the temperature for the kettle and it will warm it up to the temperature makes this a great option for an electric tea kettle.

Has the gooseneck design for the water pouring spout. This in turn makes it easier for you to get the water poured out without spilling any water on your counter or even worse on your hand because of it sloshing up in the cup all at once because of the lack of control you will have when you are pouring the water out with a regular spout.

The kettle has the unique ability, when the temperature is set, it will hold the temperature for up to an hour after the kettle has been turned on. This is a nice feature if you have kids because it means you can turn the kettle on and as long as you are back within the hour your water will still be warm and you can just pour the water out without having to turn the kettle back on.

How Are The Bella Ceramic And The Bonavita Alike?

They are both going to work hard on getting the water warmed up to your temperature that you need it at quickly. So you will not have to be sitting around for ten to fifteen minutes while waiting on the water to get warm. In most of the times the water will be warmed up within five minutes or so at the most. It really depends on how hard your water is and what kind of chemicals are in the water to know for certain.

Both of these are going to make use of an LED light to help you out in knowing what the temperature is with the Bonavita or know the machine is on with the Bella. Either way they both use an LED light and that does make it a lot easier for you to use and know it will work for your needs.

Gooseneck style spout is something else these two electric tea kettles have in common. You may think this is not that important, but if you are pouring hot water you want to have as much control over the flow of the water as possible. So the gooseneck design will be a life saver when you are pouring the water and getting it down into the cups without getting it on you or the counter.

How Does The Bonavita And The Bella Ceramic Electric Tea Kettles Differ?

This is the big thing that you will notice between these two kettles and that is the size. The Bonavita kettle, is going to only hold a liter of water, which that is not a lot of water and often means you can run out of water quickly. However, the Bella has two options. The one option is going to hold 1.2 liters of water and the second option that is the one that most people tend to gravitate to holds 1.7 liters of water.

Temperature settings versus a what you see is what you get type of setting is another big difference between the kettles. The Bonavita as we talked about in the highlights of it has the ability to let you see the real time temperature of the water, but also makes it easier for you to set the temperature at a level and know your water will reach that temperature. With the Bella, you flip the switch on and the water will come to a boil. After it reaches a boil, it will stay on for about ten to twenty seconds and then turn off.

The wattage that is being used is another thing that is different between these two electric tea kettles.The Bonavita, because it is a smaller kettle is going to only use 1000 watts to get the water heated up. However, the Bella Ceramic, which is slightly larger is going to use a 1200 watt heater. Both of these will get the water heated up quickly, but one will do the job slightly faster.

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Which One Should You Get? 

Now this is the question that you will really want to get answered. Well, the answer really depends more on what you want to get out of an electric tea kettle. If you want to have more of a great look in your , then you may want to consider the Bella Ceramic. If you want to have more control over the temperature of the water that you will be using in your cups, then the Bonavita is going to be your tea kettle. As we have found out the gooseneck in both of these makes it easy to pour and no matter which one you choose, you will get a nice hot cupper by the time you have the water heated up.