Indoor Dog Kennels For Large Dogs – Discover The Best Ones

Owning a larger dog is a great way to have some protection that will actually scare a criminal away from your , but at the same time it comes with some of the challenges that you may not want to be faced with right away. This is when you should know about the best indoor dog kennels for large dogs. By knowing about the best indoor on the market, it will be easy for you to make a selection for a crate for you to put your dog into, but also know if the crate is going to keep your dog safe and be meant for your dog. Without this information, it is very easy for you to end up selecting the wrong dog crate for your dog and this could easily lead to them not being contained properly if you have friends over or you are just running around the house cleaning and do not want your dog following behind you drinking out of your cleaning bucket.

How We Narrowed Down Our Choices

We worked hard on the process of how we were going to narrow down the list. I know that I have my own dogs and really want to keep them safe all the times, but at the same time I want them to be comfortable when they have to go into their crates. Since this is the case, I decided I would spend quite a bit of time researching the different cages that are on the market. With that being the case, I will now share the large dog cages that we have decided to talk about in our reviews of the five best dog kennels.

The Contenders

Large Cage With Crate Cover

Dog Cage Made Into Furniture Okay, this is one of the that I am going to have as my top ranked crates. I mean seriously I hate it when I have to leave my crate up for any amount of time because it makes the furniture look horrible, but with this crate it actually goes out of its ways and solves this issue. In fact, the dog crate is under the furniture that is still a fully functional table. However, what you need to realize is this also will allow you to have a storage under the table that is protected if you do not need to have it for your dog. What is even better is the easy access tray that is present with this dog crate, which will make it easier for you to get all of the dog kennel cleaned out if they make a mess in the crate.Something else that I did notice with this dog kennel, is the table is only in the color of wood that is displayed, which I am not sure is going to match what your decor is in your or not, but it will work great at making your room look great and usable, but still be able to keep your dog crate up all the time.

 Features Of The Large Crate With Cover

  • The panel is going to make it easier for you to cover most of the cage and make it look like it belongs as a piece of furniture instead of having the look of a dog crate set up in the middle of a room.
  • Top part of the crate is solid, which means you are going to be able to store items on top of the crate from books, coffee cups, and if you are daring or trust your dog not to ruin your  home while you are gone you can put a lamp on the table.
  • Comes in three different sizes that will allow you to pick the right size for your dog, but also find a size that will fit your room better than being stuck with the large size cage, which will fit a large breed dog for your little Yorkshire Terrier.
  • Requires no additional hardware on your part to put the crate and the table together.

Pros Of This Dog Kennel

  • Ease of taking the cage apart and collapsing it down for travel is a great pro. With most of these types of crates, you will find the dog crate and the table are a solid piece and you cannot remove the crate. However, with this one that is not the case and it often makes it easier for you to bring it with you if you travel.
  • Quality look of the table is something else you will like as well. While the wood is not true wood, but more of a veneer type of product, it will allow you to have a great look for your crate to be contained in.
  • Weight of the crate it self is not as heavy as what you would think it is, which makes it easier for you to get the cage moved around the home.

Cons With The Dog Crate Table Combination

  • The cage construction in most of the one star reviews was called into question with a lot of people calling the construction rather shoddy. However, I have found in my own personal dealings with dog cages that the construction of most of them is not as high as what it was when I first got some about 10 years ago.
  • Welding on the cages bars has been questioned as well, with a lot of people talking about how their dogs are able to simply break the bars off with their mouth. However, one key thing to note is it does not mention if the dogs suffer from separation anxiety, which if they do it is nearly impossible to contain the dogs in the crates.

SmithBuilt – Heavy Duty Dog


Smithbuilt is a brand of dog kennels that I will admit that I was not very familiar with at first. However, after I started to research this kennel more, I started to notice that it was meant for large breed dogs and is easily one of the best cages that you can get for your dog if you want to keep them contained. I know that my Mastiffs, if they can fit into this cage comfortable enough, since the size is only 48 inches long for the longer model is going to give them a challenge. However, because of the size of this cage you do have to take note of the weight of the cage because it is going to be large and this may make it a little bit harder for you to get the kennel moved to the area that you want to have it at. With that being the case, you will want to make sure you continue to read on about this crate because it is one of those that makes you sit back and go aha as it will be one of the best cages that you can have for your dogs.


Features Of The SmithBuilt Dog Crate

  • Comes on rolling casters that is going to make it easier for you to move this dog crate to the location that you want to have it. You will also note that their are two of the casters that are going to lock.
  • Often when you have a dog crate you will think the doors are going to be only on one side. However, this is not really helpful for you at times. This is when you will enjoy the fact this is a crate that has a door on the top and the side.
  • A lot of times the trays on the bottom of the crates is plastic and breaks easily, but with this crate the tray is metal with a lip, which means your dog will have to work at breaking the cage.

Pros Of This Crate

  • The bars for this crate are not the flimsy little almost wire like wires that are commonly found on the crates, instead this is a crate that has rolled steel bars which is going to increase the strength of the cage dramatically.
  • Spacing on the bars is not going to be a major issue as most of the reports that we have read state the bars are about 1.75 inches apart and this is going to make it very difficult for a dog to get their nose in between the bars to bite them.
  • Sometimes you will find the wheels can be a pain, like my Mastiff would just simply roll the cage all over the place no matter what if he was in one with wheels. What is nice is the fact that you do not have to install the wheels if you do not want to.

Cons Of The Smithbuilt Crate

  • The latches have been reported as being extremely weak on this cage, to the point that one reviewers greyhound managed to get out within a couple of hours. However, another reviewer mentioned luggage locks and they worked great and have been noted that once added on they have contained the most  escape proven dogs.
  • Gate trays are a great thing to have, but with this crate it has been reported that it is not very well secured in the bottom of the cage and this can cause some people some people nervousness as they are putting their dog in the crate.

Merax 42-Inch Double-Door Folding Dog Cage

Merax 42-Inch Double-Door Folding Pet Dog Cage I have to say, this is one of the dog cages that I have personally used in the past. However, I would also like to say this is a cage that is meant for docile dogs at the same time and not for a dog that will be aggressive or attempt to tear up the cage. If you are looking for a great solution for a dog cage, though, I would have to say this is a cage that is going to work great for you because it is so strong and able to keep the dogs contained unless they start to become overly cage aggressive.





Features Of The Merax Crate

  • The double door design is going to make it easier for you to get the cage moved to the location that you want to have it at in your home and not have to worry about it having to sit a specific way for the dogs to get into it.
  • Has a handle on the top of the cage that is going to make it easier for you to carry the cage around to the part of the home that you want to have it moved to.
  • Plastic tray that is included in this cage can be removed from the front of the cage with a narrow space under the door. This makes it easier for you to clean the tray.

Pros Of The Merax

  • Light weight is going to be a major plus of this cage if you plan on taking it down and moving it around at all. When you have this weight, you will find it makes it easier for you to get the cage moved to where you need it.
  • Can collapse down and be moved around rather easily, so you do not have to try to move the cage as a whole.
  • With the double doors it is going to make it easier for you to get the dog into the cage and not really have to be concerned about where you are putting the cage at in your home.

Cons Of The Merax Crate

  • With a large dog it can be hard to contain the dog and keep them from getting out of the cage as it has been reported the bars on this cage has fairly flimsy bars.
  • Even with what the company claims to be a double locking system the locks can be broken by some of the larger breed dogs.

Carlson Secure and Compact Double Door Metal Dog Crate

Carlson Secure and Compact Double Door Metal Dog Crate, Extra Large Now this is another dog crate that has the double doors, but the question is will it be stronger than the other crate that we talked about that has the double doors or not. However, that is why we review them so you do not have to make the mistake and buy one that is not going to suit your needs. So you will like the fact that we are going to talk about this crate next, but I look for it to be like the Merax crate as most of the crates that I have seen of late has been having a lot of the same issues with the cages metal being a little bit on the thin side.


Features Of The Carlson Dog Crate

  • Has a double door that is going to make it easier for you to set the cage up in an area that you want to have it set up, but also makes it easier for you to get the dog crate in a position that can give your dog a couple of means of egress if they need to use it.
  • A double locking system on the door is something else that is rather enjoyable with these cages. The double locking system is going to help in keeping the dogs contained and safe from getting out of their cage while you are gone.
  • The pan that is in the bottom of the cage is removable and can be easily cleaned up and maintained by taking it out and hosing it off or even in just washing it.

Pros Of The Carlson Crate

  • If you do not want to use this cage exclusively for large breed dogs, it is going to be easy for you to get the smaller dogs in the cage as well as it includes a divider for you to use as well.
  • Ease of setting up a dog crate is a major consideration to make, but you need to realize sometimes the crates are hard to set up. With this being the case, you will really enjoy the crate because it is very easy to setup and take down.
  • Durability is another feature that is often mentioned with this cage as a lot of people have reported this is a cage that can take quite a bit of abuse and continue to stand up properly.

Cons Of The Crate

  • Their have been some complaints with the instruction placement for the cage being inside of the metal part, which is going to make it very difficult to nearly impossible for you to get the crate set up properly.
  • Size is a great thing for your dogs to have, but you will find that the size can be hard to deal with at times if you are dealing with the crate in a smaller home.

OxGord XXXL Dog Crate

Oxgord Dog Crate  Oxgord is a name that I have not really heard much about, but what is funny is they are a company that claims to be the top rated dog cage company in America. However, I can tell you that this is a company that does offer a variety of sizes of crates and the pricing that is available for each of these crates is going to be different than what you expect to see. With that being said, I will tell you this is a crate that does hold quite a bit of promise and should make it easier for you to get the dogs protected in your home or when you are traveling and bringing a crate with you.





Features Of The XXXL Dog Crate

  • Is designed so that it will collapse down into the smallest possible space, which is going to save you quite a bit of space in your home.
  • Materials in the cage are made from solid steel, which is going to help keep your dogs secured in their crate.
  • Comes with a split divider and handle that will make it easier for you to carry the cage around your home or into a storage space if you need to.

Pros Of The OxGord Cage

  • The tray that is inside of the crate is easily removed, which makes it easy for you to clean the bottom of the crate out and keep the crate in good working order.
  • The sizes that are available is quite a bit different and will make it easier for you to get your dog in the cage and find a dog cage that is going to suit them properly.
  • Ease of putting up the cage and taking it down is going to be something else that you are going to enjoy because a lot of times the cages are rather hard to put up and take down, but with this cage it is rather easy to put away for storage.

Cons Of The XXXL Dog Crate

  • Between all of the sizes of the crates that are on the market, it is very hard to tell the difference between the wires for the small crates to the large crates. So this could easily create some weakness in the crate and how it is going to be used for your dogs.
  • Welds on this crate have been reported as being very weak at times depending on the size of the dogs. So you will want to make sure you know how strong the welds are for the dogs depending on what size your dog is.

Deciding Factors To Consider

When you are looking for the different cages that will suit your dog, you will find that you are going to need to take some different factors into consideration when you are shopping. I know that I did not know these factors because it was the ones that I had to weigh on quite heavily because I never thought about them becoming a problem. With that being the case, here is a short list of factors that I always take into consideration when I am shopping for a dog cage.

  • Size
  • Weight Limits
  • Material Types
  • Durability

By taking all of these factors into consideration, some of which we covered in detail in the cages that are listed above will make it easy for you to find the right cage for your dogs and know they are going to be comfortable in the cage that you have selected for them. Either way, any choice that you make will make it easier for you to know for certain that your dogs will be safe when you leave your home for work each morning.