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has become a past time for a lot of people because the cost of eating out all the time is outrageous and it is very difficult to keep up with a lot of the meals that you are because of the lack of cookware in the home or the fear of the non-stick cookware having something on it that will make you sick. This is when you will often start to consider the various type of . I know that for me, this often means that I am starting to turn to the stainless steel cookware. However, simply going to the store and picking out a set off of the shelf does not always lead to the best set being picked out. This is when you should know about what we feel are the best stainless steel cookware sets to buy and use in your home.

How We Narrowed Down The Selection

is easily a favorite past time of mine. I know that quaity cookware makes a difference. Since that is the case, we considered the brand of the cookware, availability of the cookware, and even the thickness of the steel. These are just a few of the factors that I started to use, but I did use quite a few other factors as well. All of these are helpful in getting the start of the cookware and when I weighed down all the factors it made it easier for me to find the cookware that is going to suit my needs, which means it will suit most of the needs of other people as well because I am extremely picky about what I like in my kitchen. Here are our top five selections that are on the market now and I hope you agree with them, because they are the ones that I really like and the reviewers on Amazon have a strong tendency to rank high as well.

Cuisinart MCP-12N MultiClad Pro Stainless Steel 12-Piece Cookware Set

Cuisinart is a brand that I have heard of for years. However, what I never really thought about was the quality of the pieces they produce because I never thought about it, but also I could never really find their cookware. Now that I am out on my own with a husband and kids, I have to consider multiple factors. This is when I decided to look at their cookware. This is a cookware set that is not the cheapest on the market, but I found cheap cookware generally means cheap quality and needing to be replaced sooner. So I will admit, if you want a quality piece this is a decent piece that you can buy and know it will last you for a long period of time. Like we usually do we are going to cover the pros and cons of the piece.

Features Of The MultiClad Stainless Steel Cookware Set

  • Comes with 12 pieces that is going to make it very easy for you to complete almost any of the jobs that you need to do while cooking at home.
  • Has triple ply construction that is going to make it easier for you to avoid getting the cookware damaged.
  • Cool grip handles means you will not burn your hands when you go to move the pan or pot off of the stove.
  • Is part of the Cuisinart brand, which means you will be able to have a high quality cookware set to use.

Pros Of The Cuisinart MultiClad Cookware Set

  • Has 12 different pieces, with most of these being actual skillets, pots, and pans that you can use. Not just the lids that are going to be counted in most sets. Yes, they are counted here, but the majority of the pieces in the set are going to be coming from the actual cookware and not just the lids.
  • Multiclad is a type of cookware that is going to be made from the professional quality three ply construction that will make it easier for you to get the food cooked properly and not be concerned about the pans warping or having some of the other failure issues that are commonly seen on some of the cookware sets.
  • Tapered rims are going to make it easier for you to pour out any of the liquid you need for vegetables without having to worry about the vegetables following the water out.
  • Uses some of the best heat surround technology to the point that it is going to make it easier for you to get the cookware set up and heating properly, instead of only having the point of contact being the only hot point in the cooking.

Cons Of The Cuisinart Set

  • Cannot use any type of metal utensils on the set or it can lead to scratching on the surface of the pans and pots, which can make it harder to use the cookware.
  • The color of the set can start to fade over time and this is very true if you are facing a situation in which you have hard water, but in my experience their is no set that if you have hard water or plan on cooking for a long period of time will not start to discolor at some point in time, even if it is the first use.
  • While the handles on the pots may be heat resistant, it is hard to determine if the handles for the lids are heat resistant or not. To that end, you need to make sure you have a pot holder to remove the lid, which is smart for any of the sets you plan on using.

Calphalon Classic Stainless Steel Cookware Set, 10-Piece

This is a set that I have not had a lot of experience with, but I can tell you that it is a slightly smaller pieced set compared to the Cuisinart set that we talked about above, but it is one of the higher rated sets that I was able to find. With that being said, this is not a brand that you will find in a lot of the discount stores because it is a brand that I have seen talked about in the various forums as being the top quality brands on the market. Without any further ado, lets cover the different aspects of this cookware set that can make it easier for you to make a choice on the sets you buy.

Features Of The Calphalon Stainless Steel Cookware Set 

  • Longer than normal handles that are going to make it easier for you to hold the pots and pans and not have to be concerned about the pans and pots being to heavy for you to hold or having a handle that is to short for you to grab hold of it.
  • Has a 10 year warranty that will make it easier for you to get any of the pieces that have blemishes replaced.
  • Uses fill lines on the pots which is going to make it easier for you to get the measurements that you need to have to complete the cooking that you are going to do.
  • Is capable to go onto the induction cook tops, that have been the most recent rage for all of the cooking.

Pros Of The Calphalon Cookware Set

  • Durable stainless steel that has some of the best impact bonded aluminum bases that are going to allow you to have the even heating that you want to have.
  • The pots have pour spouts that make it easier for you to get the water drained off without having to burn your hands when you are pouring off the water after cooking broccoli or other foods.
  • Uses the great heat resistant tempered glass that is going to make it easier for you to look at the food while it is cooking and know if the food looks good or not.
  • Can be used in a variety of ways from the induction cook tops, regular cook tops, or even be used in the oven. So you will want to consider this because it is going to be a major change with a lot of the cookware sets that cannot be used in the oven.

Cons With The Calphalon Set

  • A lot of people have reported a lot of difficulty with the cookware set burning a lot of the food that people are using with the pans and skillets.
  • Difficulty in cleaning is something else that has been widely reported. So if you want to have an item that is going to look great for a long period of time, then you may want to consider something else.
  • It has also been reported that the bottom of these pans tends to have a very strong magnetic pull.

Heim Concept 12-Piece Stainless Steel Cookware Set

Unfortunately not everyone is going to be able to afford an expensive cookware set. I know this and and almost everyone knows that, but the companies have a tendency to produce only expensive cookware sets. With that being the case, you will really like the Heim concept set because it is a stainless steel cookware set that has a decent rating, but does not cost a fortune. Since that is the case, you may want to know the features, pros, and cons of this set. This way you can know for certain if you are getting the right set for your cooking needs or not.

Features Of The Heim Concept Cookware Set

  • Has six different pots and pans of various sizes, but each one of these is going to have the lids included, which is what makes the set a 12 piece set.
  • Uses a tempered glass lids to make it easier for you to check on your food while it is cooking.
  • Mirrored polished stainless steels that will make it easier for you to see the food and know the cookware set looks great.
  • Has a triple layered bottom that will make it easy to get the food heated up evenly on the bottom.

Pros Of The Heim Cookware Sets

  • Rims of the pots and pans are tapered, which makes it easier for you to get the water poured off of the vegetables when they are done.
  • While the company does not claim that it can be used, their have been people who have been seen using these sets in the oven.
  • Thermal bottom construction claims to make it easier to get all of the food cooked in a timely manner.

Cons With The Heim Set

  • Light weight is going to be one of the main complaints that people have about this set. While it is not because of carrying that the light weight is an issue, instead it is more of the cheaper grade of steel.
  • It has been reported by quite a few reviews on Amazon that the set has some major problems with warping after it has been heated up to a high temperature.
  • Even with the highly touted thermal bottom, it has been shown by several people who have reviewed this product on Amazon that the food has a strong tendency to burn.

Duxtop Professional Stainless-steel 17-piece Induction Ready Cookware Set

Duxtop is one of those sets that I never thought about mentioning before, but it is a set that is actually around the same price as the other sets that are on the market now. So if you want to have a great set that is considered professional quality, you will want to make sure you consider this set as it is one that helps you get the best cooking around and it will be easier for you to get the selection of pots and pans that you want to have, so this is going to make it easier to cook the food that you want without having to buy a ton of extra pots and pans.

Features Of The Duxtop Professional Cookware Set

  • Made from 18/10 stainless steel cookware that is often considered the restaurant quality cookware that you could buy.
  • The handles are ergonomically shaped and will have a anti-slippery satin finish that is going to make it easier for you to grip the handles that are needed to move the cookware to a different burner or the table.
  • Can be used on all the different cook tops that are on the market.

Pros Of The Duxtop

  • Heat distribution is excellent when you are using the set on any of the accepted cookware surfaces
  • Handle is riveted to the pans to make sure it is going to be easy for you to hold the pans and not have to be concerned about the pans falling apart when the they are holding them.
  • Heavy gauge impact bonded aluminum bottom is going to make it easy for you to get the cooking completed and avoid any of the worries you have of getting the pots or pans warped.

Cons Of The Duxtop

  • Discoloration is a major issue that you will find with these pots and pans. For the most part this has only come in a few of the complaints, but it was often enough to mention here.
  • With some of the reports, it has been noted that this is going to be a harder cookware to clean. So you need to consider this if you plan on cooking a lot of food.
  • Has some questionable uses on the high heat settings on most stoves as their is one report that said the High Heat cannot be used.

Emeril by All-Clad E884SC Chef’s Stainless Steel Cookware Set

Almost everyone has heard of Emeril before. They have either heard of his recipes, cookbooks, or know the signature Bam that he says on the shows that he is on. With that being said, he is a celebrity chef that everyone seems to know and may not realize that he has his own cookware out. It is important to note that you should be careful when you are buying  any of the celebrity products to take into account the name and the actual manufacturer. With that being said, his cookware makes our top five list and will be covered here.

Features Of The Emeril Stainless Steel Cookware Set

  • Pro Clad design has the chef style handles which is going to make it easier to move and carry.
  • Measuring marks in the saucepans makes it easier for you to measure out the quantity of items that you need to have in the pan.
  • Can be used on all of the different cook tops that are on the market, including the induction cook top.

Pros Of The Stainless Steel Cookware Set By Emeril

  • The metal pans are safe in the oven up to 500 degrees, but the lids can only be used to 350 degrees.
  • The chefs handles are going to make it easy for you to move the pots and pans to different parts of the stove or table.
  • Durability is something else you will enjoy when you are using these pots and pans, because of their construction and the fact they are reported to be made in the USA.

Cons Of The Emeril Set

  • The most common con is that these have been reported to have food stick to them quite a bit.
  • Improper balance of the pans is something else that is mentioned quite a bit by people in their reviews.

Deciding Factors

The deciding factors for us is going to vary, but for me I want to have my food cooked evenly. So I will go with a pot and pan set that is going to cook the food evenly. This can be a cheap eset or a n expensive set, but I want the food to be cooked evenly and properly. With that being said, I will next look at the quality of the stainless steel because a low grade steel will lead to warping and ruining of the pans quickly. Either way, make sure you do your home work and you can enjoy a great cookware set in your home for years to come. Without this you could end up being disappointed with the type of cookware you end up buying.