Winter is coming and for a lot of people they will need to get new clothing for winter. If you are like my family one of those items that you always seem to lose, no matter how many you start the year off with is gloves. I know that no matter how many pair I get I tend to end up with one left glove or a stack of right gloves that do not match. This is when I usually go out and get some gloves that I cannot lose. Since that is the case, I decided to rank what I feel are the best for winter weather. Yes, I said waterproof because where I live we get snow and ice. That tends to make everything wet and that includes my hands that I do not want to get soaking wet.

How We Rated The Five Best Waterproof Gloves For Winter

This is the fun part of our job because we get to do all the research and you get all the benefits. The main thing that we did is we took what we would want to have in a pair of gloves and looked for that in the gloves. This includes the insulation factor for warm hands, but also the ability to keep water out and our hands dry. When we were researching each of these products we read the , looked at the features and decided which ones we would want to use for our own use.

Meet The Contenders For The Best Waterproof

1. Ergodyne ProFlex 817WP Waterproof Gloves

We really like these gloves because they are not going to be so large and bulky that you cannot use your hands. Yes, these gloves do have some bulk to them. However, we have found this is a pair of gloves that uses the Thinsulate insulation. This is going to help you in keeping your hands rather warm, but what is even better is the liner of the gloves is windproof and this is going to help you in staying warmer.

2. Mountain Made Princeton

Mountain Made is a brand that is not made in America. However, it is a very popular brand of gloves and the popularity is one of the great selling points. If you think about this you will find that the only reason a product would be around for a long period of time and be a popular seller is if it works great. So we have to say this is a brand that works for us. What we really like for this glove is the fact that it has a cuff that you can adjust up your wrist and make it easier for you to wear. However, to keep the cuff from riding back up on you while you are outside in the cold weather you have an adjustable strap that is going to keep your gloves in place.

3. Waterproof Thinsulate Snowboard Gloves 

Thinsulate is a company that has been known for making great insulation for other gloves. However, we have found they have their own gloves as well. We know that this makes it a lot better for us because this is the company that makes the insulation so we are going to look at this and take that into consideration. Something that we do find interesting in these gloves is the fact that it is going to have a zipper on the backside of the glove. The best part is, though, the gloves have a grip on the palm and finger which is going to make it easier for you to pick up items.

4. Glacier Glove Premium Waterproof Gloves

The Glacier Gloves are a great brand that is going to be one that you will really like to see. These are gloves that have a Neoprene outer shell and we have to admit that while we did not really think we would like this at first, it is a glove that we love because it is going to make it easier for us to grip things. The really nice thing that we enjoy is the fact these have a fleece lining and the knuckles have already been precurved which is going to prevent them from wearing out on you. A downside is these gloves may not be the best ones for playing with the kids outside in the snow, but it will work if you have to work around water.

5. Carhartt Waterproof Insulated Gloves

Now we have to admit that we love Carhartt for some of the products they produce, especially the coveralls. We have found these gloves to be a great addition to the Carhartt family and really love the fact that they are able to take care of the hands. A problem that we have with these gloves is that they have the look of being leather, but they are not leather. However, the gloves are 100% polyester, with a palm that is made from polyurethane, but the liner is polyester as well. So this is going to be a great thing for you to take into account because it makes a great glove comfortable.

Our Final Thoughts On Waterproof Gloves For Winter

Winter is one of our favorite times because we do not have to go anywhere quite often. However, with the kids we are going to go outside and play and take care of the animals. With that being the case, we decided to look at waterproof . We know the best waterproof gloves for winter are going to cost thousands because of the way they are produced and used. This is why we decided to rate what we view as the best waterproof gloves for winter. Then we were able to pick gloves that suit most of the budgets that you have if you are like us.