Find Out About The Ergodyne ProFlex 817WP

Working outside in the middle of winter is never any fun, but it quickly becomes unbearable if your hands get cold and wet. We have already rated our five best for winter and now we are going to our top rated gloves, the Ergodyne ProFlex 817WP . When you are armed with this information it will be easy for you to find the best gloves to help keep your hands warm and dry. Without this you could still buy a pair of gloves, but end up getting a pair of gloves that works to a point.

Features Of The Ergodyne ProFlex

  • Has a breathable liner that is waterproof and makes it easier for your hands to stay warm.
  • Uses the wonderful Thinsulate Insulation for your hands to stay warm.
  • The palm is made from the double reinforced synthetic leather.
  • With the cuff it has the elastic cuff that will enclose tightly around your wrist to keep your hand warm.

What We Liked With The ProFlex By Ergodyne

We are really liking these gloves because of the fact they make it easier to keep our hands warm, but because of how the gloves are constructed it is very easy for us to get our hands inside of the gloves. However, also do not have to be concerned about the gloves not fitting properly or losing any of our dexterity like has been so common with some of the other glove that we have dealt with in the past.

The knuckles of a glove tend to be the area that tends to get cold for our hands because of the flexion that happens. The Ergodyne company has thought about this and added in extra padding for the knuckles. So this means you do not have to be concerned about your knuckles getting cold when you are using the gloves, but also not have to be worried about your hands getting bruised knuckles from hitting the different items you can hit.

Enclosing the gloves can be a lot more difficult than what you think. However,with these gloves they have a low profile closure that is going to enclose the glove properly. So you do not have to be concerned about the gloves not fitting your hands properly, but also do not have to worry about snow or ice getting down into the gloves while you are trying to keep your hands warm.

What We Did Not Like With These Gloves

These gloves are great,but the main thing that we do not like with these gloves is the fact they are not fully waterproof. However, anything short of having a plastic is going to make it very difficult to be completely waterproof. So these will keep your hand dry, but only for a short time frame. However, you can keep your hands dry, but over time these are going to start to leak and that can lead to your hands starting to get cold and damp.

Our Final Thoughts

Getting gloves are a challenge at times. However, you are going to find these gloves are a nice pair of winter gloves that are waterproof. The problem is these gloves are going to not be completely waterproof. Even with that being the case, we are going to still love these gloves and how they feel. We highly recommend these gloves and look forward to wearing them and some of our other five best winter gloves this year.
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