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Working out is something you need to have some type of a plan to help you out. The issue you may have is trying to find a machine that will help you out in getting in shape. The main piece of equipment people usually get to use in their home is a treadmill. This is when you may want to learn more about some of the different treadmills that are on the market. With that being the case we have decided to look at the  T50 Endurance and do a complete review of the treadmill.

Features Of The T50 Treadmill

The treadmill has an extra wide belt that will make it easier for you to use and know you can finally have a great workout. Now what is nice about the treadmill with the extra wide belt is it makes it easier for people who have some physical challenges, but also lets people get the chance to walk if they are oversized.

Weight limits are another thing people need to be concerned about when they are looking at the treadmills. Typically a treadmill will hold up to 250 pounds, but sometimes the weight limit goes up to 300 pounds. With this treadmill it actually goes up to 310 pounds and that makes it easier for you to get the workout you need to have, even if you are obese.

Speed is another factor to consider with a treadmill. This treadmill is a decent one as the speed goes up to 5 miles per hour, but it can go as low as a tenth of a mile an hour. So these are definitely some factors you need to consider and know it is a great feature for you to know about and guarantee the treadmill will work for your needs.

Does The Treadmill Have A Port For Music?

Working out you normally would be using a music device to help you in getting the workout you need to have. While a lot of treadmills and other workout equipment has a lot of ports to connect the device to and have a speaker to make the sound louder. With this treadmill it does not have a port to use, but it does have a place for you to put your phone or music device to hold for you.

Will The Treadmill Work For People In Rehab?

This is a treadmill that a lot of people will recognize as being a great one to use for rehab. The reason for this is the fact the speed is able to be adjusted quite a bit, but also because it is going to have padded handles. These handles will make it easier for people who have an unsteady gait to use the treadmill and have something comfortable for them to hold onto. However, you will also find the treadmill with the extra wide belt that we mentioned earlier makes it easier for you to use.

How High Are The Handles From The Treadmill Belt?

When you are using the handles you need to make sure they are positioned properly so you can use them. With this treadmill you will notice they are located about 33 1/2 inches from the belt to the bottom of the handle. The handles themselves are about 2 inches thick, so they are larger and to the top of the handle from the belt it means you will have a measurement of 35 1/2 inches.

Who Would Do Best With The Body Solid T50 Treadmill?

This is a treadmill that a lot of people are going to enjoy because it has a wide belt that you are able to use, but also has some very nice large and padded handles. So the treadmill will work great for people who are going through rehab or are suffering from some type of disability that makes it harder for them to walk. So this is definitely something you need to know about because the treadmill is more of a workout for endurance and a treadmill that will help with rehab.

Who Would Not Like The T50 Treadmill?

The treadmill would not be the best one for people who are training to do some speed running or want to really get their heart rate up. The reason for this is the treadmill usually will only go up to five miles an hour. So you will not be able to get your heart rate up that much compared to what you are going to get when you are looking at some of the treadmills that have set workouts and will go up to ten and in some cases fifteen miles an hour.

Our Final Thoughts On The Treadmill

When you are looking to get a good workout without over doing it then you will enjoy the treadmill. This is very true if you are looking at a great treadmill that will help you with rehab. With that being the case, you will find the treadmill is not one if you want to have a consistent workout that is going to get your heart rate up and get you primed for a workout that you never thought possible before. All of the information we have gathered, though, tell us this is a good treadmill that will provide you with the workout you need to have and know the workout will help you out in getting in shape.

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