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We love the fact that with all the headphones on the market now you can find something you want and know it is going to suit your needs. The problem is all the headphones on the market and finding what you want often leaves you with more choices than answers. That is why we have decided it was time for us to do our review of the Bose that we have found work good in the gym and for mowing the lawn and doing other chores around the home. With that being the case, let us start the review on these headphones.

Features Of The Bose

This is a Bose brand product and if you have ever used any type of Bose product before you know they are known for producing the rich and vibrant sounds that you want to hear. So this is going to be a great feature because it means you will finally have a chance to hear all the sounds you want and not be concerned about the sounds being drowned out.

Has an inline remote that will make it very easy for you to control all of your calls and microphone from this button. So you will not even have to worry about using anything else if you want to control your phone because these will make it easier for you to do all from the headphones and keep them working for your needs the entire time.

Comes with a compact carrying case that is going to make it easier for you to get the headphones stored and protected when you are not wearing them. This carrying case is not childproof so you do need to keep this in mind if you have a toddler who loves to go through things that do not belong to them.

Does The Constant Bending For Present A Problem?

This is an issue that has crept up in some of the previous models that Bose has come out with and that is the requires the headphones to be bent in ways that does not make sense. What really hurts the headsets even more is the fact that when these are being bent, they have a tendency to need to be bent right along the wires. This in turn will lead to the wires breaking and in some cases they are breaking right after the warranty has expired on them.

What Kind Of Phase Does It Take Before These Sound Good?

The phase it takes is called burning it in as some people call it. That is the time it takes before you get to really hear the difference in the sounds and what you are getting when they first come out of the box. A lot of people have reported if you wait about 100 hours in for the music you will start to tell the difference in the sound and know you are going to have the great sounds that you want to have and be able to hear a difference between the out of the box and worn in sound.

How Well Is The Noise Cancelling Feature?

This is a great feature, but it does require batteries and that is the noise cancelling. A lot of people have reported that when they are using these they are completely oblivious to what is going on around them. So this is a nice feature and one that a lot of people have fallen in love with because it allows them to get everything done they need to without the distractions that have become so common place when people are trying to get something done.

Who Would These Work For?

These would work for people that want to have the best noise cancelling options possible, but also avoid having to get ear buds that they may not like the fit of because of how they are going to slip down into the ear canal. Either way, if you love having great quality sound, then it would be highly recommended of you to get a set of these because they are going to provide you with the great sound you want, but without the headache that ear buds can produce at times.

Who Would Not Like These Headphones?

The people that would not like the headphones are the ones who prefer the ear buds. While the headphones are great, they are not for everyone and that is very much the case in point here with the headphones that are available, but not for those that enjoy the ear bud feel or do not want to let other people know they are listening to music because of the head phones not being present.

Our Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a great set of headphones then you do not need to go any further. These are a great set and have made out five best list, even if they were not at the top it was because of the price tends to scare me off. Yes, call me cheap, but I know that if you want good quality you have to pay a good price. So this is a great set of headphones that you will love. Just make sure you know about the Bose QuietComfort 25 and the fact that when they are folded it can cause wire fatigue. Then you will know what to expect and how these headphones will work out for your needs.

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