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Bourbon Orleans HotelWhen you are in New Orleans you will want to stay in some of the classic hotels that you can visit and know you are going to have a great place to go back to at night after being out all day in the city. That is exactly what you are going to get when you stay at the Hotel. In fact, the hotel was the hotel that we ranked as the number one hotel for families in New Orleans. See our complete list of hotels by clicking here. With that being the case, now we have decided it is time for us to do a complete of the Bourbon Orleans.

Features Of The Bourbon Orleans Hotel

The main feature that you will like is the fact this is a hotel that has an onsite restaurant. Now this does not mean that it is going to keep you in the for a low price, because this is separate from your room cost, it does mean you will have a chance to get the food and not have to leave the hotel if you do not want to. Then you can easily go to the bar or lounge and get a drink as well and know you are safe because you are still inside of your hotel.

The outdoor pool is something else that you are going to like as well. This is very true if you have kids because you know the first thing that kids are going to want to do is go to the pool. The downside is this pool is outside so you are going to be influenced by the weather as to when you can or cannot use the pool. However, just having the pool close to you on the grounds is usually enough for you to have confidence that you can go swimming at some point.

Hiking trails are another thing you are going to enjoy with the hotel. Yes, it may seem odd to be talking about hiking trails when you are in a large city like [popup_product]New Orleans[/popup_product]. However, you need to realize that they are present and they will often allow you to self explore some parts of New Orleans you would not have thought about seeing before.

How Much Is The Breakfast Surcharge? 

You may have read this is a hotel that does have breakfast, which is true. However, you need to realize this is also a hotel that the breakfast is available only at a surcharge. This surcharge is going to vary, but at the price that we have read recently it is going to cost you almost nineteen bucks a person. So that could be expensive and with some of the great breakfast restaurants may not be the meal you want to have.

Does The Bourbon Orleans Hotel Have Cribs? 

This is a good question because if you are traveling with your family you want to know if your kids, definitely your toddler or infants, will have a bed. The thing that you need to realize is this is a hotel that has infant beds. However, they do  offer [popup_product]infant beds[/popup_product] if you need them. So make sure you take this into consideration when you are booking this hotel.

Our Final Thoughts On Bourbon Orleans Hotel

Bourbon Orleans is a great hotel that is a fantastic location. What is even better is the place is kid friendly, which makes it easier for you to enjoy a family vacation to New Orleans. The other thing that you need to consider is the fact this is a hotel that you will want to know about as well for the trip to the town and the location in the city. Overall, if you want to have a great vacation in New Orleans make sure you consider the Bourbon Orleans hotel to be the place that you would want to stay in.