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Windsor Court New Orleans EntranceA while back we ranked the five best hotels in New Orleans for families. The Windsor Court hotel was one of those hotels we ranked in our five best list and it actually is the hotel that took the top spot for our list. However, we realized that the information that we provided at the time was very basic and not very descriptive of why your family would want to stay at the Windsor Court Hotel. To help you out, we have finally came back and revisited this beautiful location so you can know for certain why this is the perfect location for your entire family.

Location Of The Windsor Court Hotel

The location of this hotel is in the business district, which is going to be nice, but it is also close to the river as well. So you will be close to almost everything that you would want to be near in New Orleans. However, you will also find that if you do not want to take your vehicle out, which in a city you most likely would not want to give up a prized possession, a parking space, the hotel is within a quick walking distance to most of the major attractions and this walk will take you past plenty of places that you would want to go into and visit to see what is going on in the location.

Offers A Pool And A Spa

Windsor Court Hotel PoolWhen you look at this location you will find that the kids are going to love it because the summers in New Orleans can get hot and with the humidity nearly unbearable unless you are used to it. The Windsor has a great outdoor pool that your kids are going to love and be able to use for the entire time they are at the location. However, as a parent you will like the fact the hotel has a spa that you can use. So you will be able to go on a vacation and instead of feeling like you are completely exhausted by the end of the day finally come out and feel like you are refreshed to. So this definitely will make it easier for you as a parent to know that not only are the kids having a good time at the pool, but you can start to relax and unwind at the spa as well.

Allows For Pets To Stay

What good is a family vacation that you want to take if you have to leave your dog behind. Yes, a lot of people do not consider the family dog to be part of the family, but some people do. What is really disappointing is so many of the hotels you can stay in do not allow you to bring your dog with you. However, the Windsor Court Hotel allows you to bring your dogs with you and it is going to vary depending on the size of your dog if they can come or not. So make sure you contact the hotel before booking to make sure this policy is still in place and if it is what additional charges may be present or even additional paperwork you need to bring for your pet.

Kids Can Stay For Free

Now, we personally find it odd that some hotels would charge you extra for your kids to come on a family vacation with you, but that is exactly what some hotels have started to do. This is when you need to realize this is a hotel that makes it easier for you to have a great trip because you will have some extra money available on the trip because you can bring up to three kids with you and if they stay in your room they will be able to stay for free.

On Site Restaurant Makes Quick Meals Easy

Windsor Court Hotel RestaurantStaying in New Orleans often means going out and experiencing all the that you want to have. However, you will notice that some of the time you will want to go out quickly and grab a quick bite to eat. That is possible when you look at the Windsor Court because it does have an on site restaurant and that is going to provide you with the great that you would expect without even having to leave the grounds of the hotel.

Our Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a great hotel in the middle of New Orleans to bring your kids to then you cannot really go wrong with the Windsor Court. The hotel allows you to bring your kids with you and they can stay for free, but you can even bring your family dog as well. You just have to make sure you know about the limits on the pets before you go so we highly recommend calling the hotel to see what kind of limits are present on the pets. Overall, a great place to stay with friendly staff, but also within a brisk walking distance to most of the downtown attractions that you would want to see.

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