Discover The Ravel 4 Valve Student Tuba

Student are something that you will like to have available when your kids want to learn how to play the tuba. However, with all the different on the market it can be very difficult to find the one that you want to use. We have already ranked the five best student tubas  and now we are going to review the Ravel 4 Valve student tuba, which came in 4th in our list. So without any further information it is time to start the review of the Ravel tuba to see if this is the one that will work best for your kids or if you need to consider a different tuba completely.

Features Of The Ravel 4 Valve Student Tuba

This is a tuba that is made in the Bb fashion. So you will notice that your kids are going to have an easier time playing the tuba, but also be able to use the tuba like they are seeing all the other kids use theirs. So this makes it easier for the kids to use the tuba and learn how to play on the tuba before moving up to some of the other models on the market.

The bell that is present on this tuba is rather large, which is going to allow for a better resonation of the sounds that you want to hear. This is going to make it easier for you to get the sound that your kids want to have. The tuba’s bell measures 15 inches and that will produce a good quality sound for your kids to be heard.

With the tuning pipe you will notice that it is going to be made from the nickel silver that you want to have. However, you will also notice the pistons are going to be shown to be as a nickel piston. The downside is the valve guides are made from plastic and you know that with a long time or exposure to heat plastic can fatigue.

How Heavy Is The

This is a tuba that is going to be on the in between side with regards to weight. The tuba comes in weighing at 35 pounds. So for some people it will be heavy. However, if you are larger or well built with the students then they will find the tuba is actually very light and easy to manage to keep marching or going around the field.

What Kind Of Extras Are Present

When you buy a tuba you will want to know what all is included with the tuba purchase. For example, some of the tubas that we have worked on before have been able to get the right amount of products to use. The problem is when you have some of the tubas they do not have any of the added features that you need. With this tuba it has the strap, playing gloves, polishing cloth, a case with wheels, and backpack straps for carrying the tuba.

Our Final Thoughts On The

This is a student tuba that we really like because it is affordable and it has quite a bit going for it. However, at the same time it is a student tuba and that means it can be expensive at times for what you want to have. Overall, we do like this tuba and outside of the fact this has plastic valves we really love it. If you can overlook this factor then we would have to say the is a nice one that you can use for a long time period, at least as long as your kids are using it to learn.