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is a great steakhouse that a lot of people are going to enjoy because of the quality of the steaks you can find, but also because of the different way you can eat your food. Not to mention you will have a chance to find the food that you normally would not see at your neighborhood steakhouse at your home. With that being the said, we rated Prime 47 as the fifth best steakhouse in and now we are getting ready to launch into our review of the Prime 47 steakhouse in .

Hours And Location Of Prime 47

The steakhouse is actually not located in downtown Indianapolis and that may exclude some travelers from seeing the location. The address of the location is at:

47 S. Pennsylvania Street

Indianapolis, IN 46204

When you are looking at going to Prime 47 you should realize the hours of operation are as follows:

Monday – Saturday 5 PM -11 PM

Sunday 5 PM – 10 PM

What Is Our Favorite Dish At Prime 47

When you are eating at Prime 47 you should realize their are several items on the menu that will catch your eyes rather quickly. That is why I decide to help you in getting the right meal based off of what we like to have on our meals. So this is the meal that we tend to order when we go to Prime 47 steakhouse in Indianapolis.

The appetizer we tend to lean towards is the Prime Meatballs, which has the marinara and 3 cheeses combined to make some great tasting meatballs. With the entree we lean towards New York Sirloin. This steak is not as large as the porterhouse, but it is large enough to fill us up. As the side dishes we tend to lean towards the truffle mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli without the Hollandaise because we do not like any Hollandaise. Now they do offer Wagyu on the menu, but we tend to shy away from that because of the price of the meat.

What Do We Not Care About At Prime 47

Now this is completely based off of our preference, but the one thing that we do not really care for is the Vegetarian Pasta Alfredo. Now the reason that we do not like this dish that much is we are at a steakhouse so we want to have steak, not a vegetarian dish. So this is definitely the one dish that we do not care for, but it is mainly because we want to have steak and not a vegetarian dish.

Our Final Thoughts On Prime 47

The steakhouse is located in Carmel, which is a little north of the downtown region. So this is definitely going to be a place you will have to drive your vehicle to or take a taxi to get to. However, once you have arrived you will notice the steaks are cooked to perfection and the atmosphere tends to be very relaxed compared to some of the places you could eat at. With the restaurant being located outside of downtown, though, it may be difficult to travel to the location if you did not bring or rent a car.
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