Find Out About The Band Directors Choice Student Tuba

Band Directors BBb TubaPlaying a tuba can be a challenge. However, you will find that it all depends if you get a good education and foundation for playing the tuba properly or not. If you do not have the good foundation you will have some problems in getting the playing that you want to have done at a high level. This is when you should know that we have already ranked the five best Tubas for students. The Band Directors Choice Student Tuba ended up 3rd in our rankings and now is going to be reviewed in depth here.

Features Of The Band Directors Choice Student Tuba

This is a tuba that has the 995 BBb which is going to be great for the students who are just learning. Then the students will not have as much to worry about, but also will enjoy the fact this is a tuba that a lot of students have started off using when they first are learning how to play the tuba.

The body for the tuba is lacquer finished, but it has a nickel trim. This is going to allow your aspiring tuba players to have a great looking tuba that is going to have some great sounds. However, with the nickel lacquer finish it will make it easier for you to have the right tuba look that makes the tuba look like it cost you a lot more.

Hand lapped pistons allow you to have a completely different type of playing sound and movement. The hand lapping gives your student tuba players the perfect lapping for a noiseless and responsive action. So you will not have to be concerned about your student making noises when they are trying to make the changes in sounds, but also makes it easier for your students to get its own sound and education.

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What Comes With The Band Directors Choice Tuba? 

It is obvious this is a tuba that will come come with the tuba. However, the next thing you need to know about is what else it comes with. This way you can start to get the right equipment you would need to have to make the tuba usable. With this tuba it is reported that it comes with the a wheeled case to make it easier to move the tuba and a mouthpiece.

Is This Tuba Large For Students To Use?

A great feature you will notice with this tuba is it is not overly large. This makes it easier for the smaller players to use the tuba, but also start to learn how the carry and manage the tuba. Without this, you could find your student tuba player is being completely dwarfed by the tuba because they are trying to carry the tuba. Now this does not mean that your petite twelve year old girl should try marching with the tuba, but for the older kids or the smaller kids who are going to be seated it would work for their needs.

Who Would This Tuba Work Best For? 

This is a tuba that would work great for the student player. This means you will be able to get a tuba that they can start to learn on, but also going to have a better chance playing the tuba because it is going to have the soundless pistons and the weight and size is a lot more manageable then what you would find in some of the other tubas.

Who Would Not Like This Tuba? 

The people who would not really like this tuba would be the students that are more developed in their playing skills. However, it also would not work out to well for some people who are larger and want to have an instrument that will match their size. So if you are a larger individual or a more advanced player this would not be a tuba that would work for them because it is for the true starters.

Our Final Thoughts

Finding a student tuba can be hard and expensive. However, finding the right tuba is easy if you read about them. With the it makes it easier for you to know you have found the best one on the market. This is a student tuba that your beginners are going to love, but also makes it rather easy for students to get used to the weight and size of a tuba. Overall, this is a great tuba to start on, but definitely not one you could get for the experienced tuba player.

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